French artist Lapin on expressing your world in a new and fresh perspective

Dive into the captivating world of Lapin, a French artist based in Barcelona, who masterfully transforms the ordinary into extraordinary through urban sketching. With over two decades of experience and 220 sketchbooks to his name, Lapin invites us to rediscover our surroundings with a fresh perspective.

“Urban sketching” by Lapin.

Every day presents a new canvas, a fresh perspective waiting to be captured through the eyes of an artist. Imagine transforming the mundane into the extraordinary, where a simple cup of coffee or a quiet street corner becomes a vivid story told through sketches.

This is the world of Lapin, a French artist who has turned the art of urban sketching into a gateway for viewing our surroundings in a new light. With a keen eye for detail and a heart full of stories, Lapin invites us to explore the essence of our daily lives with a sketchbook in hand.

Through his journey, we learn that art isn’t just about capturing what we see; it’s about expressing how we feel about the world around us. With over 200 sketchbooks filled in 18 years and collaborations with prestigious clients like Air France, the City of Barcelona, and PlayStation, Lapin has mastered the art of storytelling through urban sketching. Let’s dive into the vibrant world of Lapin, where every sketch is a window to a new perspective.

Lapin’s urban sketching

Lapin’s approach to urban sketching is a captivating blend of artistry and adventure, firmly rooted in the tradition of explorers and observers from centuries past. As a French artist who has made Barcelona his home, Lapin transforms the essence of daily life into mesmerizing sketches, capturing the world around him with swift precision and a keen eye for the intricate details of urban landscapes. Over the past two decades, he has meticulously filled 220 sketchbooks, turning each page into a testament to his journeys, the people he encounters, and the myriad places his travels take him.

Drawing inspiration from the past, Lapin chooses vintage accounting books discovered in flea markets as his canvas. The aged paper, marked with red and blue lines, evokes the spirit of the 18th-century scientific expeditions led by figures like Cook or Laperouse, who returned with drawings and observations of then-unknown civilizations and lands. In this way, Lapin sees himself as a modern-day explorer, with his sketches serving as ethnographic reportages that offer a unique window into the everyday and the extraordinary.

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Urban sketching by Lapin.

Lapin’s artistry is characterized by an economy of medium. Traveling light, he requires little more than a sketchbook, a fineliner, watercolors, and a folding stool to document the world as he sees it. This minimalist approach not only reflects his dedication to the purity of urban sketching but also emphasizes the importance of being present in the moment, fully engaged with the environment. Through his work, Lapin invites us to view our surroundings with a fresh perspective, encouraging us to discover the beauty and stories hidden in plain sight.

About Lapin

Nestled in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, Lapin’s journey as an urban sketcher is both enchanting and inspiring. From a young age, drawing airplanes alongside his father at the airport, his passions for aviation, paleontology, and drawing have intertwined to shape his unique path as an artist. Over 18 years, Lapin has filled more than 200 sketchbooks, published 30 books, and earned the title of the official air and space painter for the French Army in 2019.

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Urban sketching by Lapin.

A dedicated member of the Urban Sketching Community since 2008, he also imparts his knowledge to the Illustration Masters students at Elisava in Barcelona and conducts his own urban sketching workshops. His remarkable talent has captured the attention of renowned clients including the French Army, Air France, and Formula One, showcasing his ability to tell compelling stories through his sketches.

Urban sketching: Express your world in a new perspective

In a world where every moment holds a story, urban sketching emerges as a powerful medium to express the narrative of our everyday lives. Lapin, a maestro of this art form, extends an invitation to art enthusiasts eager to explore their creativity through his course “Urban sketching” on Domestika. Here, he teaches how to use fineliners, watercolors, and most importantly, your unique perspective, to weave the tales of your daily experiences.

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urban sketching by lapin 8

Urban sketching by Lapin.

From mastering the curvilinear perspective to sketching intimate anecdotes inspired by friends, family, and travels, students are guided to fill their sketchbooks with personal and vivid stories. This course is a treasure trove for beginners in sketching who wish to delve into the art of capturing life’s fleeting moments with depth and emotion.

Equipped with a simple set of materials, learners are encouraged to join the vibrant Urban Sketching community online, sharing their world one sketch at a time. Whether it’s a bustling cityscape or a quiet cafe, Lapin’s techniques will inspire you to see and sketch your world in a beautifully new perspective.

Urban sketching: Express your world in a new perspective

Lapin invites art enthusiasts to explore their creativity through his course on Domestika. Here, he teaches how to use fineliners, watercolors, and most importantly, your unique perspective, to weave the tales of your daily experiences. 

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Wrap Up

In the bustling streets of Barcelona and beyond, French artist Lapin redefines the art of urban sketching, inviting us on a journey to see our world through the lens of a mobile illustrator. With a legacy of 220 sketchbooks over two decades, Lapin’s work is a testament to the power of observation and the beauty of capturing life’s fleeting moments on paper. His unique choice of vintage accounting books as sketchpads connects us to the explorers of the 18th century, reminding us that every sketch is an expedition into the unknown, an ethnographic reportage of our times.

Lapin’s minimalist approach, armed with just a fineliner, watercolors, and a folding stool, embodies the essence of urban sketching: the ability to capture the complex tapestry of life with simple tools. His workshops and courses, including his notable offering on Domestika, extend an invitation to beginners and art lovers alike to join in this creative endeavor. Lapin teaches us not just the techniques of sketching but the philosophy of truly seeing and appreciating the beauty in the mundane.

As we close this chapter on Lapin’s artistry and vision, we’re reminded that the world around us is brimming with stories waiting to be told. Through urban sketching, we’re given the tools to express our perspectives, to document our travels, and to share the intimate anecdotes of our daily lives. Lapin’s journey inspires us to pick up our sketchbooks and view our surroundings with curiosity and wonder, to become explorers in our right, and to continue the tradition of storytelling through sketches.

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