Heroicons: A great collection of 1000+ SVG icons from the creators of Tailwind CSS

Heroicons is a quality library of hand-crafted SVG icons, brought to life by the creators of Tailwind CSS, and emerge as a top choice for developers and designers alike.

“Heroicons” by Tailwind CSS team

Welcome to the blog post dedicated to Heroicons, a groundbreaking collection of SVG icons that redefine the standards of digital design. For those seeking to elevate their web and app projects, this website offer an unparalleled blend of aesthetics and usability.

What is Heroicons?

Heroicons stands as a testament to high-quality, user-friendly design. It’s a rich collection of SVG icons meticulously crafted for web and app development. These icons are not only free to use but also require no attribution, making them a hassle-free addition to your projects.

Originating from the creative minds behind Tailwind CSS, this is a library of over 1000 icons that resonate with modern design needs. Licensed under MIT, this collection is a versatile tool for developers, accessible as basic SVGs or through React and Vue libraries. Its widespread use in web development projects highlights its reliability and appeal.

Download the free icons

Accessing all the icons is a breeze. To download these icons, simply visit the Heroicons official website. Here, you’ll find the entire collection at your fingertips. For those who prefer other platforms, this collection is also available on Figma Community, GitHub, Iconify, and Iconduck. At the time of writing this article, the platform offers 288 icons, divided into 4 categories, which are outline, solid, mini, and micro, so it reaches over 1000 free downloadable icons for your uxui design, branding, and other projects.

Whether you’re looking for basic SVG icons or need them integrated through React and Vue libraries, Heroicons offers various formats to suit your project’s requirements. With such ease of access and a range of options, incorporating this collection into your design toolkit has never been simpler.

Heroicons: 1000+ beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons

Heroicons is a quality library of hand-crafted SVG icons, brought to life by the creators of Tailwind CSS. The platform offers 288 icons, divided into 4 categories, which are outline, solid, mini, and micro.

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Key features

The right icons can transform a good project into a great one. Heroicons is a quality website offering a suite of features that cater to the diverse needs of web and app development. Let’s delve into the key features that make Heroicons an indispensable resource for designers and developers. From its high-quality collection to its user-friendly licensing, this collection is a toolkit designed to bring efficiency, elegance, and ease to your creative endeavors.

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“Heroicons” by Tailwind CSS team

1. High-quality icons

At the heart of Heroicons lies its vast and meticulously crafted collection. Each icon in this library is a high-quality SVG, designed with precision and attention to detail. These icons are tailor-made for web and app development, ensuring that they not only look sharp but also function seamlessly across different platforms and devices. This commitment to quality makes Heroicons a reliable choice for designers and developers aiming to elevate the aesthetic and usability of their projects.

2. Variety of icon types

Heroicons stands out with its diverse range of icon styles. The collection boasts various types like Outline, Solid, Mini, and Micro icons. Each style serves a unique purpose, from the bold presence of Solid icons to the subtle elegance of Outline icons, and the compact charm of Mini and Micro icons. This variety equips designers with the flexibility to choose icons that align perfectly with their project’s tone, style, and functional needs.

3. Free and open-source

One of the most appealing aspects of Heroicons is its accessibility. The icons are not only free to use but also open-source, requiring no attribution. This makes them an invaluable resource for both personal and commercial projects. The MIT license further enhances their usability, providing peace of mind and freedom in application across a multitude of projects.

4. Integration support

Heroicons goes beyond providing standalone SVG icons by offering integration support with popular web frameworks. The collection is available through first-party React and Vue libraries, streamlining the process of incorporating these icons into projects that utilize these frameworks. This feature simplifies the workflow for developers, allowing for easy implementation and seamless integration into existing and new projects.

Tailwind CSS maker

Heroicons is created by team behind the popular utility-first CSS framework, Tailwind CSS. This origin guarantees that the icons are not just visually appealing but are also crafted with modern web development practices in mind. The synergy between Tailwind CSS and Heroicons ensures that the icons align perfectly with contemporary design trends and technical standards, making them a top choice for forward-thinking web developers and designers.

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“Heroicons” by Tailwind CSS team.


The Heroicons website has recently undergone a significant update, enhancing its collection with new additions and features. The release of Heroicons v2.1 is a highlight, introducing a new ‘micro style’ that includes almost three hundred 16×16 icons, specifically designed for tighter, higher-density interfaces. This expansion not only broadens the range of design options but also caters to the evolving needs of modern web and app development. Alongside this, the latest updates in the React and Vue libraries ensure seamless integration of these new icons and features into various projects.

The expansion includes an impressive set of 288 newly crafted icons, providing even more variety for designers. Furthermore, maintaining its commitment to accessibility and ease of use, all these icons continue to be available under the MIT open source license, allowing for both personal and commercial use without the need for attribution. These updates collectively reflect the ongoing development and commitment of the Heroicons team to provide a valuable and versatile resource for the design community.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Heroicons stands as a shining example of what modern design tools should offer. It provides a comprehensive collection of high-quality, versatile icons suitable for a myriad of design applications. The variety in icon types caters to different aesthetic and functional requirements, ensuring that every project finds its perfect visual match.

The free and open-source nature of Heroicons, combined with its easy integration into popular frameworks like React and Vue, makes it accessible and convenient for a wide range of users. Additionally, the credibility and expertise of the Tailwind CSS makers imbue Heroicons with a mark of quality and relevance in the current web development landscape.

Whether you’re a seasoned designer, a budding developer, or somewhere in between, Heroicons offers the tools to bring clarity, beauty, and functionality to your digital projects. As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving world of web and app development, this collection remains a reliable, innovative, and essential partner in the journey of digital creation.

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