The REDsistance by Gabriel Suchowolski: The world through Microbians’ eyes

Embark on a journey to "REDsistance," an imaginative realm crafted by the visionary Gabriel Suchowolski, a.k.a. microbians. REDsistance, mirrors his eclectic passions - blending storytelling, art, and technology into a vivid tapestry.
REDsistance by Gabriel Suchowolski

“REDsistance” by Gabriel Suchowolski

Embark on a journey to “REDsistance,” an imaginative realm crafted by the visionary Gabriel Suchowolski, a.k.a. microbians. Born in Buenos Aires and now a creative force in Spain, Suchowolski’s diverse talents span from motion graphics to a profound love for illustration. This powerful project, REDsistance, mirrors his eclectic passions – blending storytelling, art, and technology into a vivid tapestry.

As the Senior Director & Co-Founder at Domestika and a former motion graphics artist at COCOE, Gabriel’s career is as colorful as his creations. His inspiration draws from a rich tapestry of influences: the intricate worlds of Moebius, the bold storytelling of Enki Bilal, and the groundbreaking styles of Japanese manga masters like Urasawa and Miyazaki. This eclectic background, combined with his love for classic cinema, Earl Grey tea, and piano melodies, resonates deeply in his work.

REDsistance by Gabriel Suchowolski

REDsistance is a narrative of escape, transformation, and the quest for power. Set in a far future, it narrates the saga of Earth’s dissenters who, fleeing an oppressive regime, discover REDsistance. This new world, alien yet familiar, triggers a startling metamorphosis. The inhabitants develop mystical powers, giving birth to the Spellcasters – a race of wizards with the ability to manipulate energy and reality.

Suchowolski’s REDsistance is a canvas where the lines between good and evil blur. The Spellcasters, with their extraordinary abilities like healing, telepathy, mind control, and teleportation, stand as the most potent beings on REDsistance. Yet, their intentions remain shrouded in mystery. Are they guardians of this new world or architects of further chaos?

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REDsistance by Gabriel Suchowolski 3
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“REDsistance” by Gabriel Suchowolski

Gabriel Suchowolski, the mastermind behind the captivating project “REDsistance,” is not just an extraordinary illustrator; he is also a pivotal figure in the creative community as the co-founder of Domestika. For those unfamiliar, Domestika is an international platform that has revolutionized the way creative learning is approached, offering a wide range of online courses for creative professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Expressions for Motion Graphics

Beyond his illustrious career and achievements, Gabriel is passionate about sharing his expertise with the creative community. He does this through his Domestika course, “After Effects: Expressions for Motion Graphics.” In this course, Gabriel guides students through the intricate world of After Effects expressions, teaching them how to create dynamic logos.

He introduces techniques that allow animations to change in shape, color, or movement using simple controllers. It’s incredible how, with just a few adjustments, various versions of a single logo can be generated effortlessly and quickly. The course also delves into generative design and dynamic logos, also known as flexible identities.

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“REDsistance” by Gabriel Suchowolski

The course with Gabriel Suchowolski on “After Effects, Expressions for Motion Graphics” culminates in a comprehensive project that encapsulates the essence of the entire learning experience. By applying the techniques explored through After Effects expressions, students will amass a toolkit of elements essential for their final project: the creation of an animated logo.

This logo will not only embody the skills learned but will also feature controllers that simplify alterations in shape, color, and movement. As a result, participants will have the capability to generate multiple animated versions of their logo, showcasing their newfound proficiency in motion graphics.

Furthermore, the course offers insights into various practical applications of the final logo, demonstrating how the skills acquired can be applied in real-world scenarios. This holistic approach ensures that learners not only grasp the technical aspects of After Effects but also understand how to implement these techniques creatively and effectively.

After Effects, Expressions for Motion Graphics

In this online course, art and creative director Gabriel Suchowolski, better known as Microbians, teaches you different animation techniques using expressions in After Effects.

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Free brushes download

In addition to his impressive contributions in motion graphics and illustration, Gabriel offers a free download of an exclusive set of brushes he has personally created for line art in Procreate. The set includes 15 of his meticulously designed line drawing brushes, each crafted to enhance the experience of working with Procreate.

For artists looking to refine their line art or explore new dimensions in their digital illustrations, this free download is a treasure trove. It’s an opportunity to incorporate a piece of Gabriel’s artistic expertise into their own work, further bridging the gap between technology and artistry in the realm of digital illustration.

15 Free Procreate Brushes for Line Art

This free download of 15 Procreate custom-made line drawing brushes is a generous share of the personal toolkit of Gabriel Suchowolski on Domestika.

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Wrap Up

Gabriel’s Domestika course is more than just a learning path; it’s a journey into the realms of creativity and technical prowess. For those looking to enhance their skills in motion graphics or delve into the world of dynamic logo creation, this course stands as an invaluable resource.

It’s an opportunity to learn from a renowned expert in the field and to translate that knowledge into stunning, practical, and versatile animated designs. Whether you’re a budding designer or a seasoned professional, this course promises to expand your creative horizons and add a new dimension to your digital art portfolio.

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