The best free Procreate sketch brushes for your digital illustrations in 2024

Unlock the full potential of your digital illustrations with our roundup of the best free Procreate sketch brushes for 2024. Discover tools that can transform your workflow and enhance your artistry, all available for free download.
Procreate sketch brushes

“Angouleme 2020” by Catalina Bu.

Ready to enhance your workflow with some fresh, new, and free Procreate sketch brushes? We’ve scoured the realm of creativity and are thrilled to present you with the finest collection of Procreate sketch brushes.

Whether you’re etching fine lines or building up textures, these brushes, available for free on Domestika, are your gateway to elevated artistry. Below, we provide detailed descriptions and links to each brush set, ensuring you have everything you need to bring your visions to life on the canvas of your iPad.

The best free Procreate sketch brushes

As the digital art landscape continues to evolve, so do the tools at an artist’s disposal. This year, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Procreate sketch brushes, each crafted to perfection to suit a variety of styles and techniques.

From the delicately textured to the boldly expressive, these Procreate sketch brushes not only enhance the quality of your work but also infuse efficiency into your creative process. Ready your stylus, for here begins your journey through the best free Procreate sketch brushes of 2024, handpicked for their exceptional performance and versatility.

1. Concept art brushes

Let’s start our top selection of free brushes for procreate embarking on an artistic journey with Even Amundsen’s free concept art brushes, a treasure trove of tools that every digital artist dreams of. These brushes are a gateway to manifesting your wildest creative visions into reality.

Ideal for both budding and veteran artists, this pack provides an array of Procreate sketch brushes that promise to elevate your concept art to new heights. This generous offering by a master of illustration ensures that your digital canvas blooms with possibility.

guthre by Even Amundsen
The Fends by Even Amundsen
Oxealot by Even Amundsen
Leontopodix by Even Amundsen

Illustrations by Even Amundsen.

Even Amundsen, a well-known illustrator famous for his incredible work on titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, has a personal approach to character design that goes beyond the surface. Even, in fact, emphasizes how important world-building is to truly bring the characters to life. Enjoy these Procreate sketch brushes gift from Even, download them for free below.

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Free download: Concept art brushes

Even Amundsen, a famous illustrator and character artist, offers this collection of concept art brushes for free.

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2. Alessia Trunfio’s brush pack

Alessia Trunfio‘s Brush Pack is a gift to the digital art community, allowing you to infuse personality and depth into your illustrations at no cost. These free brushes for Procreate, used by Alessia in her comprehensive courses on Domestika, are perfect for adding dimension to characters, creating realistic textures, and bringing scenes to life.

From delicate vegetation to soft cloud textures, these Procreate sketch brushes and pencil brushes will add dynamism to your creations. They’re compatible with both Procreate and Photoshop, making them a versatile addition to your digital toolkit.

Venti by Alessia Trunfio
Achille and Patroclus by Alessia Trunfio
Luca by Alessia Trunfio
Luca by Alessia Trunfio 2

Illustrations by Alessia Trunfio.

According to Alessia, an international children’s book illustrator, we can convey our ideas through illustrations, and tell stories with the simple use of drawing itself. Everything from the stroke to the pose and composition, including even the colors and shadows, give us the opportunity to create a visual narrative that is both unique and can effectively communicate the story we want to tell.

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Free brushes for Photoshop and Procreate

Download Alessia Trunfio's free brushes for Photoshop and Procreate to give a unique touch to your illustrations.

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3. Catalina Bu’s brush pack

Catalina Bustos Mendoza, better known as Catalina Bu, offers a set of 18+ free brushes that are akin to a language of expression for your hands. Each of these Procreate brush sets encourage daily drawing, helping to define your unique style and sparking endless creativity.

For Catalina Bu, drawing is a personal manifesto, a way to convey ideas beyond mere perfection. This Procreate brush set is your allies in transferring your distinctive strokes and concepts into the digital realm, allowing for endless refinement and experimentation in your art.

Google illustration by Catalina Bu
H&M illustration by Catalina Bu
Angouleme 2020 by Catalina Bu
Angouleme 2020 by Catalina Bu 1
Angouleme 2020 by Catalina Bu 2

Illustrations by Catalina Bustos Mendoza.

As noted in the Domestika article, for Catalina it is crucial to focus on the process, even before the outcome. It is through the process that one can experiment, that one can get in close contact with one’s subconscious and find possible mistakes. Another important factor, according to Catalina, is that with practice and proper discipline, we can awaken our creativity.

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18+ Free Photoshop And Procreate Drawing Brushes

This 18+ free drawing brushes are suitable for Photoshop and Procreate.

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What is a good Procreate sketch brush?

A good Procreate sketch brush typically has a textured edge and varying opacity for dynamic line work, like a pencil. In short, a good Procreate brush should respond well to pressure sensitivity for expressive drawing. Also, charcoal brushes for procreate are quality sketching brushes to try.

How do you make a sketch brush in Procreate?

To make a Procreate sketch brush or pencil brush, you can customize the brush set settings under the “Brush” tab. Adjust properties like shape, grain, and dynamics to mimic traditional sketching tools.

What brushes do anime artists use on Procreate?

Anime artists often use a Procreate brush set with clean, crisp lines and controlled pressure for outlining, along with softer Procreate brushes for shading and textures.

What brush to use for portraits Procreate?

For portraits, some artists usually prefer sketching brushes for Procreate that can mimic skin texture and blend smoothly, like the airbrush for soft shading or a fine-tipped brush set for details.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, on the web you can find a wide range of Procreate sketch brushes that cater to diverse artistic needs, from pencil brushes for Procreate to anime and portraits brushes. The versatility of these sketching brushes included in each pack allows both beginners and professionals to experiment and find their perfect match for any illustration style.

As we continue to explore the vast capabilities of Procreate in 2024, these free Procreate sketch brushes, among with other new brushes provide an excellent starting point for creatives looking to expand their digital toolkit.

We hope this collection of sketching brush set inspires your art journey, offering everything from the delicate lines of charcoal to the robust strokes of a sketch brush. Whether you’re looking to develop your skills or just have fun, these amazing resources are designed to enhance your creativity.

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