PP Mori Font: A Free Japanese-Inspired Typeface With 16 Styles

Dive into the world of typography with PP Mori font that seamlessly blends the essence of contemporary Japanese design with the timeless appeal of gothic sans serif.
PP Mori font

Ideal for a range of applications from editorial content to graphic design and branding, the gothic sans serif typeface called PP Mori stands out with its elegant sophistication and versatile functionality. This typeface is not just a tool for communication but an artistic statement, offering a unique style that enriches any design project, from branding to editorial design, it graces.

What is PP Mori Font?

PP Mori is a free sans font that embodies a blend of modern Japanese design aesthetics with the functionality of gothic sans serif. It’s a Japanese-inspired versatile and sophisticated choice for various design needs, especially in editorial, branding, and graphic design.

The font’s personality shines through its exaggerated diacritics and punctuations, making it a delight for designers seeking distinctiveness and character in their typography choices. From ExtraLight to ExtraBold, this gothic typeface has 16 different styles, with plenty of OpenType features and the huge number of 597 glyphs.


Downloading PP Mori font for your design projects is remarkably effortless. With just a few clicks, this elegant font can be yours to incorporate into various design ventures, adding a touch of sophistication and versatility.

PP Mori Font Free Download

PP Mori free modern sans serif font

PP Mori is a free sans serif font by PangramPangram that beautifully merges modern Japanese design aesthetics with the functional aspects of gothic sans serif.

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Key Features

PP Mori font stands out with an array of distinctive features that cater to the diverse needs of designers. From its wide spectrum of styles to its extensive glyph collection, each aspect of PP Mori font is designed to elevate your creative projects.

1. Extensive Style Range

pp mori font example

PP Mori font is not just versatile in application but also in style, offering 16 different styles ranging from ExtraLight to ExtraBold. This diversity allows designers to select the perfect weight for their specific project needs.

2. Rich Glyph Set

pp mori font example 2

The font is equipped with a comprehensive set of 597 glyphs. These include unique open type features like circled and squared numbers, diverse symbols and punctuations, as well as mathematical and graphic symbols. Such a wide array ensures that designers have ample creative flexibility for design projects that involve both print and web typography.

3. Unique Design Elements

What sets PP Mori font apart are its subtle yet distinctive design elements. The geometric ‘r’, double-story ‘g’, and the unique curves in letters and numbers give it a standout character. Moreover, the exaggerated diacritics and punctuations add a unique flair that elevates any design work, including logo design, branding, and it is one of the best fonts for signs.

pp mori font example 3

Font Preview

pp mori font example 4
pp mori font example 5
pp mori font example 6
pp mori font example 7


pangrampangram foundry

Behind PP Mori font is the creative brilliance of designer Caio Kondo, alongside collaborators Mat Desjardins and Satsuki Arakaki.

This font is proudly presented by PangramPangram, a renowned foundry established by Mathieu Desjardins in 2015. PP Mori font reflects the foundry’s dedication to offering innovative and high-quality typefaces to the design world.

Pricing And License

pp mori font pricing and license

PP Mori is offered with a free trial on PangramPangram website. This means you can download this font for free and try it for your personal projects. The 16 styles family is available on their website too, check the website for all the pricing.


What is the best sans serif font?

For a comprehensive exploration of the best sans serif fonts, we invite you to read our dedicated blog post. It delves into various options that stand out in terms of readability, design, and versatility, helping you find the perfect fit for your next project.

What is the easiest sans font to read?

When it comes to readability, certain sans serif fonts are especially user-friendly. These fonts typically feature clear, simple lines and adequate spacing, making them easy on the eyes.

Ideal for both digital and print mediums, these fonts ensure your content is accessible and engaging to a wide audience.

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Wrap Up

PP Mori font encapsulates a harmonious blend of contemporary Japanese aesthetic and functional sans serif design among the best free fonts for designers.

Its versatility, extensive glyph range, and unique design elements make it an invaluable asset for various design projects.

Offered freely by the talented Caio Kondo and collaborators, and available through PangramPangram, PP Mori is not just a typeface but a contribution to the evolving world of design.

Whether you’re creating branding materials, editorial content, or digital designs, PP Mori is equipped to add sophistication and distinction to your work.

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