Honest Teachable Review: Is teaching on this platform worth it in 2023?

Teachable Review

In a world constantly shifting towards digital, the quest for effective online learning platforms is fervent. Among the names that frequently surface is Teachable.

This platform has garnered attention for enabling individuals and enterprises to create and sell online courses with ease.

Our review unfolds the offerings of Teachable, providing you a glimpse into how it facilitates a community-centric learning environment.

Dive in, explore, and determine if Teachable is the vessel to launch your online teaching voyage.

Teachable: Sell Courses, Coaching and Digital Downloads

Teachable helps creators engage their online audiences and get paid on their own terms with courses, coaching, and downloadable content.

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What is Teachable?

Teachable is an all-in-one online platform and robust learning management system for educators and creators.

This online course creation platform offers customizable interfaces, supports various content types (videos, text, audio, etc.), and facilitates student engagement through discussion groups.

Course compliance ensures structured learning, while the mobile app allows students to access courses from anywhere.

Teachable integrates with a wide range of third apps, such as Zapier and provides a Public API for advanced reporting and business management tools.

What about branding customization? The advanced theme customizations remove “Teachable” branding, and custom user roles allow control over user permissions.

Features like “Bulk student imports” streamline enrollment, and progress tracking and compliance tools assess student engagement.

In essence, Teachable empowers educators to create courses, customize multiple courses, and deliver impactful online courses, bolstering their brand and enhancing the learning experience.

How to use Teachable

teachable dashboard

Utilizing Teachable, one can access to a plenty of amazing features for selling online courses: develop quizzes to monitor student progress, offer course completion certificates, and control access to course materials based on certain criteria.

With a Teachable account, the platform allows the hosting of an unlimited number of courses without the need for a separate website, while also providing insightful data tracking features to evaluate course and sales performance, ensuring a fruitful online teaching endeavor​.

Teachable learning management system stands as a beacon for those eager to share knowledge through an online course.

This online school platform, born out of a mission to simplify course creation, offers a haven for every online course creator. With a few clicks, course creators can draft quizzes, control content access, and even issue certificates.

The charm of Teachable lies in its ability to host endless courses, eliminating the hassle of managing a separate website.

Moreover, it hands over the reins of monitoring course effectiveness, rendering a clear picture of student engagement and sales.

Key Features

Teachable has a set of distinctive features that differentiate it from others. These features to create your own online school include:

1. Sales & marketing

teachable sales and marketing

Let’s start this in-depth Teachable review with the first feature called “Sales and marketing”, an integral aspects of the overall comprehensive platform.

This online school platform offers tools to optimize sales and conversion strategies, helping course creators drive more revenue.

Online course creators can easily install pixels and ad managers to enhance your marketing efforts, attracting more traffic to the online school and boosting conversions.

Additionally, this platform for creating online courses provides powerful analytics, allowing everyone to gain valuable insights into student and prospect interactions, enabling cours creators to refine the marketing campaigns.

With Teachable courses, you can seamlessly connect with your preferred email marketing platform, build and manage email lists, and send automated messages, all from one centralized location.

This streamlined approach to sales and marketing ensures that everyone can efficiently grow an online teaching business with ease.

Sales & Marketing tools

teachable sales and marketing tools

So, this platform for online business owners empowers creators with a suite of marketing tools, designed to attract and retain unlimited students. It’s not just about selling courses, but about increasing the value of every student interaction.

Through automated tools and smart strategies, income streams continue to flow even when you’re offline.

Teachable provides resources for building effective sales pages, marketing and sell courses, and writing compelling sales emails.

By integrating with third-party tools, scaling an online education business becomes a seamless endeavor. The objective is clear: make online teaching journey fruitful and less cumbersome​.

Creating lead magnets

Another crucial point is that this online school platform underscores the significance of lead magnets in growing an online business.

Lead magnets, bonus content offered usually in exchange for email addresses, are pivotal in building an audience. Examples include free course material, e-books or special video access.

The process begins with brainstorming relevant lead magnet ideas, tailored to your niche and audience’s needs.

Following this, selecting a format and creating high-quality lead magnets is essential. Teachable provides guidance on crafting lead magnets that resonate with your audience, aiding in the seamless growth of your online educational venture​.

Tracking pixels

This platform for creating courses online embraces the power of data analytics through its meta pixel integration feature.

By embedding a snippet of code, tracking pixels on various pages like checkout and sales pages, insights into ad performance and user interactions are garnered.

This data is critical for optimizing conversion rates. The setup requires a paid Teachable plan and a Meta ad account.

Once the Meta pixel is created, it’s a straightforward process to integrate it within Teachable’s platform.

This feature, while powerful, requires adherence to privacy standards, ensuring a balance between insightful analytics and user privacy​.

Affiliate marketing tools

Another great feature is that this online classes platform elevates course promotion by offering an Affiliate Partner Program. Any course creator can allow users to promote their courses as affiliates, earning a percentage from the sales generated through their referrals.

Setting commission rates, tracking affiliate sales, understanding affiliate commission, and managing payouts are streamlined within this awesome course building platform.

By tapping into the power of community and shared interests, creators can extend their reach significantly.

The affiliate feature not only fosters a sense of shared success but also alleviates some marketing burdens off the course creators, making the journey of scaling up more collaborative and less daunting​​.

Networking opportunities

Teachable goes beyond a course creation platform by fostering a community of like-minded individuals.

The interactions among creators, students, and affiliates spark networking opportunities. Engaging in the community can lead to collaborative projects, affiliate partnerships, or even new course ideas.

By hosting webinars, Q&A sessions, or community forums, creators build valuable networks.

The ripple effect of these connections can be seen in the growing success of courses and the enriching discussions they provoke.

Through Teachable, creators are not alone on their journey, they’re part of a thriving, supportive community.

2. Payments

teachable payments feature

Going on with our Teachable review, let’s talk about the payments. Teachable simplifies the payment process with a variety of gateway options, tailored to the creator’s location and plan.

The setup is straightforward, unlocking different payment options for students, like PayPal, credit/debit cards, and more.

The platform allows for direct transaction processing within the Teachable school, making payment receiving a breeze.

Furthermore, Teachable offers two native payment gateway options and a custom payment gateway setup for more flexibility.

The payment schedule, method, and other related features vary with each gateway. This setup ensures a smooth transaction process, making the payment aspect of course selling on Teachable user-friendly​​.

Payment handling

teachable payment getaways

Teachable’s payment handling is streamlined to minimize hassle for creators. Once the payment gateway is set, processing and receiving payments is straightforward.

As mentioned earlier, the platform handles transactions directly within your Teachable school, ensuring a seamless process. Also, they offer a strong customer support.

Depending on the chosen gateway, payout schedules and methods are defined, facilitating financial planning.

Moreover, Teachable provides options like teachable:pay and the Monthly Payment Gateway, each with its own set of features to cater to different needs.

This structure not only simplifies payment handling but also provides flexibility to accommodate various preferences. The teachable:pay comes both in the basic plan, and in the professional and business plans.

Flexible payment options

Teachable accommodates a variety of payment preferences to sell courses, offering flexibility to both creators and students.

Online course creators can set multiple pricing options for each course, allowing students to choose the one that suits them best.

On the checkout page, students find different payment options like credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Google/Apple Pay, based on the school’s settings. This flexibility enhances the purchase experience, catering to a broader audience.

Moreover, features like 1-click checkout for future purchases simplify the process further, making Teachable platform a considerate platform for diverse payment needs

Automated tax filing

Teachable alleviates the tax handling burden with an automated system in place. Through the BackOffice service, tax remittance and collection are automated, ensuring compliance without the need for manual intervention.

This feature not only streamlines the tax filing process but also reduces the administrative load on creators, allowing them to focus more on content creation and student engagement.

Fraud protection

If you are looking to create courses, and sell courses, you should take the security of transactions seriously. Within the variety of quality Teachable features, they cover you also on fraud protection in payment processing systems.

Though explicit details on fraud protection measures weren’t available, platforms like Teachable generally incorporate secure payment gateways and robust verification processes to prevent fraudulent activities.

Ensuring a safe transaction environment is crucial for maintaining trust and ensuring a smooth user experience.

By choosing reputable payment gateways and adhering to best practices, Teachable aims to provide a secure platform for both course creators and learners.

3. Analytics & reporting

teachable analytics and reporting

In this Teachable review, a space is to be devoted to course analysis and reporting. Teachable transcends basic analytics by offering a comprehensive view into a course’s performance, marketing efforts, and financial health.

With Teachable, insights are just a click away, no coding required, making it accessible for creators of all technical levels.

The platform’s analytics and reporting tools provide a clear picture, aiding in informed decision-making. Whether it’s understanding student performance or evaluating marketing strategies, Teachable provides the data necessary for continual improvement.

The emphasis is on driving informed actions to elevate your online education business. Through Teachable, creators have a powerful analytical tool at their fingertips, ready to guide them towards optimized outcomes.

Course reports

teachable course reports

Teachable’s course reports provide a lens into how well a course is performing. Creators can monitor aspects like student enrollments, course completion rates, and overall engagement.

These reports are instrumental in understanding what’s working and what needs improvement. Through a user-friendly interface, accessing and interpreting these reports is straightforward.

The insights gained can significantly impact course modifications, leading to a better learning experience.

Teachable’s course reports feature is indeed a valuable asset for any course creator aiming to deliver high-quality online education.

Sales reports

Teachable’s sales reports are pivotal in tracking revenue generation over time. They provide a clear overview of sales, refunds, and coupon usage, making financial assessment straightforward.

By analyzing these reports, creators can identify trends and make data-driven pricing or marketing decisions.

The sales reports are easily accessible within the Teachable dashboard, offering a hassle-free experience even for those new to online teaching.

Through these reports, understanding the financial aspect of your online courses is simplified, aiding in efficient revenue management and strategy formulation.

Student progress reports

Teachable’s student progress reports offer a window into each learner’s journey. They help track individual progress, quiz scores, and course completion rates.

This feature not only helps in identifying areas where students may need additional support but also provides an opportunity for personalized interaction.

Through these reports, creating a tailored learning experience becomes feasible. The data collected is invaluable for course improvement, ensuring a better learning environment.

In essence, student progress reports on Teachable are a cornerstone for fostering a supportive and effective learning ecosystem.


Teachable’s integrations extend the platform’s capabilities, connecting with numerous other tools and services. Whether it’s email marketing, analytics, or third-party content tools, integrations are seamless.

These connections allow for a holistic approach to managing an online school, making operations smoother.

The integration feature reflects Teachable’s commitment to providing a centralized, user-friendly platform for course creation and management.

By bridging various tools, Teachable simplifies the technical aspect, allowing creators to focus more on delivering quality content. The ease of integration enhances the overall user experience, showcasing Teachable’s adaptability to diverse operational needs.

4. Support services

teachable support services

Teachable’s support services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each course creator. Upon becoming a Teachable creator, a plethora of resources alongside award-winning personal support is available.

The customer support extends from educational content, business training courses to group coaching, ensuring a well-rounded support system.

There’s also a course creator community to connect with fellow creators, providing insights from those who have been on similar journeys.

This customer support structure is designed not only to address issues but to propel your online business forward. In essence, Teachable’s support services are a cornerstone for creator success.

teachable:u online courses

teachable:u online courses

Teachable:u is a hub of mini-courses designed specifically for creators. These courses bridge the gap between learning and doing, offering actionable strategies to build and scale an online knowledge business.

With a range of topics, whether starting fresh or looking to advance, there’s something for every creator.

Taught by expert instructors and real creators, these courses are more than just educational; they’re a step towards actualizing online business goals. The best part? It’s all available for free to anyone on a Free plan, making knowledge accessible.

teachable:hq creator community

teachable:hq creator community

Teachable:hq is a thriving creator community that facilitates interaction, exchange of ideas, and collaborative learning.

This community is a space where creators can share experiences, seek advice, and offer insights to peers. Through forums and discussions, creators foster a sense of belonging and collective growth.

The community-centric approach of teachable:hq embodies Teachable’s ethos of learning together. It’s more than just a customer support forum; it’s a place of empowerment and continuous learning.

Group coaching

Teachable’s group coaching sessions are a part of its customer support services, where creators can receive guidance and feedback in a collective setting.

These sessions aim to foster a sense of community, engagement, and mutual growth. They provide an avenue for creators to interact, share experiences, and learn from each other.

The collaborative nature of group coaching aligns with Teachable’s ethos of communal learning and customer support. It’s an enriching experience that goes beyond traditional customer support, nurturing a culture of shared success.

Launch Accelerator Challenge

The Launch Accelerator Challenge is a program designed to guide creators through the course launch process.

It’s a structured challenge that provides step-by-step guidance, resources, and customer support, aiming to take the intimidation out of launching. By participating, creators can gain the confidence and knowledge needed to successfully launch their courses.

This challenge is not only a learning experience but also a community-building initiative, aligning creators with similar goals and fostering collaborative growth.

Teachable experts

Teachable Experts is a program connecting creators with vetted professionals to assist in various aspects of course creation and marketing.

Whether it’s design, marketing, or technical help, creators can find an expert to assist them.

This program simplifies the process of finding reliable help, ensuring creators can focus on what they do best. It’s a reflection of Teachable’s commitment to providing comprehensive customer support to its community.

Live chat

Teachable’s Live Chat is a real-time customer support feature allowing immediate interaction with the support team. This feature ensures that any hurdles faced during course creation or management are promptly addressed.

It’s a testament to Teachable’s commitment to providing accessible and timely customer service team support, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Through live chat, the resolution of queries becomes quicker, allowing creators to maintain their workflow without significant interruptions.

5. Site builder

teachable site builder

Let’s continue with the key features of this Teachable review by talking now about Teachable’s Site Builder, that allows creators to design a professional-looking website without the need for technical expertise.

Its drag-and-drop functionality makes it user-friendly, appealing to a wide range of creators.

The interface is intuitive, allowing for easy navigation and design modifications. Creators can focus on content, while the site builder takes care of the aesthetics.

This feature embodies Teachable’s aim to remove technical barriers in online education. The Site Builder is a testament to Teachable’s commitment to providing tools that make course creation accessible to all.

No-code platform

teachable no-code platform

No coding skills? No problem. Teachable is a no-code platform, ensuring course creation is accessible, regardless of technical ability.

This approach invites a broader community of creators, fostering a diverse learning environment. With no coding required, creators can focus on content and engagement.

The platform’s user-friendly design promotes ease of use, making online course creation straightforward. This no-code nature aligns with Teachable’s mission to simplify online education.

It’s an avenue for creativity, unbounded by technical constraints.

Brand customization

Teachable provides robust brand customization options. Creators can tailor the look of their courses and website to reflect their brand identity.

The customization tools are simple yet effective, allowing for a personalized appearance. It’s not just about course content; it’s about delivering a cohesive brand experience.

This feature enhances the professional appeal of the courses offered. Teachable’s brand customization options are a step towards creating a unique online learning environment.

All-in-One site builder

teachable all in one site builder

Teachable’s All-in-One Site Builder encapsulates a holistic approach to course creation. It’s not just a website builder, but a comprehensive tool for hosting, marketing, and selling courses.

The feature-rich builder simplifies the process, making it a one-stop solution for online educators. With everything under one roof, managing an online educational venture becomes streamlined.

This all-encompassing tool is a reflection of Teachable’s understanding of the diverse needs of online creators.

The All-in-One Site Builder is indeed a valuable asset for anyone looking to create and manage courses efficiently.

Below are all the details of the features offered for the site builder by this platform for online courses:

  • SEO optimization: Improve page visibility by tweaking the SEO settings in your page editor.
  • Responsive Website: Content auto-adjusts to the device or window size for a user-friendly experience.
  • Custom domains: Eliminate the “.teachable” from your URL with a custom domain on any paid plan.
  • Code snippets: Employ code snippets for app integrations, advanced customizations, and beyond.
  • Live preview: Experience your site from the perspectives of an admin, student, or public visitor.
  • Email capture: Configure email forms to gather leads, automatically populating your leads list.
  • Power editor: Modify your school’s templates and inject custom code (available on the Business plan).
  • Apps: Effortlessly merge favored third-party analytics or marketing tools to shape your business your way.

6. AI features

teachable ai features

Teachable’s AI features are designed to empower educators by streamlining various aspects of course creation and management.

These AI features are part of the AI Hub, meticulously designed to enhance efficiency while ensuring you maintain control over your brand and business.

These AI-powered tools are seamlessly integrated into your Teachable school, providing a user-friendly and cohesive experience for both instructors and students.

So this new AI Hub, a cornerstone of efficiency and productivity, plays a pivotal role in managing key business functions within Teachable.

It seamlessly integrates these powerful AI tools into your Teachable school, enhancing your overall experience and control.

AI Curriculum Generator

teachable ai curriculum generator

Struggling with course structure? Input a brief description and let the AI Curriculum Generator outline your course in seconds.

It swiftly structures your educational content, ensuring a logical flow for better comprehension. This feature cuts down planning time, letting you focus on content creation.

It’s a preliminary step towards a well-organized course, ensuring learners find your material easy to follow.

AI Quiz Generator

teachable ai quiz generator

Another great feature for student engagement is the AI Quiz Generator. A few clicks, and you have a quiz ready, promoting active learning.

This tool simplifies quiz creation, saving you time while maintaining engagement. It’s an efficient way to assess and reinforce knowledge.

The Quiz Generator embodies Teachable’s goal of making online education interactive and effective.

AI Summary Generator

teachable ai summary generator

Now you can provide concise summaries of your course content with Teachable’s AI Summary Generator.

This tool auto-generates content summaries for lessons and sections, offering students a quick review. It’s a time-saver for educators, aiding in the delivery of straightforward course recaps.

The summaries ensure students grasp key points, enhancing their learning experience.

AI Subtitles & Translations

teachable AI Subtitles & Translations

Teachable’s AI Subtitles & Translations feature simplifies the process of making your course content accessible globally.

No more costly third-party subtitle services. Now, when you upload a video on Teachable, you can automatically create subtitles and translations.

This not only saves you time but also ensures that your content can reach a wider audience. It’s a testament to Teachable’s commitment to inclusivity and ease of use.

AI Lesson Writing Assistant

Lastly, a new feature is the Teachable’s AI Lesson Writing Assistant. This tool is designed to assist you in the content creation process.

When you find it challenging to start writing a lesson, this AI assistant built into the text block can provide suggestions and guidance.

This feature streamlines the content creation process, ensuring that you can focus on delivering valuable information to your students without struggling to begin.

7. App hub

App hub

This platform truly offers an arsenal of apps that can help you achieve your goals for your online courses, because thanks to its features you can manage your online course business in one place.

  • Email marketing: Teachable integrates seamlessly with many email marketing platforms. So, you can manage and build your mailing list, but also directly send automatic messages to unlimited students through the platform, and more without having to jump from one place to another.
  • Analytics: With this feature, the online course platform offers a powerful tool for analyzing how students and potential customers interact in your online courses on the platform.
  • Sales and conversions: With Pixel and ad handlers, with this online course platform you can easily turn more traffic to your course, which means increasing conversions, and thus having unlimited students.
  • Business: With this tool you can better automate and organize your workflows, and also your scheduling and data.
  • Learning Experience: To be able to reach a wider audience that is loyal to your brand, having a better learning method has its great impact, which is why the experience of this platform helps you in achieving your goals.
  • Site design: The visual aspect is also vital, so with this online course platform you can customize every detail of the design, making it more unique and therefore more recognizable to your students.

8. Student experience

teachable student experience

When it comes to the student experience, Teachable course builder shines by providing a user-friendly interface that ensures an enjoyable and hassle-free learning journey.

The responsive design of this course creation software automatically adapts to various devices, making it convenient for students to access content on their terms.

The customizable user interface adds a personal touch, creating a sense of belonging and enhancing the overall learning atmosphere.

Customizable user interface

The customizable user interface provided by Teachable is a valuable asset for online course creators. The course builder enables anyone to tailor the look and feel of their course websites to align perfectly with their brand identity.

Utilizing the Teachable software can be a valid alternative to create your own website, making it a breeze for a non-technically inclined person.

Anyone who want to create online courses or selling coaching services can easily incorporate their logos, color schemes, and branding elements, making them instantly recognizable to their students.

This level of customization contributes to a professional and cohesive online presence, enhancing the overall learning experience.

With the ability to control the visual aspects of their courses, there is space to create a unique and engaging environment. Customization not only strengthens branding but also fosters a sense of trust and authenticity among students.

Multiple content types

Teachable offers a diverse range of content types, enriching the educational experience for both instructors and students.

Selling online courses can be easier even for a not very technically inclined person, allowing to seamlessly integrate various forms of course material and media, including video, audio, textual content, images, PDFs, and more.

Whether it’s delivering video lectures, sharing downloadable resources, or facilitating live coaching sessions, Teachable platform accommodates a wide array of content.

Creators can create dynamic and comprehensive courses that resonate with their target audience, enhancing overall course effectiveness.

The availability of multiple content types ensures that the learning experience remains dynamic, engaging, and tailored to the course’s objectives.

Discussion groups and forums

Teachable’s discussion groups and forums serve as valuable communication channels between instructors and students.

They provide a direct and personal approach to interaction, fostering a sense of community within the course. This means that everyone can engage with students, address questions, and facilitate discussions on course topics.

These platforms encourage peer-to-peer interactions, allowing students to share insights and collaborate.

Discussion groups and forums are conducive to building a supportive learning environment, where students feel connected and encouraged.

Anyone can leverage these tools to establish themselves as accessible and approachable mentors, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Course compliance

Ensuring course compliance is a critical aspect of Teachable platform. It guarantees that students progress through the course content in the intended order, maintaining a structured learning path.

Additionally, the platform tracks video consumption, requiring students to view at least 90 percent of the content.

Course compliance safeguards the quality of the learning experience and helps instructors assess student progress accurately.

It aligns with best practices in online education, promoting effective learning outcomes and content retention.

Mobile app

Teachable’s mobile app is a significant asset for both instructors and students. Highly valued by users, the app enables students to access their courses on the go, enhancing flexibility and convenience.

It ensures that students can continue their learning journey regardless of their location or device. Instructors benefit from increased student engagement as the app facilitates seamless access to course content.

The mobile app supports multimedia content, allowing students to consume videos, access resources, and participate in discussions on their mobile devices.

Overall, the app plays a pivotal role in modernizing and democratizing online education by making learning accessible and mobile-friendly.

9. Advanced features

Going on with our Teachable review, now it’s time to talk about the other key Teachable features, because this online course platform doesn’t stop at the basics; it goes above and beyond with its advanced features.

From AI-driven tools like curriculum generator, basic quizzes generator, and summary generator, to discussion groups and forums that encourage interaction, the platform empowers educators to create engaging and interactive courses.

The robust integrations and public API allow for seamless connectivity with other tools, expanding the possibilities for course creators.

This combination of user-centric design and advanced capabilities makes Teachable a standout choice for those looking to offer top-notch online courses. Let’s see all the features in details below.


Teachable offers a seamless integration experience, allowing users to connect with their favorite tools and services.

Through industry-leading integrations, such as Zapier, instructors can unlock thousands of possibilities for enhancing their teaching methods.

Integrations enable efficient workflow automation and data exchange, streamlining administrative tasks.

Users can effortlessly integrate their preferred applications for marketing, analytics, and more, making their teaching experience more versatile.

With these integrations, instructors can consolidate their essential tools within the Teachable platform, streamlining their online education business operations.

Overall, integrations empower instructors to leverage the tools they already love, enhancing the functionality and effectiveness of their online courses.

Public API

Teachable’s Public API provides instructors with extensive capabilities for automation and customization. With this, anyone can automate the management of student enrollments, product listings, and course access.

Access to advanced reporting allows for in-depth insights into student progress and course performance.

The API serves as a bridge between Teachable and other tools used for online business management, promoting a seamless flow of data.

It empowers every instructors to create tailored solutions for their specific needs, enhancing efficiency and scalability.

With the Public API, you can extend the functionality of their Teachable school and optimize their online teaching venture.

Advanced theme customizations

Want more advanced features? This online course platform offers advanced theme customizations that enable instructors to create a fully branded and immersive learning environment.

You can leverage code snippets and custom CSS to tailor the look and feel of their school to align with their brand identity. Removing Teachable branding ensures that the school and products maintain a consistent brand presence.

These customizations empower instructors to deliver a unique and professional learning experience. By incorporating their branding elements, instructors can establish a strong online presence that resonates with their audience.

Advanced theme customizations reflect a commitment to delivering a visually appealing and brand-focused educational platform.

Custom user roles

Teachable’s custom user roles feature provides instructors with granular control over user permissions.

Custom user roles allow to define precisely what actions users are allowed or restricted from performing within their school.

For example, collaborators can be granted access to design functions while being prevented from accessing financial aspects of the business.

This feature is instrumental in maintaining security and privacy within the school’s ecosystem. It ensures that instructors can delegate responsibilities while safeguarding sensitive data and financial transactions.

With this feature, anyone can build a structured and secure collaborative environment within their online teaching venture.

Bulk student imports

Teachable’s bulk student imports feature is a time-saving solution. Instead of manually adding students one by one to their courses, you can efficiently import multiple students at once.

This feature is exclusively available on the Pro and Pro+ plan, enhancing its value. Bulk student imports streamline the onboarding process, making it more efficient and scalable.

Anyone who want to sell online courses can rapidly enroll a large number of students, ensuring a smooth start to their courses.

Overall, this feature optimizes the administrative aspect of managing a growing student base, saving you valuable time and effort.

Student progress tracking

On the course creation process, this online course creator offers robust tools for tracking student progress and ensuring course compliance. You can enforce the specific order in which courses are viewed, maintaining a structured learning path.

The platform also monitors video view completion and quiz performance to assess student engagement and understanding.

This data-driven approach enables instructors to gauge the effectiveness of their content and make informed improvements.

Course compliance tools play a pivotal role in maintaining course quality and ensuring that students receive a comprehensive learning experience.

Instructors can use these tools to fine-tune their teaching strategies and deliver courses that resonate with their students.


teachable pricing

Very interesting is the Teachable pricing plan of this online course platform, which offers the opportunity to start right away with a free plan, which however has transaction fees.

If you opt for a higher Teachable pricing plan, between Pro and Pro+, then there will be a monthly subscription cost (with a significant savings if you decide to pay annually), which however has no transaction fees.

  • Free plan: $0/month ($1 + 10% transaction fees)
  • Basic plan: $59/month (5% transaction fees)
  • Pro: $159/month (0% transaction fees)
  • Pro+: $249/month (0% transaction fees)
  • Business: $499/month

Pricing Details

As mentioned above, Teachable offers a flexible pricing structure that caters to a wide range of educators and businesses.

Free Plan

To get started, there’s a Free plan, allowing you to try the platform at no cost and begin earning before committing to a payment.

With this free plan, you can create and publish one product of each type, whether it’s a course, coaching program, or downloadable content.

It includes a no-code course builder, web pages, student referrals, and integrated payment processing. While on the Free plan, Teachable charges a minimal $1 plus a 10% transaction fee per sale.

Basic Plan

For those seeking foundational tools and more features, the Basic plan comes at $39 per month or $468 billed annually.

This plan includes all the features of the Free plan, but with reduced transaction fees (5%) and the ability to publish up to five products of each type.

It also offers integrated email marketing, coupon and order bump functionality, custom domains, live group coaching, and access to the Accelerator challenge.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan, priced at $119 per month or $1,428 billed annually, is designed for those looking to scale their online teaching business.

It includes all Basic plan features but eliminates transaction fees entirely. With the Pro plan, you can publish up to 50 products of each type, leverage affiliate marketing, access live chat support, implement upsells to increase order value, and enjoy public API access.

Plus, you can remove Teachable branding and have five admin and author seats.

Pro+ Plan

For fast-growing businesses, there’s the Pro+ plan, available at $199 per month or $2,388 billed annually.

This plan builds upon the Pro plan by allowing you to publish 200 courses (so, this is not for unlimited courses), coaching services and products, digital downloads, and product bundles. It also offers custom user roles for enhanced control.

Business Plan

Lastly, Teachable provides Enterprise solutions with its Business plan, priced at $499 per month or $5,988 billed annually.

This plan includes all Pro+ features but scales further, offering unlimited courses, coaching products, and digital downloads.

It provides 20 admin and author seats, advanced theme customizations, custom user roles, and bulk student enrollment capabilities.

Teachable’s pricing model ensures that educators and businesses of all sizes can find a plan that suits their needs and budget while accessing the features necessary to create and grow successful online courses.

Pros and Cons


  • User-Friendly Platform: Teachable offers an intuitive interface and drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy for instructors to create and manage online courses, even without technical expertise.
  • Customization: Instructors can customize the look and feel of their course websites to align with their branding, creating a unique and professional online presence.
  • Marketing Tools: Teachable provides a range of marketing features and integrations, helping instructors promote their courses, build email lists, and optimize for conversions.


  • Transaction Fees: On lower-tier plans, Teachable charges transaction fees on course sales, which can impact profitability for instructors with high sales volumes.
  • Design Limitations: While customization is possible, some more experienced users may find the design options limited, particularly when compared to fully custom websites.
  • Marketing Dependency: Success on Teachable often relies on effective marketing efforts. Online course creators need to invest time and resources in promoting their courses to reach a wider audience.

Product Updates

  • As we have seen before, there are new and interesting Teachable features, such as the newest one: Teachable AI Hub. A set of important AI-based features that will help make your life as a coach or instructor much easier.


Is teaching on Teachable worth it?

Teaching on Teachable can be highly worthwhile. It provides a user-friendly platform and easy drag-and-drop editor to create, market, and sell online courses.

The potential for income and impact is substantial, especially if you have valuable knowledge or skills to share. However, success often depends on factors like course quality, marketing efforts, and audience engagement.

What are the disadvantages of Teachable?

While Teachable offers many benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks. One is the transaction fees on lower-tier plans, which can affect profitability. If your intent is not to pay transaction fees, then you should opt for an upgrade to pro and business plans.

Additionally, while customization is possible, some users may find the design limitations restrictive. Lastly, the success of your courses largely depends on your marketing efforts, which can be challenging for beginners.

Can you make money with Teachable?

Yes, you can make money with Teachable. Many instructors have built successful online businesses by selling courses on the platform.

Your earning potential depends on factors like course quality, marketing strategies, and the demand for your content. With effective marketing and valuable courses, significant income is achievable.

What percentage does Teachable take?

Teachable’s pricing structure varies depending on the plan you choose. On the Basic plan, they charge a $1 + 10% transaction fee.

On higher-tier plans (Pro and Pro+), there are no transaction fees, but you’ll pay a monthly subscription fee. It’s essential to review Teachable’s pricing details to determine the best plan for your needs and budget.

Executive Summary

Teachable: Sell Courses, Coaching and Digital Downloads

Teachable helps creators engage their online audiences and get paid on their own terms with courses, coaching, and downloadable content.

Try Teachable

And here we come to the executive summary of our Teachable review. As we have seen, this platform for selling online courses emerges as a versatile and feature-rich platform for instructors and online course creators.

Its wide range of features allows teachers not only to effectively share their knowledge and sell their own online course, but also to establish a strong online presence-even if you have to apply effort in marketing strategy.

Summarizing, principal features include a customizable user interface, which enables teachers to create a visually appealing and brand-consistent learning environment.

By integrating various types of content, such as video, audio, text, and live coaching, teachers can engage their students in different ways, responding to different learning preferences.

In addition, the inclusion of discussion groups and forums encourages interaction and direct communication, strengthening the instructor-student relationship.

Teachable does not stop at content delivery; it also excels in course compliance. It ensures that students advance through courses in the correct order, promoting structured learning, and with quality course completion certificates.

And the mobile app feature adds an element of convenience, allowing students to access Teachable courses from anywhere.

Finally, student progress monitoring and course compliance tools allow instructors to assess student engagement and content effectiveness.

In conclusion, Teachable is more than just a hosting platform to sell courses; it’s a complete solution for online educators.

Its diverse features, customization options, and integrations enable teachers to create and deliver impactful online courses while maintaining brand consistency and maximizing efficiency.

Whether you are an experienced teacher or just starting your first online course or selling coaching services, Teachable offers a solid alternative to your own website to help you succeed in the world of online education.

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