Satoshi font: The best free modern sans serif typeface (12 styles)

Satoshi font

In the world of typography, where form meets function in the most artistic ways, Satoshi font emerges as a remarkable creation.

Satoshi Sans-Serif Font marries the rigor of grotesk-style letterforms and styles with the clarity of geometric font design.

Inspired by the principles of Modernism and the stark utility of Industrial-Era graphics, Satoshi stands as a testament to the evolution of typographic design.

This blog post delves into the unique world of Satoshi, exploring its characteristics, applications, and why it should be a part of your typographic toolkit.

What is Satoshi Font?

The free Satoshi font is a modernist sans serif typeface that stands out for its blend of grotesk-style letterforms with geometrically-designed characters.

Its aesthetic is deeply rooted in Modernism and the graphic design of the Industrial Era, offering a unique take on traditional typography.

The free for personal use Satoshi family boasts an impressive range of five weights, catering to a variety of design needs.


Ready to incorporate Satoshi into your next project? You can download the free Satoshi font family by clicking on this link. With just a few clicks, you can add this modernist typeface to your design arsenal.

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Satoshi Free Sans Serif Font

Satoshi is a free modernist sans serif typeface that stands out for its blend of grotesk-style letterforms.

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Key Features

Satoshi is more than just a visually appealing typeface; it’s a feature-rich font that caters to diverse design needs. Ranging from posters, branding, logos, websites, and other different design styles, the free Satoshi font offers a level of versatility that is rare.

1. Elegant Rounded Shapes

satoshi font example

The free Satoshi font is a striking example of Swiss style modernist sans serif design, distinguished by its harmonious blend of elegant rounded shapes and sharp angular details.

This delicate balance imbues the typeface with a unique character, where the softness of the curves contrasts beautifully with the precision of the angles.

The rounded shapes add a sense of warmth and approachability to the Satoshi font, making it inviting and readable, while the angular details provide a touch of sophistication and modernity.

Notably, its lowercase ‘a’ and ‘g’ are double-storied, with single-storied alternates available through an OpenType feature.

2. Default Numeral Style

satoshi font example 2

Proportional fonts lining figures in fonts refer to numerals that match the same height of uppercase letters, creating a consistent and unified appearance in web typography.

Included in the font’s design are tabular lining figures, alongside numerators and denominators designed for creating fractions.

The primary style of numerals in each font is these proportional lining figures, but there are also three other styles provided for versatility in typesetting fractions.

The lining figures in the fonts are designed to be of equal height to the uppercase letters. Additionally, lowercase’s ascenders are drawn to be slightly taller than the common height of the capital letters and numerals.

3. Glyphs

satoshi font example 3

Each font within the free Satoshi collection is enriched with a diverse set of glyphs, expanding its versatility and utility in various design contexts.

This includes ten directional-arrow glyphs, offering designers the tools to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces or directional cues in their designs.

Additionally, the inclusion of six glyphs of basic geometric shapes – circles, squares, and triangles – adds a layer of visual interest and functional diversity.

4. More Features

satoshi font peace sign

Included in the character set is a peace sign, bringing a symbol of harmony and unity that can be creatively used in various design projects.

Adding to the expressive range is a smiling-face emoji, perfect for injecting a touch of friendliness and warmth into digital communications or graphic designs.

The inclusion of a check mark expands the font’s utility in list-making, signifying completion or approval in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Additionally, the font OpenType features a unique take on numerals, as well as alternate versions, with two versions of the numbers one through nine, each enclosed inside differently-filled circles.

This feature not only enhances the visual appeal of the numbers but also provides an opportunity for creative representation in infographics, interactive designs, and educational materials.

Together, these features enrich the font, making it an excellent choice for designers seeking to combine functionality with creative flair.

Font Preview

satoshi font example 4
satoshi font example 5


indian type foundry

The Satoshi font was designed by Deni Anggara for the Indian Type Foundry. Deni Anggara is an Indonesian designer based in Medan, Indonesia. After working several years in industry as a graphic designer, he is now a full-time type designer.

Indian Type Foundry

The design studio responsible for the creation of Satoshi Font is the Indian Type Foundry (ITF). Renowned as a digital type foundry, ITF specializes in the design and distribution of high-quality fonts, catering to both Indian and Latin scripts.

Established in 2009, the Indian Type Foundry (ITF) is renowned for its expertise in creating and distributing high-quality, multilingual typefaces suitable for both the Indian and international markets.

Pricing And License

satoshi font pricing and license

Satoshi font is free and suitable for both commercial and personal use. Satoshi font comes under Closed Source / ITF Free Font License. Check more about the license in the website of the Foundry.


Is Satoshi font free?

Satoshi font’s availability varies depending on the source and licensing. It’s important to check the specific terms and conditions on the platform where you find it to determine whether it’s free or requires a purchase.

What font is similar to Satoshi?

A similar font to Satoshi font would be ‘Roboto’ or ‘Montserrat’. These fonts also offer a modern sans serif appearance with a blend of geometric and grotesque elements.

Is Satoshi a good font?

Yes, Satoshi font is considered a good font, especially for contemporary design needs. Its versatility, wide range of weights, and modernist design make it suitable for various applications, from branding to editorial design.

Who created Satoshi Sans Serif font?

Satoshi Sans Serif font was designed by Deni Anggara for the Indian Type Foundry. Also, the Indian type foundry is well known for other fonts like “Bookmark” and “Duplet”. They offer a variety of fonts, from light to black styles. Check their website for more information.

What is the alternative font to Satoshi?

An alternative to Satoshi sans serif font could be the free ‘Nunito’ or ‘Open Sans’. These kind of light font family are free for both commercial and personal use, and share a modern and clean aesthetic for your branding or website, while offering great readability and versatility.

Is it legal to download a font?

Yes, it is legal to download a font, but it’s crucial to adhere to the licensing agreement provided by the font creator or distributor. Some fonts are free for personal use, some for commercial, and others require a purchase for any use.

What font combination is Satoshi?

Satoshi free font pairs well with a variety of free fonts. For body text, combining it with a free serif font like ‘Merriweather’ or a light monospaced font like ‘Roboto Mono’ can create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing contrast.

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Wrap Up

In conclusion, among the free fonts, Satoshi free sans serif font family is a masterpiece of modern typography, skillfully bridging the gap between historical influences and contemporary design needs.

Its unique blend of grotesk and geometric styles, coupled with a wide range of weights and styles, makes this free font an excellent choice for designers.

Whether you’re working on personal or commercial branding, banner design, editorial content, or poster design, Satoshi free font family provides everything you need to express your ideas with clarity and aesthetic appeal.

Designed with attention to detail and a deep understanding of typographic history, Satoshi is more than just a font; it’s an essential element in the modern designer’s font family collection.

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