Frances Odera Matthews on how to use Notion for creative projects (Ultimate guide 2024)

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Notion for creative projects

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Notion has rapidly become synonymous with efficiency in project management, celebrated for its robust, no-code toolbox that caters to a broad spectrum of business needs. Yet, beneath its utilitarian surface lies a versatile platform ripe for creative exploration. Frances Odera Matthews, a certified Notion consultant and the creative mind behind The Notion Bar, invites you to delve into the lesser-known capabilities of Notion.

With her deep expertise in UX and design thinking, Frances demonstrates how Notion can be the perfect ally for creatives seeking to design personalized digital experiences that resonate with style and substance. This blog post is an invitation to push the boundaries of Notion and discover its potential to revolutionize the way creatives organize, plan, and showcase their work.

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Notion is a versatile app that blends notes, tasks, wikis, and databases to create an all-in-one workspace for individuals and teams. It serves as both a project management system and a project management app, streamlining the way work gets done.

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How to use Notion for creative projects

Responding to a growing interest within our Desircle Instagram community, particularly a question from Martin, who inquired, “How can Notion serve creative projects?”, we’ve crafted this comprehensive guide. Frances Odera Matthews steps in to answer, illustrating how Notion can be more than just a project management tool—it can be a creative partner.

In her “Introduction to Notion for Creative Projects” course, Frances shares her insight on harnessing Notion’s no-code toolbox to its fullest, infusing design thinking into the creation of pages that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. From organizing art projects to planning design sprints, Notion’s flexibility allows for the construction of digital spaces that reflect the heart and soul of your creative vision.

In this Notion for creative projects guide, you’ll learn how to build immersive digital experiences that not only meet your project management needs but also elevate your creative process, making your work stand out both online and off.

Date Planner Notion Template by Frances Odera Matthews

Date Planner by Frances Odera Matthews.

Through practical examples and step-by-step instructions about Notion for creative projects, Frances demonstrates the art of transforming Notion pages into beautifully designed, functional showcases of your creative projects. Whether you’re looking to streamline your workflow, organize your ideas, or present your portfolio in a compelling way, this guide provides all the tips and tricks you need to make Notion work for you. Unlock the potential of Notion and bring your creative projects to life with unparalleled style and efficiency.

About Frances Odera Matthews

Frances Odera Matthews stands at the forefront of digital creativity as a certified Notion consultant and the visionary founder of The Notion Bar. Her journey, which began in West Africa and weaved through the UK, the US, and Spain, has been marked by a rich tapestry of experiences across the realms of economics, design thinking, project management, and UX design, spanning various industries. This diverse background has not only shaped her into a multifaceted professional but also ignited her passion for creatively merging human experiences with innovative digital solutions.

At the heart of her work, Frances transforms the functional ethos of Notion into a canvas for artistic expression, creating pages and templates that marry utility with beauty. Her collaborations with notable entities like The Notionette and aNotioneer underscore her ability to push the boundaries of Notion beyond conventional uses, venturing into its artistic and aesthetic possibilities.

Frances’s contributions to the digital and creative communities extend beyond project work; she’s a respected voice in the industry, having graced podcasts like Hunger Geeks with her insights. Furthermore, her commitment to sharing her knowledge is evident through her leadership in seminars for No Code Lab and Notion’s own Block by Block initiative. Through her commissioned projects and educational endeavors, Frances continues to inspire a shift towards viewing Notion not just as a tool for productivity but as a platform for creative and functional artistry.

Introduction to Notion for Creative Projects

Dive into the world of creative project management with “Introduction to Notion for Creative Projects,” exclusively on Domestika. This course, led by the acclaimed Notion consultant and founder of The Notion Bar, Frances Odera Matthews, redefines how Notion can be utilized beyond its conventional business applications. Frances, with her profound expertise in UX and design thinking, invites you to explore the creative potentials of Notion’s no-code platform, transforming how you visualize, plan, and execute your creative ideas.

Notion for creative projects is widely recognized for its robust project management capabilities, but under Frances’s guidance, you’ll discover its capacity to serve as a powerful canvas for creativity. This course is designed to teach you how to leverage Notion’s versatile toolkit to construct pages that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and full of personality. Whether you’re looking to design a captivating personal profile page to share with your online community or to organize your creative projects with efficiency and flair, this course has got you covered.

Magazine Article Notion Layout by Frances Odera Matthews

Magazine by Frances Odera Matthews.

Frances Odera Matthews takes you step by step through the process of blending Notion’s extensive features with elements of design thinking in Notion for creative projects. You’ll learn to create digital experiences that stand out for their clarity, style, and innovation. From personal portfolios to project dashboards, the course equips you with the skills to build immersive digital spaces that reflect your unique creative vision.

This course is perfect for anyone eager to master Notion for creative purposes, regardless of their previous experience with the platform. No prior knowledge is required, making it accessible to beginners and seasoned users alike looking to expand their creative toolkit. The only materials needed are a computer and a Notion account.

Embark on this creative journey with Frances Odera Matthews and unlock the full potential of Notion for your creative projects. Transform the way you organize, design, and share your work online with “Introduction to Notion for Creative Projects” on Domestika.

Introduction to Notion for creative projects

This Domestika course teaches how to combine Notion's powerful no-code toolbox with design thinking to build pages with function, style, and heart. It covers the basics, content foundations, inspiration and personalization, and community building.

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How Do You Use Notion Creatively?

Using Notion creatively involves stepping beyond its basic functionality to tailor unique digital environments. It’s about leveraging Notion’s versatile no-code tools—like databases, pages, and embeds—to craft visually appealing and functional spaces. For example, artists can create digital galleries to showcase their work, while writers can design interactive storyboards. The key is to experiment with templates, incorporate multimedia elements, and use color coding and icons to make your Notion space not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing.

How Do You Organize a Creative Project?

Organizing Notion for creative projects starts with a clear structure. Begin by setting up a main project page, then create sub-pages for each phase of your project, such as brainstorming, research, development, and finalization. Utilize databases to track tasks, deadlines, and resources. Tags can help categorize tasks by status or priority. Integrating visual elements like images and videos can keep inspiration front and center, and regularly updating a project journal within Notion can provide valuable reflections on the creative process.

How Do You Use Notion in Personal Life?

Notion for creative projects can transform personal organization by serving as a centralized hub for various aspects of life. Use it to manage daily tasks, plan events, track habits, or journal your thoughts. Personal finance trackers, meal planners, and reading lists are also popular uses. The flexibility of Notion allows you to create custom templates that cater to your lifestyle, making it easier to keep track of personal goals, achievements, and responsibilities in one accessible place.

How Do You Organize Projects in Notion?

To organize Notion for creative projects, begin with a master dashboard that outlines all your ongoing projects. Each project should have its dedicated page, subdivided into sections for objectives, timelines, resources, and action items. Employing Kanban boards, calendars, and to-do lists within each project page can help manage tasks effectively. Setting up reminders and deadlines ensures you stay on track, while integrating collaborative features like shared pages or comments can facilitate teamwork.

Wrap Up

Exploring the versatile capabilities of Notion for creative projects, as shared by Frances Odera Matthews, opens up a new realm of possibilities for both creative projects and personal organization. By adapting Notion’s extensive toolbox for creative endeavors, users can discover innovative ways to visualize, plan, and execute their ideas. Organizing creative projects becomes intuitive with Notion’s flexible framework, supporting everything from initial brainstorming to the final showcase.

Furthermore, applying Notion for creative projects in personal life helps streamline daily routines, making it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to enhance their productivity and creativity. Whether for work, personal use, or creative pursuits, Notion for creative projects proves to be a dynamic platform that can adapt to various needs, encouraging a more organized, productive, and imaginative approach to tasks and projects.

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