15+ best terracotta color palette ideas for earthy tone lovers (HEX codes inside)

Terracotta color palette

In the field of design, interior design and decor, the charm of terracotta color palettes is timeless.

Evoking the warmth of earthy tones, terracotta brings a touch of nature into every space, offering a cozy yet sophisticated aesthetic.

For those who find solace in hues that remind us of the serene outdoors, the allure of terracotta is unparalleled.

This blog post unfolds a curated list of 15+ exquisite terracotta color palette ideas, specially crafted for earthy tone aficionados.

Whether you’re embarking on a new decorating project or simply seeking to infuse a fresh dose of color into your existing space, these terracotta color palette ideas are sure to inspire.

So delve in, explore the warm embrace of terracotta palette, and let your spaces resonate with the calming whispers of nature.

What is the best Terracotta Color Palette?

Here are the best vibrant terracotta colors ideas to get inspired and bring terracotta vibes to your next design project.

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Top 7 palettes with terracotta colors

Let’s start our collection of terracotta color palettes with our top 7 terracotta paint colors. From walls design to home decor, these color palettes work beautifully for any kind of design project.

1. Orange trend

Orange trend color palette

The ‘Orange Trend’ color palette embraces the vivaciousness of terracotta, blending seamlessly with varying shades of orange tones. This energetic mix inspires a lively, stimulating atmosphere, perfect for creative or communal spaces.

Below are the HEX codes:

  • Red Rust: #BA3A1C
  • Persian orange: #E0895D
  • Flame: #C75A30
  • Blood red: #530E04

2. Earthy Mix

Earthy Mix color palette

‘Earthy Mix’ delves into a serene blend of terracotta with neutral and organic hues, evoking a tranquil and grounded ambiance. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to create a space of calmness and natural allure.

Find the HEX codes here:

  • Caput mortuum: #492829
  • Burnt Sienna: #D8724A
  • Atomic tangerine: #EC9C78
  • Brown Rust: #B75935

3. Clay Reacting Hues

Clay Reacting Hues color palette

Taking inspiration from the natural reactions of clay, this color palette mirrors the diverse shades witnessed in fired terracotta. This palette is a picturesque ode to the traditional roots of terracotta, embodying a rustic charm.

The HEX codes are provided:

  • Raw umber: #965638
  • Beaver: #B18B78
  • Caput mortuum: #522C1E
  • Light Raw umber: #976242

4. Calming Effect

Calming Effect color palette

The ‘Calming Effect’ color palette amalgamates terracotta with soft, soothing hues to foster a relaxing environment. It’s a perfect blend for creating a peaceful retreat within your home or workspace, marrying warmth with tranquility.

Listed are the HEX codes:

  • Rust: #AA5119
  • Silver: #BDBCBA
  • Seal brown: #682C10
  • Rich Sienna: #812705

5. Terracotta Paint Array

Terracotta Paint Array color palette

‘Terracotta Paint Array’ is a broad spectrum of terracotta shades, displaying the versatility of this beloved color. From light, airy tones to the deep, hearty shades, this palette offers a beautiful range to explore and integrate.

Discover the HEX codes below:

  • Ash gray: #B9BDAE
  • Rose taupe: #885D5A
  • Khaki: #C4B99E
  • Desert sand: #F3CDB6

6. Warm Shades

Warm Shades color palette

The ‘Warm Shades’ color palette cozies up to the comforting side of terracotta, paired with harmonious warm tones. It’s an embrace of warmth, creating a cozy, inviting ambiance that’s perfect for intimate settings.

Check out the HEX codes:

  • Persian orange: #D69670
  • Russet: #924A24
  • Linen: #F0E3DD
  • Beaver: #B8836C

More Terracotta color palettes

This collection further explores the versatility and elegance of terracotta by introducing more shades that capture its earthy charm and warm appeal. Each palette reflects a unique blend of terracotta that is effortlessly classic yet modern.

Whether you’re looking for home decor colors, or drawn to the subdued, the vibrant, or somewhere in between, these additional terracotta colors offer a rich spectrum of options to inspire your next design project. Explore these curated palettes and discover the timeless allure of terracotta.

7. Rich Paint colors

Rich Paint colors color palette

‘Rich Paint Colors’ dives into a luxurious blend of terracotta with opulent, rich hues, offering a palette of sophisticated elegance. It’s an exquisite choice for imparting a sense of luxury and depth to any design venture and home decor.

The following are the HEX codes:

  • Orange (Crayola): #FF8748
  • Rust: #AA4428
  • Chamoisee: #A4714C
  • Coral: #FC7C59

8. Earthy tone

Earthy tone color palette

This color palette is a symphony of terracotta hues blended with soft, grounding colors. It encapsulates a sense of serenity and natural elegance, making it an ideal choice for a tranquil and warm ambiance and home decor.

Provided below are the HEX codes:

  • Buff: #DCA58B
  • Seal brown: #662E14
  • Russet: #954F2E
  • Persian orange: #E89250

9. Earthenware

Earthenware color palette

Drawing inspiration from traditional clay pottery, the ‘Earthenware’ color palette explores a rustic blend of terracotta with other natural hues. This palette is a nostalgic journey back to the roots of terracotta, embodying a charming, rustic vibe.

Herein are the HEX codes:

  • Light orange: #FAD5B6
  • Seal brown: #5C2B16
  • Black bean: #3C190D
  • Raw umber: #9D6142

10. Cozy Passion

Cozy Passion color palette

‘Cozy Passion’ marries the warmth of terracotta with passionate, cozy hues, creating a comforting and lively atmosphere. It’s the perfect palette for those looking to infuse a space with warmth and a touch of spirited coziness in design and home decor.

View the HEX codes here:

  • Raw umber: #956348
  • Baby powder: #F6F6F2
  • Lion: #B18E70
  • Dun: #C9BEAB

11. Natural Brown

Natural Brown color palette

The ‘Natural Brown’ color palette is a harmonious blend of terracotta and varying shades of brown, exuding an organic and wholesome aura. It’s a subtle nod to the earthy essence of terracotta, ideal for a refined and natural aesthetic.

Unveiling the HEX codes:

  • Sienna: #803B1D
  • Khaki: #C8AD92
  • Copper: #BB6E25
  • Chamoisee: #AD8457

12. Gold Fusion

Gold Fusion color palette

In ‘Gold Fusion’, the warmth of terracotta melds with the opulence of depth gold tones, creating a palette that exudes luxury and warmth. It’s an elegant choice for a sophisticated yet inviting shade and ambiance in design and home decor.

Specified below are the HEX codes:

  • Goldenrod: #D1A619
  • Golden brown: #856424
  • Eggshell: #F7F0DD
  • Dark goldenrod: #B58600

13. Contrasting Orange

Contrasting Orange color palette

The ‘Contrasting Orange’ color palette captures the vibrant interaction between terracotta and a spectrum of orange shades. It’s a lively and stimulating blend, perfect for spaces meant to inspire creativity and enthusiasm.

Check out the HEX codes:

  • Persian orange: #DF9966
  • Burnt Sienna: #D56F47
  • Tan: #E2C492
  • Bittersweet shimmer: #B2443F

14. Neutral teal

Neutral teal color palette

‘Neutral Teal’ introduces a soothing contrast to terracotta with shades of teal, creating a balanced and calming color scheme. This palette is a delightful blend for those seeking a serene yet colorful ambiance.

Find the HEX codes here:

  • Bole: #67382B
  • Melon: #EEA794
  • Coral: #EE8158
  • Brown sugar: #C16744

15. Organic Green

Organic Green color palette

The ‘Organic Green’ color palette combines terracotta with varying shades of depth green, embodying a fresh and organic feel. It’s a breath of fresh air for any space and room, promoting a harmonious and lively atmosphere.

Discover the HEX codes below:

  • Reseda green: #6A8063
  • Cal Poly green: #304121
  • Atomic tangerine: #F79164
  • Burnt umber: #8A3D29

16. Bonus: Coolors

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The Coolors Tool not only provides a visual representation of the color palette but also gives you the exact hex codes, CMYK, RGB and much more, for each color, making it easy to replicate the colors in your own designs.

Whether you are working on interior design projects, graphic designs, or simply exploring color schemes for personal projects, this color tool empowers you to bring your color visions to life effortlessly.

What is a terracotta color palette?

A terracotta color palette is a selection of colors that either complement or are derived from the earthy, warm hue of terracotta. This palette often includes colors that evoke a natural, rustic, or Mediterranean vibe, blending well with the characteristic reddish-brown tone of terracotta.

These palettes are widely used not only in the world of layering graphic design, but also in home decor. In fact, they are very interesting for use in such contexts as: walls paint colors, bathroom decor, accessories, bedroom decor, house painting, and more.


What color goes well with terracotta?

Various colors pair well with terracotta, including neutral shades like cream, beige, and white. Additionally, contrasting colors such as teal, sage green, or navy blue can create a visually appealing juxtaposition. Earthy tones like olive green or other brown shades also harmonize well with terracotta.

What are the different colors of terracotta?

Terracotta itself can come in a variety of shades, primarily revolving around reddish-brown hues. The spectrum can range from a pinkish-orange to a darker, more brownish-red color. The exact shade can vary based on the specific clay used and the temperature at which it’s fired.

What is the true color of terracotta?

The true color of terracotta is a type of reddish-brown. It derives its characteristic color from the iron content in the clay used to create terracotta items. The traditional terracotta color is reminiscent of the hues of fired earth, embodying a natural and rustic charm.

What’s the closest color to terracotta?

Colors such as burnt sienna, burnt umber, or reddish-brown are often considered close to terracotta. Each of these colors carries a warm, earthy shade, akin to the palette hue of terracotta. However, terracotta has a unique charm that is distinct, often characterized by its rich, warm, and earthy appeal.

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Wrap Up

In embracing the warm, earthy and complementary colors allure of terracotta color palette, this article has journeyed through a rich palette of colors, manifesting the versatility and timeless appeal of this ever-charming hue.

From the serene companionship of neutral tones to the bold contrasts offered by cooler shades, terracotta proves to be a remarkable centerpiece in creating a captivating color story.

This article is a effortless path for enthusiasts and professionals alike to integrate these palettes into their projects, be it in interior design, graphic design, or personal endeavors.

As a reflection of nature’s profound beauty, terracotta color palettes invite a sense of coziness, grounding, and authenticity into the spaces they grace.

Whether one is drawn to the traditional hues or the contemporary blends highlighted, the terracotta color spectrum is bound to spark inspiration and bring visions to life with its warm embrace.

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