Mirko Santangelo: Crafting the amazing future with visual expressions

Meet Mirko Santangelo, the creative mind behind the "Visual Expressions". Mirko is a designer with a portfolio stretching from web projects to print media, and roles that span from a Figma advocate to a leader at Paper Tiger.
Visual expressions by Mirko santangelo

“Visual Expressions” by Mirko Santangelo.

Mirko Santangelo is a designer with experience in web-based projects, design systems, apps, brand identities, and print media. An epitome of versatility and innovation, Mirko has carved a niche in the design world, seamlessly blending creativity with technical prowess.

The Mirko’s journey, marked by significant roles and diverse projects, offers a unique insight into the evolving landscape of digital design. This blog post delves into the multifaceted career of Mirko Santangelo, exploring his contributions and the ethos of the renowned Paper Tiger agency, where he plays a pivotal role.

Meet Mirko Santangelo

Mirko Santangelo’s expertise spans a broad spectrum, including web-based projects, design systems, apps, brand identities, and print media. As a Figma Community Advocate, Mirko co-directs the official Figma users group in Italy, fostering a thriving environment for sharing and promoting design excellence. His role extends beyond community building; he’s also a respected member of the Awwwards International Jury, a panel dedicated to celebrating the best in digital design.

At Paper Tiger, Mirko leads the design team with a strategic and visionary approach. He’s instrumental in planning and designing user interfaces for websites and mobile devices, incorporating cutting-edge motion design techniques. His work is characterized by an unrelenting drive to innovate and a deep understanding of user experience. Mirko’s impressive clientele includes giants like Google, The New York Times, and Meta, showcasing his ability to deliver impactful design solutions across various industries.

Visual Expressions

Here are a few captivating projects by Mirko, known as ‘Visual Expressions.’ For an in-depth view, check out his Domestika profile. There, he also offers courses on mastering Figma, providing a comprehensive guide from the basics to advanced skills.

Visual expressions by Mirko santangelo 2
Visual expressions by Mirko santangelo 3
Visual expressions by Mirko santangelo 4
Visual expressions by Mirko santangelo 5
Visual expressions by Mirko santangelo 6

“Visual Expressions” by Mirko Santangelo.

This is a series of futuristic poster designs under the title ‘Visual Expressions.’ These projects are a unique blend of graphic design and 4D elements, showcasing Mirko’s ability to merge traditional design principles with advanced dimensional techniques. These works illustrate how the integration of 4D elements can elevate graphic design to a new level of depth and engagement, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in visual communication.

Paper Tiger

As we can read on their website, Paper Tiger stands as a testament to creative rebellion and innovation in design. Founded in 2008 by Marc and Jason Debiak, the agency emerged from a desire to transform the mundane into the magnificent. Born at a time when the digital landscape was undergoing a massive shift with the advent of responsive design, Paper Tiger quickly adapted, embracing new technologies like Figma, Webflow, and Artificial Intelligence.

Over the past 15 years, Paper Tiger has been at the forefront of technological mastery, pioneering new design techniques and processes. The agency specializes in everything from overhauling complex CMS systems for renowned publishers to partnering with groundbreaking startups. Paper Tiger’s philosophy is to partner with the bold and the visionary, those who dare to challenge norms and push boundaries. Their work is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating design solutions that resonate deeply with audiences and solve real-world problems. With a team led by creative minds like Mirko Santangelo, Paper Tiger continues to redefine the standards of digital design.

Master Figma from 0 to 100

Mirko Santangelo, the creative force at Paper Tiger agency, now brings his expertise to Domestika with a comprehensive online course, “Master Figma: From 0 to 100“. This course is a treasure trove for anyone eager to dive into the world of UI design, prototyping, and collaboration, harnessing the full potential of Figma.

In this educational adventure, Mirko introduces learners to the core of Figma, an indispensable tool for modern digital design. The course is meticulously crafted for a range of learners, from those just stepping into the world of design to seasoned professionals looking to refine their skills. Mirko’s approachable and expert guidance ensures a thorough understanding of Figma’s capabilities.

social house by mirko santangelo
social house by mirko santangelo 2
social house by mirko santangelo 3
social house by mirko santangelo 4

“Social House” by Mirko Santangelo.

The course spans ten detailed modules, each focusing on a key aspect of Figma and UI design. You’ll start by familiarizing yourself with the Figma interface, gradually moving towards more complex topics such as creating design systems and optimizing web experiences. Mirko’s teaching covers a vast array of elements including UI components, color theory, typography, and special effects.

But it doesn’t stop there. Mirko goes further, delving into advanced features like auto-layout, component libraries, and the nuanced art of prototyping and animation. He also covers essential collaboration techniques, showing how to effectively share projects with team members and developers.

Through Mirko’s instruction, you’ll not only learn the technicalities of Figma but also imbibe the creative and strategic thinking behind impactful design. This course is your gateway to mastering Figma and elevating your digital design journey, guided by one of the industry’s best.

Master Figma from 0 to 100 with Mirko Santangelo

Mastering Figma course is a treasure trove for anyone eager to dive into the world of UI design, prototyping, and collaboration, harnessing the full potential of Figma.

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Wrap Up

In summary, Mirko Santangelo stands as a true visionary in the design world. His journey, marked by groundbreaking projects like ‘Visual Expressions’ and influential roles at Paper Tiger and Figma, reflects a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

Mirko’s ability to blend graphic design with advanced technologies like 4D has not only set new trends but also raised the bar for what’s achievable in digital design. His work, a fusion of creativity and technical mastery, serves as an inspiration to both aspiring and seasoned designers.

Mirko’s impact extends beyond his projects; his commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering community growth through platforms like Domestika underscores his role as a mentor and leader in the design community. For those looking to explore the cutting edge of design, Mirko’s work is a beacon, guiding the way towards innovation and artistic excellence.

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