Illustrator Karmen Loh on how to create enchanting narratives in digital portraits

Join us on a magical journey with Karmen Loh, also known as Bearbrickjia, as she shares her expertise in creating digital fantasy portraits filled with wonder and emotion. Discover how to weave enchanting narratives into your art, captivating over 400k followers with stories told through delicate, whimsical illustrations.
Wanderlust by Karmen Loh

Wanderlust by Karmen Loh.

In the digital art realm, few names resonate as profoundly as Karmen Loh, or Bearbrickjia, an illustrator who has masterfully bridged the gap between fantasy and reality through her enchanting digital portraits. With a dedicated following of over 400k on Instagram and a portfolio that includes character concept art for renowned game titles like Street Fighter and Steel Circus, Loh has cemented her place as a visionary in the world of fantasy illustration.

Her unique ability to spark emotion and wonder through carefully crafted narratives sets her apart, making her digital portraits not just art, but stories waiting to be unveiled. In this blog post, we delve into Loh’s world, exploring her techniques and teaching methods for creating digital fantasies that mesmerize and inspire.

How to create enchanting narratives

Karmen Loh’s approach to digital fantasy portraits revolves around more than just artistic skill; it’s about storytelling. Through her course, Loh guides aspiring artists on how to use Adobe Photoshop not just as a tool, but as a canvas for imagination.

She demonstrates how to infuse soft, glittering touches and ethereal atmospheres into digital portraits, creating pieces that narrate their own unique stories. Loh’s structured methodology provides learners with the necessary tools to blend their creative visions with technical prowess, enabling them to bring their fantastical narrations to life.

Mrsuicidesheep commission by Karmen Loh
Daisy Drops by Karmen Loh
Solace by Karmen Loh
Corals by Karmen Loh

Illustrations by Karmen Loh.

Karmen Loh has carved a niche for herself as an independent digital illustrator, with art playing a pivotal role in her life from an early age. Her journey into the art world began with her decision to study 3D animation at an art college in 2013, culminating in her graduation in 2016. Let’s dive in the Karmen’s background below.

About Karmen Loh

Karmen Loh, known artistically as Bearbrickjia, is a fantasy illustrator whose digital art evokes calmness and dream-like moods with a delicate, feminine touch. With almost a decade of digital illustration experience, Loh has garnered a massive following of over 400k fans on Instagram, captivating them with her serene and whimsical fantasy portraits.

Moon Catcher by Karmen Loh

Moon Catcher by Karmen Loh.

Before embarking on her journey as a full-time freelance artist, Loh contributed her creative talents to major game titles, including Street Fighter and Steel Circus. Her passion now lies in creating magical fantasy portraits, collaborating with brands like XP-Pen and YouTube channels such as MrSuicideSheep, further expanding her influence in the digital art world.

Digital fantasy portraits with Photoshop

As a renowned teacher on Domestika, Karmen Loh offers a comprehensive course titled “Digital Fantasy Portraits with Photoshop,” designed for both professional and aspiring artists eager to dive into the world of digital portrait making. This course is tailored for individuals who wish to add a fantastical tone to their artwork, requiring basic drawing skills and some knowledge of facial anatomy.

Mrsuicidesheep commission by Karmen Loh 2

Mrsuicidesheep commission by Karmen Loh.

Karmen Loh starts with the basics of Photoshop, ensuring that even those new to digital illustration can follow along. Her course is a deep dive into creating not just art, but narratives that breathe life into digital portraits, making them stand out in the bustling digital art scene.

Equipped with a simple set of materials, learners are encouraged to join the vibrant Urban Sketching community online, sharing their world one sketch at a time. Whether it’s a bustling cityscape or a quiet cafe, Lapin’s techniques will inspire you to see and sketch your world in a beautifully new perspective.

Digital Fantasy Portraits with Photoshop

In this course, Karmen Loh starts with the basics of Photoshop, ensuring that even those new to digital illustration can follow along. Her course is a deep dive into creating not just art, but narratives that breathe life into digital portraits, making them stand out in the digital art scene.

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Wrap Up

Karmen Loh’s contribution to the digital art community goes beyond her stunning portfolio; it’s her dedication to sharing her knowledge and techniques with others that truly sets her apart. Through her Domestika course, Loh opens up a world of possibilities for artists at every level, teaching them how to blend technical skills with storytelling to create digital fantasy portraits that enchant and tell tales.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist looking to explore new realms or a beginner drawn to the allure of digital fantasy, Karmen Loh’s teachings offer a gateway into creating art that captures hearts and imaginations. Join her as she leads you through the soft, glittering ropes of digital fantasy art, where every portrait is a narrative woven with the threads of imagination and skill.

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