7+ best rainbow color palette ideas for designers and artists (HEX codes inside)

Rainbow color palette

Perfect for designers, artists, and color enthusiasts, this post will guide you through a spectrum of Rainbow color palettes that offer a vibrant and joyful way to add life to any project, from graphic designs to home decor.

What is the best rainbow color palette?

The best rainbow color palette is one that captures the full spectrum of colors in a harmonious and balanced way.

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Top 5 rainbow color palettes

Discover our top 5 color palettes, handpicked for their stunning representation of the rainbow’s natural beauty. These palettes are not only visually striking but also versatile for branding and marketing designs.

1. Orange Rainbow

Orange Rainbow color palette

A classic representation of the rainbow, featuring rich and saturated hues that flow seamlessly from one to another.

Below, find the HEX codes for your chosen colors:

  • Red (Pantone): #F43449
  • Orange: #F9AB10
  • Azure: #0578E7
  • Aureolin: #FEEC17

2. Summer Lights

Summer Lights color palette

Bright and playful, this palette mixes pastel and vivid tones for a fresh, modern twist on the traditional rainbow.

Your selected colors’ HEX codes are listed here:

  • Moonstone: #00B1C3
  • Royal purple: #6F55B1
  • Bright pink: #FE3C70
  • Selective yellow: #FEB404

3. Violet Rainbow

Violet Rainbow color palette

Intense and lively, these colors are deep and rich, making them perfect for bold and impactful designs.

Check out the HEX codes for these stunning shades:

  • Medium slate blu: #995AFA
  • Mint: #00B690
  • Celtic Blue: #006AE9
  • Pumpkin: #FA6C06

4. Indigo Reflect

Indigo Reflection color palette

A balanced blend of soft and vivid colors inspired, creating a harmonious and pleasing visual experience.

Refer to these HEX codes to save:

  • Bondi blu: #008EB4
  • Light red: #FB8585
  • Selective yellow: #FEB800
  • Pumpkin: #F67413

5. Red Tones

Red Tones color palette

This palette shines with luminous and glowing shades, offering a light and airy feel.

Access your palette’s HEX codes right here:

  • Vermilion: #FE3633
  • Bittersweet: #FE545F
  • Phlox: #D14BF5
  • Hunyadi yellow: #E7B45A

More rainbow color palettes

Looking for more inspiration? Dive into our extended collection of rainbow color palettes. Each palette offers a unique interpretation of the rainbow’s colors, providing even more options to spark your creativity.

6. Vibrant Visions

Vibrant Visions color palette

A dynamic mix of colors that are both bright and deep, capturing the explosive beauty of a kaleidoscope.

Here’s the list of HEX codes for your colors:

  • Pigment green: #08A446
  • Midnight green: #F9D101
  • Off Red: #F00902
  • Persian pink: #FF7BCE

7. Chromatic Harmony

Chromatic Harmony color palette

Subtle and shimmering, these colors have a soft iridescence, reminiscent of dreamy, magical landscapes.

Find the HEX codes for your palette below:

  • Sapphire: #004FC5
  • Pumpkin: #F57122
  • Xanthous: #FAB843
  • Purple pizzazz: #FF45D3

8. Radiant Rainbow

Radiant Rainbow color palette

This color scheme is a captivating blend of luminous and glowing shades, each radiating with its own light and airiness.

Your palette’s HEX codes are provided here:

  • Dark Magenta: #9A0393
  • Emerald: #29C374
  • Tomato: #FB4F40
  • School bus yellow: #F3D502

What is a rainbow color palette?

It’s a rainbow color scheme that includes the range of hues typically seen in a natural rainbow. It spans from red to violet, encompassing a vibrant spectrum.


What are the 7 rainbow colors palette?

The 7 colors of the traditional rainbow palette are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

What are the 6 colors of the rainbow color palette?

In a simplified version, the 6 colors of the rainbow palette are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet.

What is the complementary color of rainbow?

The rainbow, being a full spectrum, doesn’t have a single complementary color. Instead, each color within it has its own complement (e.g., red’s complement is green).

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Wrap Up

In conclusion, these cool color palettes rainbow inspired offer a delightful array of choices for any creative endeavor. From the soft yellow to the whimsical violet, each palette provides its own unique blend of colors.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, an interior decorator, or just someone who loves to play with colors, these rainbow color scheme ideas are sure to inspire you to create awesome branding design and marketing products.

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