How much to charge for email marketing freelance services and best tools in 2024

In today's fast-paced digital world, email marketing remains a critical tool for businesses to reach and engage their audience. For freelance email marketers, one of the key questions is how to price their services effectively in 2024.
How much to charge for email marketing freelance

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This blog post delves into the nuances of setting appropriate rates for email marketing services, providing insights into what freelancers should charge based on experience, complexity of tasks, and the current market demand.

From understanding the starting rates to comparing the email marketing costs of hiring a freelancer versus an email marketing agency, we explore the various factors that influence pricing in the dynamic field of email marketing.

Whether you’re a seasoned consultant or just starting out, this guide on how much to charge for email marketing freelance services aims to equip you with the knowledge to price your services competitively and fairly in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. Below, we also offer you a review three best emerging email marketing services, which are the following.

Best email marketing services

How much to charge for email marketing freelance services?

“I’m constantly struggling with how to price my email marketing freelance services. It’s challenging to find a balance between what I feel my skills are worth and what the market is willing to pay. How do I set rates that are fair to both me and my clients?” This question, posed by Andrew, a freelancer who follows us on Instagram, resonates with many in the field.

Determining the right pricing for email marketing services is indeed a common challenge among freelancers. It’s a delicate balancing act of valuing your own skills and expertise while also staying competitive and attractive to potential clients.

Email marketing campaign pricing

As a starting point of this in-depth guide on how much to charge for email marketing freelance services, let’s talk about email marketing campaigns. When pricing your email marketing services, it’s essential to consider the components of an email marketing campaign.

A comprehensive campaign includes strategy development, content creation, design, and deployment using an email marketing software. Your pricing should reflect the complexity and scope of these tasks.

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The role of an email marketing agency

As a freelancer, you might find yourself competing with email marketing agencies. These agencies offer a range of email marketing services, often at varying price points. Understanding their pricing models can help you position your freelance services competitively.

One significant advantage you have as a freelancer is the ability to work closely with clients. Unlike larger agencies that handle a vast array of clients simultaneously, a freelancer typically manages a more limited client portfolio. This allows for dedicating more time and attention to each client, fostering a more intimate and personalized working relationship.

The competitive advantage

Probably in terms of reach an email marketing agency can win in some respects in a competition with a single professional, such as a freelancer. But, we can say this, clients often appreciate the personalized attention that freelancers can provide. This one-on-one approach enables you to:

  • Understand client needs more deeply: With more time to focus on each client, you can gain a better understanding of their specific needs and goals.
  • Offer tailored solutions: A closer client relationship means you can customize your email marketing strategies more precisely, aligning them closely with the client’s brand and audience.
  • Build stronger client relationships: Personalized attention can lead to stronger, long-term relationships, as clients feel more valued and understood.

Balancing Quality and Quantity

As a freelancer, the ability to offer a more personalized service can be a key differentiator. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to lower your prices to compete with agencies. Instead, focus on the quality and customization of your services. By highlighting your unique ability to provide dedicated attention and tailored solutions, you can position yourself as a preferred choice for clients who value a more hands-on approach.

In summary, while email marketing agencies have their strengths, freelancers can compete effectively by leveraging their capacity for closer client relationships, personalized service, and tailored email marketing solutions.

Best email marketing services

Before we dive in the setting of the email marketing service rates, we would like to bring one important thing to your attention, namely, choosing the best tool to use to provide high-quality service to your clients. In this digital era, in fact, several services stand out, each with its own set of features and advantages.

While there are some well-known players in the market, it’s important to explore alternatives that might better suit specific needs or preferences. At Desircle, we’ve taken the time to evaluate various options and have identified three alternatives that stand out: MailerLite, Constant Contact, and Moosend. Among these, MailerLite has emerged as our editor’s choice and is the service currently used by our team.

1. MailerLite

Editor’s Choice and Team Favorite at Desircle

This sophisticated email marketing tool is crafted to aid businesses in expanding their reach and increasing revenue. With an easy-to-use interface, MailerLite enables the creation of captivating, dynamic emails through its intuitive drag-and-drop editor. The platform enhances marketing strategies with automation, website, and signup form features.

Renowned for its simple yet elegant user interface, exceptional support, cost effective pricing, and seamless integration capabilities with other web applications, MailerLite is a favored option among small businesses. It provides a free version alongside paid plans that include advanced functionalities.

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The platform’s email automation features facilitate the setup of personalized and complex email campaigns for both freelancer and email marketing agency, while additional offerings like a website builder add to its appeal.

Widely recommended by its users, MailerLite is celebrated as one of the leading email marketing software options available. MailerLite is renowned for its user-friendly interface and affordability, making it a great choice for businesses, freelancers, and email marketing agencies of all sizes. Key features that make MailerLite our top pick include:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor: This feature simplifies the process of designing engaging emails without the need for advanced technical skills.
  • Robust automation capabilities: MailerLite offers powerful automation tools that enable businesses to create effective, time-saving workflows.
  • Detailed analytics: The service provides comprehensive analytics, helping users understand the performance of their email campaigns and make data-driven decisions.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With its competitive pricing, MailerLite offers a balance of functionality and affordability.
MailerLite: Create email marketing your audience will love

MailerLite is a sophisticated email marketing tool crafted to aid freelancers and businesses in expanding their reach and increasing revenue with ease.

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2. Constant Contract

A Robust and Reliable Option

This platform stands as a user-friendly solution in the realm of email marketing, streamlining the creation and execution of email campaigns. Its exceptional email editor and immediate access to comprehensive campaign analytics, such as open and click rates, make it a reliable choice. Constant Contact offers two plans, Core and Plus, each tailored to the needs of small businesses.

The platform is known for its robust customer support via phone and chat, underscoring its commitment to small business success and core values of flexibility and integrity.

A free trial is available, allowing users to explore its email marketing capabilities and other online marketing tools, all geared towards fostering robust customer relationships and business growth.

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Constant Contact is another great option for businesses, email marketing agencies, and freelancers, and it is particularly known for these key features:

  • Extensive template library: Offering a wide range of editable email templates suitable for various types of email campaigns.
  • E-commerce integration: It’s particularly beneficial for online stores, thanks to its deep integration with e-commerce platforms.
  • Strong support and learning resources: Constant Contact provides excellent customer support and numerous learning materials to help users maximize their email marketing efforts.
Constant Contact: Digital and email marketing platform

Constant Contract stands as a user-friendly solution in the realm of email marketing, streamlining the creation and execution of email campaigns.

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3. Moosend

A Rising Star in Email Marketing

Catering to the needs of burgeoning businesses, the Moosend email marketing platform merges email service provider with marketing automation. The platform’s user-friendliness is complemented by advanced features that enhance the efficiency and impact of email campaigns.

Moosend stands out with its effortless app integrations, highly effective automation workflows, personalized email options, and in-depth analytics for tracking campaign performance.

The email service provider offers great value, swift customer support, and a generous 30-day trial period. Its versatility makes it a go-to choice for eCommerce stores, bloggers, publishers, and small enterprises, offering a robust solution for diverse email marketing requirements.

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The Moosend email marketing platform is quickly gaining popularity among businesses, email marketing agencies, and freelancers, due to some of the key features:

  • Advanced Segmentation Features: These allow for highly targeted email campaigns, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of each message.
  • User-Friendly Automation: Moosend’s automation tools are easy to use, making it simple to set up complex marketing sequences.
  • Customizable Sign-up Forms: This feature helps in building and growing an email list more effectively.
Moosend: Email marketing for thriving businesses

Catering to the needs of burgeoning businesses, Moosend email marketing platform merges email service provider with marketing automation.

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Email marketing service rates

When determining how much to charge for email marketing services offered, it’s essential to consider various factors that impact your pricing. Here’s a practical example to illustrate how a freelancer might approach this:

  • Email marketing strategy and planning: Strategy development is a critical part of email marketing. Your ability to create effective strategies can justify higher rates.
  • Email marketing software price: The use of advanced email marketing software and tools can increase the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. Be sure to factor in these email marketing cost based on your experience when setting your rates.
  • Experience and specialization: Experienced email marketers who specialize in certain industries can often command higher rates.

Email marketing pricing structures

One of the most pivotal decisions revolves around selecting the right pricing structure. This choice not only affects your income but also how potential clients perceive the value of your services.

Understanding the various pricing models available and how they align with different types of projects and client expectations is key to establishing a successful freelance career.

These are the most common email marketing pricing structures that freelancers can adopt, each with its unique advantages and considerations.

Whether you prefer the flexibility of hourly rates, the clarity of a flat fee, or the potential of value-based pricing, choosing the right model is essential in positioning yourself effectively in the competitive field of email marketing.

  • Hourly Rates: Charging an hourly rate is common, but ensure your rate aligns with the industry standards and reflects your experience.
  • Flat Fee or Project-Based Approach: For specific projects, like setting up an email campaign or designing a series of follow-up emails, a flat fee can be more appealing to clients.
  • Value-Based Pricing: This model charges based on the value or ROI you bring to the client, which can be lucrative for experienced email marketers.

Freelance email marketer’s pricing model

Establishing a clear and effective pricing model in the email marketing services is essential for freelancers. To shed light on this crucial aspect, let’s explore a practical example that illustrates how a freelance email marketer might structure their pricing.

This model will encompass various elements, from strategizing and planning to considering the costs of tools and software, all tailored to meet the demands of today’s digital marketing landscape.

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Case scenario

  • John Doe, Freelance Email Marketer
  • Specialization: Retail and E-commerce
  • Experience: 5 years in email marketing with a focus on small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses.

Pricing considerations

  1. Email Marketing Strategy and Planning:
    • Rate: John charges $500 for a complete email marketing strategy plan. This includes market analysis, audience segmentation, and a content calendar.
  2. Email Marketing Tools and Software Costs:
    • Tools Used: John uses a premium email marketing software priced at $50 per month.
    • Costs Included in Pricing: He includes this cost in his project pricing, adding a 20% markup for managing and optimizing the use of the tool.
  3. Experience and Specialization:
    • Hourly Rate: With his specialization in the retail sector and substantial experience, John charges $75 per hour for campaign management and execution.
    • Project-Based Rates: For a complete email marketing campaign, including strategy development, content creation, and campaign execution over a month, John quotes a flat fee of $2,000.

Additional factors

  • Client Interaction: John’s rates include the time spent on client meetings and consultations, ensuring personalized service.
  • Customization: Each campaign is tailored specifically to the client’s brand, requiring unique content creation and design work.

Summary of rates

  • Strategy and Planning: $500
  • Hourly Rate for Campaign Execution: $75
  • Flat Fee for Complete Campaign (One Month): $2,000
  • Markup on Email Marketing Software: 20% of the software cost

This pricing model allows John to offer competitive rates while ensuring his expertise and specialized service are adequately compensated. His approach demonstrates a balance between reflecting the value of his work and staying competitive in the freelance market.

Balancing Cost and Quality

Diving deeply into this guide on how much to charge for email marketing freelance services, another crucial step is to balance cost-effectiveness with quality.

While affordable services are attractive to small businesses, they should not come at the expense of the campaign’s effectiveness. Your pricing should reflect the quality of your work and the results you deliver.

Factors influencing email marketing costs

Several factors can influence the cost of email marketing services:

  • Size and Complexity of Email Campaigns: More extensive and complex campaigns require more time and resources, which should be reflected in the price.
  • Email List Size and Segmentation: Larger email lists or lists requiring detailed segmentation can increase the workload.
  • Integration with Other Marketing Channels: Integrating email marketing with social media marketing or other digital marketing efforts can add complexity to the project.


How much should a freelance email marketer charge?

Freelance email marketers generally begin their pricing at around $35, but this can fluctuate depending on the scope of the work. Experienced and highly-rated freelancers often charge anywhere from $35 to $250 per hour, reflecting the task’s complexity.

How much do people pay for email marketing?

The cost for email marketing services covers a broad spectrum. Freelance email marketing specialists usually have an hourly rate of about $50 to $150. In contrast, email marketing agencies may propose monthly packages that range from $500 to as much as $10,000, depending on the depth and breadth of services needed.

How much do email marketing consultants charge?

Freelance email marketing consultants generally set their rates between $50 and $150 per hour. This rate can vary depending on factors like their expertise, geographical location, and the specific industry they cater to.

How much do marketing freelancers charge?

For marketing freelancers, which includes those specializing in email marketing, hourly rates typically span from $25 to $100. These rates are influenced by the freelancer’s level of experience and the project’s complexity.

Executive summary

In summary, setting the appropriate rate for your email marketing freelance services in 2024 is more crucial than ever. In this in-depth guide on how much to charge for email marketing freelance services, we immersed ourselves in several aspects to consider before we started.

It demands a strategic balance between understanding the evolving market trends, recognizing your own unique skills and expertise, and closely considering the distinct needs and objectives of each client you work with.

Whether your clients consists of small businesses or well-established larger corporations, the key to success lies in your ability to offer a transparent and detailed explanation of your services. This includes not just what you offer in terms of email marketing efforts but also how these services integrate into and enhance the client’s overall marketing strategy.

Crucially, your pricing strategy should not just reflect the current market standards but also the distinct value you bring to the table. This includes your ability to craft compelling email content, design effective marketing campaigns, and utilize the latest email marketing tools and software to deliver measurable results. Your experience in the field, any specializations you might have, and your track record of success are all factors that can justify your rates.

By strategically aligning your pricing with the tangible value you provide, and by clearly communicating this alignment to your clients, you can establish a robust and lucrative freelance career in email marketing. This approach will help you build long-term relationships with your clients, based on trust, results, and mutual respect, ensuring sustainability and growth in your freelance endeavors.

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