20+ best tropical color palette ideas to create vibrant designs (HEX codes inside)

Tropical color palette

Dive into a vibrant world of tropical color palette ideas, where every hue is a reflection of the sun-kissed beaches and lush, rolling landscapes of a tropical paradise.

The right blend of colors can transform any space into a warm, inviting haven, evoking the serenity and exuberance of tropical locales.

Explore a spectrum of captivating colors, each telling tales of exotic lands, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

What is the best tropical color palette?

Here are the best vibrant tropical color palette ideas to get inspired and infuse a tropical vibe to your next project.

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Top 7 palettes with tropical paint colors

Let’s start our collection of tropical color palettes with our top 7 tropical paint colors. From Jade green to Earthy tones, these color palettes work beautifully for any kind of design project.

1. Tropic Teal

Tropic Teal color palettes

A dive into Tropic Teal transports one to the cool, calming waters of a tropical lagoon. This hue is a reminder of nature’s tranquil embrace.

Here are the hex codes you’re looking for:

  • Ash gray (#BCC7C0)
  • Columbia blue (#C2D9DE)
  • Anti-flash white (#EBEFED)
  • Battleship gray (#88907E)

2. Sunset Glow

Sunset Glow tropical color palettes

Sunset Glow captures the magical moment when the sun kisses the horizon. This warm hue spreads a cozy, welcoming ambiance.

Find the HEX listed below:

  • Redwood (#B45D69)
  • Rose taupe (#88555F)
  • Grape (#673AC7)
  • Wine (#6D353C)

3. Emerald Green

Emerald Green color palettes

Among tropical color palettes, this one embodies the lush, rich foliage of tropical forests. It instills a sense of life and vigor into any space.

The HEX codes can be found as follows:

  • Viridian (#29917A)
  • Champagne pink (#F5D8C5)
  • Hairy Heath (#84E3F0)
  • Hooker’s green (#377567)

4. Mango Tango

Mango Tango color palettes

A burst of Mango Tango brings the playful, sweet essence of tropical fruits. It’s a hue that adds an inviting zing in your tropical color palettes.

Check out the HEX below:

  • Spanish orange (#E56115)
  • Pakistan green (#1E310D)
  • Brown (#A05310)
  • Smoky black (#141208)

5. Island Paradise

Island Paradise color palettes

Island Paradise is a whisper of cool breeze under the warm sun. It’s quite a lot the color of serene skies meeting crystal waters.

Continue reading for the HEX:

  • Beaver (#AC8778)
  • Bistre (#302018)
  • Licorice (#241B17)
  • Atomic tangerine (#E9966A)

6. Palm Leaf

Palm Leaf color palettes

Palm Leaf symbolizes the peaceful co-existence of greenery amidst the tropics. It’s a gentle nod to nature’s enduring presence.

Presented below are the HEX:

  • Field drab (#584C24)
  • Light blue (#C2E3EB)
  • Field drab (#6D5C23)
  • Satin sheen gold (#B19A3E)

7. Turquoise Waters

Turquoise Waters color palettes

Turquoise Waters encapsulates the endless, soothing vistas of the tropical ocean. It’s a color that opens up a space, inviting light and calmness.

HEX codes are detailed below:

  • Chestnut (#8A4D33)
  • Tan (#D0B299)
  • Silver (#C9C6BF)
  • Moonstone (#3EA2AB)

More tropical color palettes

Let’s continue our list of tropical tones with more color palettes perfect for use in projects that evoke the beach and the tropics vibes.

8. Caribbean Bliss

Caribbean Bliss color palettes

Caribbean Bliss is a gentle caress of tropics warmth. It sets a soothing yet invigorating tone, reminiscent of a calm Caribbean morning.

See the following for the HEX codes:

  • Black bean (#450A02)
  • Spanish orange (#EB6C04)
  • Hooker’s green (#446C5E)
  • Silver (#A7A098)

9. Aqua Lagoon

Aqua Lagoon color palettes

Aqua Lagoon mirrors the crystal-clear waters of a serene lagoon. It’s a refreshing hue that brings a cool, calming vibe.

Just below, you’ll find the HEX:

  • Moonstone (#1CA8C0)
  • Ash gray (#AEB7A3)
  • Cerulean (#397993)
  • Yellow Green (#BFD35C)

10. Palm Paradise

Palm Paradise tropical color palettes

Palm Paradise encapsulates the lush, welcoming embrace of tropical greenery. This hue is a tribute to the tranquil shade under a palm.

Listed here are the HEX codes:

  • Jasmine (#FEDF76)
  • Orange (Crayola) (#FE7B45)
  • Black bean (#33111A)
  • Licorice (#130B12)

11. Island Dream

Island Dream tropical color palettes

Island Dream carries the soft glow of a tropical sunset. It’s a warm hue that invites the coziness of island living.

Unfolding the HEX codes you desire:

  • Glaucous (#758AC9)
  • Thulian pink (#D6699F)
  • Coral pink (#E1877A)
  • Avocado (#577A27)

12. Azure Skies

Azure Skies tropical color palettes

Azure Skies echo the boundless, uplifting expanse of tropical skies. This hue opens up a space with a breezy, optimistic vibe.

Here are the sought-after HEX codes:

  • Dark slate gray (#2B5B5E)
  • Payne’s gray (#5F777C)
  • Raw Sienna (#E7C1B8)
  • Burnt umber (#7F3A27)

13. Tropical decor

Tropical decor tropical color palettes

Tropical Decor is not just a color, but a theme that marries diverse hues to create a warm, engaging tropical setting. It advocates a blend that enlivens and enriches.

Revealing the HEX codes you need:

  • Sandy brown (#F6A168)
  • Flame (#C76139)
  • Burnt Sienna (#EA7D59)
  • Smoky black (#14100E)

14. Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine Yellow tropical color palettes

Sunshine Yellow brings in the radiant, cheerful energy of a sunny tropical day at the beach. It’s a hue that brightens up any space with a welcoming glow.

The awaited HEX codes are here:

  • Cambridge blue (#93B5A1)
  • Brown sugar (#C3673B)
  • Caramel (#D58341)
  • Granny Smith (#FFEE54)

15. Emerald Isles

Emerald Isles tropical color palettes

Emerald Isles transports you to the lush, verdant landscapes of a far beach. It’s a hue that epitomizes nature’s bountiful elegance.

The HEX codes you’ve been looking for:

  • Cal Poly green (#255627)
  • Dark green (#1B2D1D)
  • Jasper (#CD6149)
  • Atomic Tangerine (#F49473)

16. Underwater Oasis

Underwater Oasis tropical color palettes

Underwater Oasis reflects the serene, mystic beauty beneath waters and beach. It’s a color of depth and tranquility.

Your quest for HEX codes ends here:

  • Blue (Munsell) (#43808F)
  • Dark slate gray (#3F6466)
  • Avocado (#5F8500)
  • Non Photo blue (#91DDF0)

17. Exotic Fruits

Exotic Fruits tropical color palettes

Exotic Fruits bursts with the playful, sweet charm of tropical produce. It’s a palette that’s as inviting as a fresh fruit on a sunny day.

Here are the HEX codes you envisioned:

  • Red (Crayola) (#E94052)
  • Coral pink (#F68477)
  • Sienna (#942D16)
  • Orange (Crayola) (#EA6F35)

18. Parrot Plumage

Parrot Plumage tropical color palettes

Parrot Plumage encapsulates the vivacious colors of parrots and birds. It’s a lively palette that adds a dash of adventure.

Your HEX color palette unveiled:

  • Olive (#707A32)
  • Selective yellow (#FCBB05)
  • Cocoa Brown (#D96D01)
  • Yale Blue (#18376D)

19. Blue Waterscape

Blue Waterscape tropical color palettes

Blue Waterscape echoes the endless horizon where sky meets the tropical sea and beach. It’s a soothing, expansive hue.

Here are the HEX you’re looking for:

  • Raw umber (#846550)
  • Ecru (#B7B062)
  • Carolina blue (#73BBE1)
  • Blue Green (#209BC3)

20. Tropical Tides

Tropical Tides color palettes

Tropical Tides captures the rhythmic, calming flow of coastal waters and beach sand. It’s a hue that brings a gentle, refreshing ambiance.

Here are the HEX codes you seek:

  • Blue Green (#2C9DCB)
  • Moonstone (#60B4BF)
  • Dark moss green (#5E5E33)
  • Reseda green (#807C62)

21. Bonus: Violet Dreamland

Violet Dreamland tropical color palette

Violet Dreamland invites the mystery and enchantment of tropical evenings. It’s a hue that adds a touch of exotic sophistication for the next best thing.

Here are the HEX you’re looking for:

  • Cool gray (#7D7EAD)
  • Lilac (#D699BE)
  • Glaucous (#5879AE)
  • Night (#090B0E)

What is a tropical palette?

A tropical palette is a color scheme that is inspired by the vibrant, warm, and natural colors found in tropical regions.

This palette often includes colors reminiscent of the sea, sky, foliage, and fruits common to tropical locales, creating a lively, inviting, and exotic atmosphere.


What colors are considered tropical colors?

Tropical colors combination are vibrant and warm, often including shades like turquoise, bright greens, pinks, yellows, and corals, reminiscent of tropical flora and fauna.

What colors go with tropical green?

Tropical green pairs well with other tropical tones and combination like other bright greens, yellows, corals, or turquoise. It also contrasts nicely with whites or light sandy tones. Use this color to create tropics feeling designs.

What color palette is warm nature?

A warm nature color palette would include earth tones such as shades of brown, bright greens, gold, and red, reflecting the colors found in natural landscapes, such as flowers, ocean waves, beach sand, rainforest vibes, and more.

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Wrap Up

In this color voyage, we’ve explored the vibrant essence of tropics palettes, each hue telling tales of nature’s endless charm, and summer vibes.

Through shades reminiscent of lush foliage, serene waters, and exotic fruits, these palettes open doors to creating warm, inviting spaces.

Embracing such colors not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but nurtures a community-centric ambiance.

The right blend of tropical tones can indeed transport us, offering a slice of paradise, no matter where we are.

So, as you embark on your design journey, let the tropical color palette ideas guide you to a lively, harmonious aesthetic.

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