Logo Package Express 3.0: Elevate your logo design efficiency (Now 20-40% off!)

Explore the groundbreaking features of Logo Package Express 3.0 and find out why it's a game-changer for logo designers. Learn how you can streamline your design process and save significantly with an exclusive 20-40% discount.
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In the world of logo design, efficiency and precision are key. That’s where Logo Package Express 3.0 comes in – an innovative Adobe Illustrator extension designed to transform the way designers create and deliver logo packages to their clients.

With an enticing 20-40% discount, it’s an offer that no designer should miss. This post delves into the essence of Logo Package Express, highlighting its revolutionary features and explaining why it’s an indispensable tool for modern logo designers.

What is Logo Package Express?

Logo Package Express is more than just a tool; it’s a powerhouse extension for Adobe Illustrator that redefines the logo packaging process. Designed to cater to the needs of professional logo designers, this extension automates the tedious task of generating multiple logo formats, color variations, and configurations. Whether you need your logos in different color gamuts like CMYK, RGB, and Pantone or various file formats for digital and print, Logo Package Express 3.0 handles it all with ease.

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Image credits: Logo Package Express.

The extension is not only about automation but also customization. It offers advanced features such as customizable file and folder naming conventions, multi-scale exports for different resolution needs, and adjustable logo padding options, ensuring every logo package meets the specific requirements of your clients. The goal of Logo Package Express is to save you countless hours while guaranteeing error-free, client-ready logo packages.

With its latest 3.0 version, this Adobe Illustrator plugin introduces even more refined features, enhancing user experience and efficiency. With our exclusive 20-40% discount you can add this tool to your logo designer’s toolkit, promising a return on investment through saved time and increased client satisfaction.

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Whether you’re streamlining your logo design process with Logo Package Express or simplifying the delivery of branding assets with Logo Package Portal, now is the perfect time to enhance your design workflow and save money. Don’t miss out on this exclusive deal to upgrade your design toolkit, ensuring you deliver top-notch branding solutions to your clients more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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Logo Package Express can pump out hundreds of logo files in under 5 minutes. Designed to cater to the needs of logo designers, this extension automates the tedious task of generating multiple logo formats, color variations, and configurations.

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How to create Logo packages

Before we dive in all the details of the key features of Logo Package Express 3.0 and the Logo Package Portal, let’s talk about how to create and exports logo packages and save time creating logos. Crafting logo packages with precision and efficiency becomes a breeze with the Logo Package Express extension, a powerful tool integrated into Adobe Illustrator.

logo package express folders

Image credits: Logo Package Express.

If you want to create the right logo design and show different layouts to your client, you should create a project pack, manually organize folders and files, and spend hours of your valuable time on technical stuff. But, with Logo Package Express, you can save so much time, because this tool automatically generate the fool proof folder structure for you. This guide outlines a streamlined process for generating comprehensive logo packages using the Logo Package Express extension:

  1. Start with Your Logo Design: Initiate your creative process by designing your logo in Adobe Illustrator, ensuring it reflects the brand’s identity perfectly.
  2. Activate Logo Package Express: Secure your copy of the Logo Package Express extension and integrate it into your Adobe Illustrator workspace.
  3. Tailor Your Package: Dive into customization by selecting from a variety of color schemes, file formats, and logo configurations to suit your client’s branding needs.
  4. Automate the Generation: With simplicity at its core, the Logo Package Express extension effortlessly automates the creation of each necessary file format, color scheme, and logo configuration, ensuring no detail is missed.
  5. Organize and Export: Seamlessly export the full logo package, organizing all vital logo files into a neatly structured folder system for easy access.
  6. Deliver with Ease: For an added touch of professionalism, consider utilizing the Logo Package Portal, a cloud-based solution for straightforward client handovers.

Embracing this method, logo designers can swiftly produce and deliver bespoke, error-free logo packages that meet the exact requirements of their clients, courtesy of the Logo Package Express extension.

Key features

Logo Package Express, a game-changing extension for Adobe Illustrator, revolutionizes the way logo designers craft comprehensive logo packages with blazing speed and precision. Below are the transformative features of Logo Package Express.

logo package express
logo package express plugin

“Logo Package Express” platform.

1. Logo Package Express extension

This Adobe Illustrator extension is a pivotal tool for automatically generating a wide array of logo files, including diverse color schemes and logo configurations, directly addressing client requirements. It excels in creating distinct file formats and color modes, enabling logo components to be exported individually. Key benefits include customizable folder naming for foolproof organization, options for varying logo scales, and padding adjustments, all designed to enhance the logo design process. Logo Package Express is the creative director’s ally, ensuring swift delivery of meticulously crafted logo packages to clients.

2. Logo Package Portal

Integrating flawlessly with the Logo Package Express extension, this cloud-based portal simplifies logo access and management for clients. The Logo Package Portal ensures a seamless transition of logos from designer to client, offering an intuitive platform for file retrieval. With this portal, clients gain immediate access to their branding assets without confusion, streamlining the project completion phase. It includes an initial complimentary project, with options for expanding project capacity, aligning with diverse client demands.

3. File formats

Logo Package Express is versatile, supporting an extensive range of file formats to suit any branding need, from print to web. It accommodates:

  • Print Logos in AI, EPS, PDF, and SVG formats for high-quality outputs.
  • Web Logos in PNG, JPG, and GIF for digital use.
  • Color variants including full color, black, white, inverted, and grayscale ensure that logos are ready for any background or application.

4. Customization options

Offering a suite of customization tools, Logo Package Express empowers designers to finely tune logo packages. Designers can:

  • Craft precise file and folder names, ensuring clarity and easy access.
  • Select multi-scale exports to accommodate various logo applications.
  • Adjust logo padding for optimal visual presentation.

These features ensure that each logo package is not only tailored to client specifications but also delivered with professional polish and clarity.

5. Error-free packages

With its capacity to automatically generate all necessary file types, color schemes, and logo configurations, Logo Package Express stands as a foolproof solution for error-free logo packages. This automation guarantees that all client deliverables are comprehensive and meticulously organized, freeing designers to focus more on creativity and client engagement.

6. Logo Component Export

Logo Package Express allows for the export of logo components in isolation, providing designers with the flexibility to export various elements of a logo separately. The extension enables the export of the following logo components:

  • Full logo
  • Logotype
  • Logo mark
  • Unlimited logo lockups and layouts

With Logo Package Express 3.0 you can choose from a range of file formats such as AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, JPG, and PNG to export these logo components efficiently. By offering this feature, Logo Package Express enhances the customization and versatility of logo packaging, allowing designers to create comprehensive and tailored logo packages for clients.


Logo Package Express is accessible at a single purchase price of $119, with additional package options integrating Logo Package Portal for enhanced client interaction and project management. With Desircle you can get an exclusive discount: Save 20% on Logo Package Express. These packages not only streamline the logo design and delivery process but also enrich the overall client experience:

  • Logo Package Express: $119
  • Logo Package Portal: $12/mo
  • Logo Package Swatch: $25
logo package express pricing

“Logo Package Express” pricing.

Pros and cons


  • Logo Package Express significantly accelerates the logo packaging process, achieving speeds up to 10 times faster than conventional methods. This efficiency frees up designers’ time for more creative tasks.
  • By automating the production of every necessary file type, color scheme, and logo configuration, the tool minimizes errors, ensuring that no component is overlooked or misplaced.
  • Designers leveraging Logo Package Express have noted a productivity boost of up to 45%, which translates to the ability to manage additional projects and expedite delivery times.
  • With its array of customizable options, including the organization of files and folders, variable export scales, and adjustable logo margins, the extension allows for the precise customization of logo packages according to specific client needs.
  • The tool is capable of generating superior quality logo packages that maintain visual sharpness across various devices and platforms, thereby increasing client contentment and elevating the designer’s reputation.


  • New users may encounter an initial learning period with Logo Package Express as they become acquainted with its distinct functionality and operational flow.
  • Saving each logo variant or color scheme is a distinct process, requiring careful planning to prevent repetitive file names and ensure efficient organization.
  • Saving different color versions individually can extend the time needed to compile a comprehensive logo package, especially when a project demands numerous color alternatives.


What is included in a logo package?

A comprehensive logo package includes various essential elements to meet all branding and application needs. This typically encompasses multiple file formats for print and web (like AI, PNG, EPS, PDF), color schemes (full color, black, white, grayscale), and different logo configurations (logotype, symbol, combination). Additionally, well-organized folders containing these files ensure clients can easily access what they need.

How to install logo package Express?

Installing Logo Package Express is a straightforward process. First, purchase the extension from the official website. Then, download and run the installer, which will integrate the extension into Adobe Illustrator. Restart Illustrator, and you should find Logo Package Express ready to use under the ‘Window’ > ‘Extensions’ menu.

What package can logos be created using?

Logos can be created using the Logo Package Express extension for Adobe Illustrator. This powerful tool automates and streamlines the creation of logo packages, enabling designers to generate and export comprehensive branding files with efficiency and precision.

How do you deliver a logo to a client?

Delivering a logo to a client is made seamless with Logo Package Express. After creating the logo package, you can utilize the Logo Package Portal for digital delivery, offering clients a user-friendly platform to view and download their branding assets. Alternatively, you can export the package to a cloud storage service or email, ensuring the client receives a well-structured folder containing all necessary logo files.

Wrap Up

Logo Package Express stands as an indispensable tool in the arsenal of modern logo designers, revolutionizing the way logo packages are created and delivered. By automating the tedious aspects of the process, this extension not only saves designers hours of manual work but also significantly reduces the potential for errors.

With features that allow for deep customization, from file and folder naming to exporting various file formats and configurations, Logo Package Express caters to the specific needs of clients across different industries.

For designers looking to elevate their workflow, reduce time spent on packaging, and increase overall productivity, diving into the capabilities of Logo Package Express is a must. Its integration into Adobe Illustrator simplifies the project process, from creation to delivery, ensuring clients receive high-quality, error-free logo packages tailored to suit their branding needs.

Whether you’re working on digital branding, print materials, or a comprehensive company rebrand, this awesome tool provides the versatility and efficiency required to meet tight deadlines and deliver exceptional results.

In conclusion, adopting this Adobe Illustrator plugin into your design workflow not only enhances your ability to create professional logo packages but also positions you as a trusted partner to your clients. By streamlining the delivery of essential branding assets, you ensure a smooth transition from design to application, solidifying client satisfaction and fostering long-term relationships.

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