Mermay by Simone Grünewald: A Journey in the art challenge that takes place in May

Dive into the captivating universe of Mermay with Simone Grünewald, an artist who breathes life into the mystical allure of mermaids through her illustrations.
Mermay by Simone grunewald

Mermay by Simone Grünewald.

In the vibrant tapestry of online art challenges, Mermay emerges each May as a celebration of mermaid lore, beckoning artists to explore the depths of their creativity. Simone Grunewald, renowned in the art community as schmoedraws, has consistently captivated audiences with her unique interpretations of this theme. With each stroke, Grunewald not only participates in this beloved challenge but also enriches it with her distinct style and storytelling.

Her contributions, including the mesmerizing “Floating Mermaid Reveal,” showcase not just artistic talent but a profound connection to the mythical and the magical. As we venture into the world of Mermay through Grunewald’s eyes, we uncover the allure and charm of her mermaid-themed artwork, shared across platforms such as Domestika, where she extends her passion for illustration and education to a global audience.

Mermay by Simone Grünewald

Simone Grünewald‘s contributions to the enchanting world of Mermay stand as a vivid testament to her remarkable talent and imaginative prowess. Known in the digital art community as schmoedraws, Simone has captured the hearts of many with her mesmerizing mermaid-themed illustrations, especially during the month-long celebration of Mermay.

This unique art challenge, which takes place every May, encourages artists to explore and share their mermaid-inspired artwork, fostering a creative and engaging environment for artists worldwide.

Mermay by Simone grunewald
Mermay by Simone grunewald 2
Mermay by Simone grunewald 3
Mermay by Simone grunewald 4

Mermay by Simone Grünewald.

The Mermay by Simone Grünewald, particularly her notable “Floating Mermaid Reveal,” showcase not only her skill in capturing the ethereal beauty of these mythical creatures but also her ability to imbue them with a sense of life and emotion that resonates deeply with viewers. Her artwork is characterized by a blend of whimsical charm and a profound understanding of color and composition, making each piece a captivating exploration of the mermaid theme.

Beyond the Mermay by Simone Grünewald contributions, she extends her passion for art through educational endeavors, offering a course on Procreate illustration and sketching techniques. This course, while catering to a broader range of artistic interests, occasionally touches upon themes related to Mermay, providing insights and techniques for artists aspiring to delve into the magical world of mermaid illustration.

About Simone Grünewald

Simone Grunewald, widely recognized under her social media alias Schmoedraws, stands as a prominent figure in the art world. Her career blossomed in her role as Head of Art at Daedalic Entertainment, where she made significant contributions to acclaimed games such as the Deponia series and Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth. Boasting an impressive background in character design, storyboarding, and visual development, Simone garnered recognition throughout her nine-year tenure at Daedalic.

Mermay by Simone Grünewald 5
Mermay by Simone Grünewald 6

Mermay by Simone Grünewald.

Beyond the realm of gaming, Simone has spearheaded successful Kickstarter campaigns, penned books like “Sketch Every Day” and “Draw What You Love,” and contributed a comic story to the Malcolm Max Short Story Compilation for Splitter Comics. Her artistic journey is marked by a deep connection to nature, a profound appreciation for life’s fleeting moments, and a relentless pursuit to capture the world’s beauty through her art.

Sketching techniques for the everyday

Embark on a journey to master the art of sketching with “Procreate Illustration: Sketching Techniques for the Everyday,” a course designed to unlock the full potential of digital illustration through Procreate. Led by the renowned visual development artist Simone Grünewald, known for her enchanting illustrations that draw inspiration from nature and the nuances of daily life, this course promises to enhance your abilities in composition, color, and figure drawing.

Simone Grünewald brings her extensive experience to the forefront, sharing insights from her illustrious career, including her contributions to the Deponia Series and Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth. This course represents a harmonious blend of traditional sketching methods and modern digital techniques, aiming to advance your artistic skills to new heights. Starting with an introduction to essential materials, Simone offers valuable strategies for incorporating sketching into your everyday life, ensuring a seamless transition into digital artistry.

Mermay by Simone Grünewald 7
Mermay by Simone Grünewald 8

Mermay by Simone Grünewald.

As you progress, you’ll delve into Procreate’s dynamic environment, engaging in exercises that explore color theory, character development, and scene creation. The culmination of this course is a project where you’ll apply everything learned to sketch and digitally enhance a character within a scene, using Procreate’s robust features to produce an illustration that captures your individual style and creativity.

The online course “Sketching techniques for the everyday with Procreate” is tailored for artists at every skill level, from novices eager to delve into the world of digital art to seasoned professionals seeking to refine their techniques. Simone’s expert guidance, coupled with her passion for teaching, makes this course an ideal setting for artists to explore their creativity, push their boundaries, and produce work that truly stands out.

All that’s required to begin is a zest for learning and a curiosity about the interplay between traditional sketching and digital illustration. With Simone Grünewald as your mentor, prepare to immerse yourself in the transformative experience of creating art that resonates with both the beauty of the everyday and the boundless possibilities of digital expression.

Sketching techniques for the everyday with Procreate

A Domestika course designed to unlock the full potential of digital illustration through Procreate. Led by the renowned visual development artist Simone Grünewald, this course promises to enhance your abilities in composition, color, and figure drawing.

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Wrap Up

In conclusion, our exploration into the vibrant world of art with “Mermay by Simone Grünewald” offers a comprehensive and enriching experience for artists and enthusiasts alike. From delving into the illustrious career of Simone Grunewald, a true maestro of the visual arts, to uncovering the intricacies of her Procreate course, “Procreate Illustration: Sketching Techniques for the Everyday,” we’ve traversed a path that bridges the traditional with the digital, the natural with the imaginative.

Simone’s journey from the heady days at Daedalic Entertainment to her profound contributions to the art community through her books and Kickstarter campaigns exemplifies a commitment to artistic excellence and innovation.

The Procreate course itself stands as a beacon for aspiring and seasoned artists, promising to sharpen skills, inspire creativity, and unlock the potential within each participant. Through a blend of foundational teachings and advanced digital techniques, learners are invited to immerse themselves in a world where art meets technology, guided by one of the industry’s most respected figures.

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