50+ best signature logos ideas to elevate your brand in 2024

Dive into the world of signature logos with our curated list of 50 best ideas. Whether you want to establish a professional image or add a personal touch to your brand, find the perfect signature logo inspiration here.
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Image by Rakata Studio.

In today’s competitive marketplace, creating a distinct brand identity is crucial. Signature logos offer a unique blend of elegance and personalization, setting a brand apart from the crowd.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the 50 best signature logo ideas to transform your brand’s image. From sleek professional designs to charming handwritten styles, these ideas cater to various branding needs.

Best signature logos ideas

Signature logos combine personal flair with professional appeal, offering a direct connection between the brand and its audience. Ideal for businesses aiming for a personal touch, signature logos are versatile and adaptable to various marketing materials.

A signature logo reflects the brand’s personality, ensuring it resonates with the target audience. In this section, we delve into a range of signature logo ideas, each designed to inspire and help you create your own signature logo that your customers will love.

Before we delve into examples of the best signature logos and fonts, below we leave you with our selection of the best tools for making high-quality signature logos used by logo design professionals.

Our top picks


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With the free tier, you can explore a world of possibilities without breaking the bank. Don't miss out on creating a logo that truly represents your brand.


Design a logo from hundreds of templates. No design experience is required to create your own logo from scratch.


This tool is a one-stop solution for business logo design. Create and edit logos with ease in minutes, and no design skills are required.

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1. Professional signature logos

Professional signature logos blend the personal touch of a signature with a sleek, business-like approach. These logos are tailored for companies seeking to project authority and sophistication. Here, we showcase a collection of professional signature logo ideas, perfect for businesses aiming to stand out while maintaining a formal tone.

Professional signature logos examples

handsta font 2
handsta font 3
handsta font 4

Handsta font.

Download Handsta font

Handsta Signature handwritten font

Handsta Signature is a stylish handwritten font known for its casual elegance and natural line movements. It is a beautiful script font with a touch of romance, making it a timeless and elegant choice for various design purposes like advertising, packaging, and festive occasions. 

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2. Handwritten signature logos

Handwritten signature logos bring warmth and individuality to your brand’s identity. With their unique curves and styles, these logos add a personal, artisanal feel to your branding. This section features a variety of handwritten signature logos, each offering inspiration for brands looking to showcase their personality and connect on a personal level with their audience.

Handwritten signature logo examples

Motherland font 2
Motherland font 3
Motherland font 4
Motherland font 5

Motherland font.

Download Motherland font

Motherland Signature font

Motherland is a modern and stylish calligraphy font known for its natural flow and unique shape for each letter. This font is perfect for various design needs, offering a contemporary and elegant touch.

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3. Signature logos for tagline

Integrating a signature into your tagline can significantly enhance your brand’s message. Signature logos for tagline combine your brand’s core message with the authenticity of a signature, making it memorable and impactful. Here, we explore creative ways to fuse signature styles with your brand’s tagline, ensuring a cohesive and engaging brand message.

Signature logos for tagline examples

Queenstown font 2
Queenstown font 3
Queenstown font 4
Queenstown font 5

Queenstown font.

Download Queenstown font

Queenstown serif script font

Queenstown font is a stylish and delicate handwritten script font that exudes elegance and sophistication. It is PUA encoded, allowing access to all glyphs and swashes. This font is ideal for adding a touch of charm to various design projects. 

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4. Photography logo design

For photographers, a signature logo is a perfect way to add a personal stamp to your work. Photography logo design in signature style conveys creativity and professionalism, making your brand instantly recognizable. Dive into this section for signature logos specifically tailored for photography businesses, designed to make your brand shine in the crowded marketplace.

Photography logo design examples

Alexandria Signature font 2
Alexandria Signature font 3
Alexandria Signature font 4

Alexandria Signature font.

Download Alexandria Signature font

Alexandria Signature script font

Alexandria Signature is a modern and elegant handwritten font designed with a professional touch and alternative characters. This font family, created by Riyadh Rahman, offers a flowing and stylish script that is perfect for design projects. 

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5. Signature logos for personal brand

Creating a signature logo for your personal brand is a powerful tool to establish your identity in the industry. Personal brand signature logos are intimate, reflecting your unique style and values. Here, we provide insights and examples on how to design a signature logo that truly represents you and connects with your audience.

Signature logos for personal brand examples

Estela Signature font 2
Estela Signature font 3
Estela Signature font 4

Estela Signature font.

Download Estela Signature font

Estela Signature script font

Estela Signature font is a delicate, elegant, and flowing handwritten font that offers beautiful and well-balanced characters suitable for a wide range of design projects. It is described as perfect for special events, invitations, packaging, posters, weddings, movie titles, book titles, social media, logos, stationery, and more.

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Best signature logo makers

Designing a signature logo has never been easier, thanks to various online signature logo makers. These platforms offer a wide range of design templates, fonts, and customization options to help you create your ideal signature logo. In this section, we review the best signature logo makers available, highlighting their features to assist you in crafting a beautiful signature logo with minimal effort.

1. Adobe Illustrator

Best custom signature logo maker overall (Editor’s choice)

Adobe Illustrator stands as a premier vector graphics application, offered by Adobe Inc., that is essential for graphic designers, artists, and illustrators crafting diverse visual content, including signature logos, handwritten logo designs, unique signature illustrations, and complex vector compositions.

Adobe illustrator

Image credits: Adobe illustrator.

Since its inception for the Apple Macintosh, Adobe Illustrator has grown to be a staple tool in the design industry, providing precision and scalability for vector format creations.

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Adobe Illustrator: Industry-leading vector graphics software

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and design program developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. It is a professional tool used for creating a wide range of digital and printed graphics and images.

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2. Adobe Express

Best online tool for signature logos

Adobe Express emerges as a versatile design tool by Adobe Inc., streamlining the creation process with intuitive features for impressive social media content, videos, and logo designs.

san Valentin feat adobe by nubikini 4
san Valentin feat adobe by nubikini 3
san Valentin feat adobe by nubikini 2

Illustrations by nubikini.

Aimed at enhancing user projects, Adobe Express provides animation options, AI enhancements, easy video editing, and transparent background capabilities, alongside a feature for consistent brand presence through brand kit creation and an abundant selection of Adobe Stock resources.

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Adobe Express: Free design, photo, and video tool

Adobe Express is designed to simplify the creative process for users at all levels of experience. Offering a plethora of professionally designed templates and assets, it serves as an accessible platform for crafting social media content, logos, banners, ads, and more.

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3. Looka AI

Best AI signature logo maker

Looka AI revolutionizes brand identity creation with its AI-driven platform, facilitating easy design of professional signature logos and comprehensive brand elements. Tailored for entrepreneurs, Looka’s Logo Maker intelligently proposes diverse logo concepts, while its Brand Kit extends the new logo’s application across various marketing materials, ensuring a cohesive brand image.

looka ai 2
looka ai 3
looka ai 4

Image credits: Looka.

Supported file formats such as SVG and PNG cater to transparent backgrounds and digital files needs, with additional guidance and graphic designers support available for brand development.

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Looka: AI-Powered Logo Maker Tool
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Looka is an AI-powered logo design and brand identity tool that allows you to create and customize the designs.

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4. Envato Elements

Best marketplace for signature logo templates

Envato Elements offers a treasure trove of creative assets, from stock videos to graphic design templates, catering to graphic designers and creators’ diverse needs.

This subscription-based service unlocks a world of creative possibilities, providing an array of high-quality materials for dynamic design projects, all under a hassle-free commercial license.

Art Deco Monogram font
Art Deco Monogram font 2
Art Deco Monogram font 3

“Art Deco Monogram font”.

Whether you’re looking for a premade signature logo or a ready-to-go signature font, Envato Elements is a top-notch resource for logo designs, typography and fonts, sign letters, full set of website templates, and much more.

The platform is celebrated for its comprehensive offerings and flexibility, making it a top choice for those looking to infuse unique signatures and fresh visuals into their new logo designs and creative projects, alongside offering free monthly assets to enhance graphic designers’ resource libraries.

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Envato Elements gives you unlimited downloads of millions of creative digital assets, for one low cost.

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How do I create a logo for my signature?

Creating a new logo from your signature involves a few steps. First, draft your signature in a style that reflects your personal or business brand. Once satisfied, digitize your signature using a scanner or photograph it in high resolution. Use graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator to refine your signature into a vector format, allowing for unlimited revisions and scalability.

Incorporate design elements that resonate with your brand’s style and layout to enhance the logo’s impact. Finally, save your signature logo as a transparent PNG to maintain versatility across different backgrounds and mediums.

Can your signature be a logo?

Yes, your signature can definitely be transformed into a logo. A handwritten signature logo adds a personal touch and can effectively represent your brand’s identity. Ensure your signature is legible and conveys the right style and professionalism you want associated with your business or personal brand. Consider consulting with a professional designer to refine and adapt your handwritten signature into a signature logo design that stands out.

How can I create my own signature logo?

To create your own signature logo, begin by practicing your signature to find a version that is both readable and stylish. Once you have a signature you’re satisfied with, digitize it by scanning or taking a high-quality photograph. Open the digital file in a design program like Adobe Illustrator, trace it to create a clean vector image, and make any necessary adjustments to enhance clarity and style.

Customize your logo by adding color, tweaking the layout, or incorporating additional design elements. Export your finalized design as a transparent PNG to use across various platforms and materials.

How do I create a signature image?

Creating a signature image starts with writing your signature on a piece of white paper using a black pen for contrast. Scan or take a high-resolution photo of your signature. Use photo editing software to remove the background, making it transparent. Adjust the contrast and brightness to ensure your signature stands out clearly.

Once edited, save the signature as a transparent PNG file. This signature image can now be used as a digital signature or incorporated into documents and logo designs for your business or personal use, effectively allowing you to sign documents digitally or add a personal touch to your branding materials.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the journey to crafting a standout signature logo design blends personal creativity with professional execution. From handwritten signature logos that convey authenticity to custom designs that underscore a business identity, the right signature design can significantly impact how your brand is perceived.

Remember, the fonts and font style you choose should resonate with your personal or business ethos, ensuring that your logo files are versatile across various platforms.

Whether you’re designing for yourself or your customers, the goal is to customize a logo that truly represents and enhances your brand. A well-crafted signature logo not only helps your brand stand out but also establishes a memorable connection with your audience. Ensure your signature logo design is scalable, readable, and adaptable to maintain consistency across all touchpoints, from your website to printed materials.

As you explore these concepts and begin creating your own signature logos, let your personal style and business needs guide your design choices.

Your final logo should not only be visually appealing but also embody the essence of your brand, making it an invaluable asset for your personal or business branding efforts. Remember, a signature logo is more than just a design; it’s a testament to your brand’s unique identity and values.

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