Graphic design is my passion: 21+ best memes and their origins

Graphic design is my passion

Welcome to the colorful and often humorous world of “Graphic Design is My Passion” memes!

This phrase has become a cultural phenomenon, especially within the design community, offering a blend of irony, humor, and a touch of self-deprecation.

Originating as a tongue-in-cheek response to subpar design work, these memes have since taken on a life of their own, evolving into a popular form of expression among both designers and enthusiasts alike.

What is “Graphic Design Is My Passion”?

“Graphic Design Is My Passion” is more than just a meme; it’s a digital culture landmark among graphic designers in the graphic design community.

Born in 2014 by the Tumblr user Yungterra, this meme example features a clumsily designed image of a frog and a basic use of ClipArt.

Among graphic designers, it swiftly became viral, gaining over 342,000 notes within a year and symbolizing a sarcastic nod to amateurish design.

The meme is often employed to poke fun at poorly executed graphic design, serving as a playful reminder of the importance of design principles.

Top 5 Memes

Delving into the world of “Graphic Design Is My Passion” memes, we encounter a fascinating mix of humor and design critique.

These memes have become a staple in the design community, offering a light-hearted look at the pitfalls of graphic design, particularly when principles are overlooked or misunderstood.

1. The Original Frog

The Original Meme

The Original Frog graphic design is my passion meme

The meme that started it all. Yungterra’s original creation features a frog set against a crudely designed backdrop, embodying the meme’s essence.

This humorous post gained the graphic designers attention and now take on design naivety, reminding us all where this meme journey began.

This original meme, often featuring a cartoon frog against a cloudy sky in different sizes, served as a sarcastic remark aimed at oversimplified and amateur design efforts.

2. The Rainbow Cat

Best Rainbow background

The Rainbow Cat graphic design is my passion meme

Following in the frog’s webbed footsteps, the Rainbow Cat meme employs a similar approach. A simple cat vector against a rainbow background, carrying the same tongue-in-cheek message about the simplicity and amateur nature of certain designs.

3. I love graphic design

Best “I Love Graphic Design” meme

I love graphic design meme

This meme, while less visual, carries the same ironic love for the field of graphic design. It’s a nod to those who are passionate about the field, despite its occasional challenges and the humorous side of the industry.

4. Spongebob in the clouds

Best Spongebob Meme

Spongebob in the clouds meme

Spongebob, a beloved character, finds himself in the clouds in this meme, replicating the original’s absurdity. It’s a playful addition to the meme family, expanding its reach beyond just the design community.

5. The Goat

Phrase Written with best fonts

The goat graphic design is my passion meme

A goat clumsily placed on a mountain background, lacking any editing finesse. This meme highlights the importance of attention to detail in design, all while keeping a light-hearted tone.

More Memes

Delving into the world of “Graphic Design Is My Passion” memes, we encounter a fascinating mix of humor and design critique.

These memes have become a staple in the design community, offering a light-hearted look at the pitfalls of graphic design, particularly when principles are overlooked or misunderstood.

6. The Suite Guy

The Suit Guy graphic design is my passion meme

A man in a suit, usually a symbol of seriousness, is humorously depicted as claiming his passion for graphic design. It’s a witty take on how design transcends different personas and professions.

7. We Need A Graphic Designer

We need a graphic designer meme

This meme cleverly illustrates the demand for quality graphic design. It’s a humorous yet truthful acknowledgment of the importance of skilled designers in the professional world.

8. The Advertisement

We are looking for graphic designer meme

This meme subtly illustrates why effective graphic design is crucial for advertising. It’s a fun, tongue-in-cheek reminder of the power that good design holds in communication and marketing.

9. The Frog Is Back

The frog is back graphic design is my passion meme

The iconic frog returns with a new background and a louder voice. This meme symbolizes the ongoing relevance and popularity of the “Graphic Design is My Passion” trend.

10. Dr Phil’s Passion

Dr phils passion meme

Featuring a celestial Dr. Phil, this meme humorously suggests even the angelic beings might be concerned about good graphic design. It’s a light-hearted jab at the universal appeal and importance of the field.

11. The Burning Cat

Burning cat graphic design is my passion meme

This meme features a cat engulfed in flames against a cosmic backdrop, symbolizing the chaos and absurdity that can result from mishandled design projects.

12. The Racoon

The Artist racoon graphic design is my passion meme

A raccoon awkwardly placed against a sea background highlights the challenges and sometimes comical results of mismatched design elements.

13. You Can’t Stop Me

You can’t stop me meme

A child’s overzealous design attempt, resulting in a hilarious visual of self advertisement, captures the essence of unbridled creativity gone awry.

14. The Word Art

Brown background graphic design is my passion meme

A nostalgic throwback to the era of Word Art, this meme pokes fun at the simplicity and limitations of early graphic design tools.

15. Going 3D

Going 3D graphic design is my passion meme

This meme mocks the novice attempts at 3D design, illustrating the gap between ambition and skill in the digital design world.

16. Not Your Cup Of Tea

Not your cup of tea meme

A worker in protective gear claims design as his passion, humorously questioning the authenticity of his claim and highlighting that graphic design isn’t for everyone.

17. The Classic Frog

The classic frog art meme

The iconic frog returns, slightly improved but still far from perfect, echoing the meme’s origins and its ongoing evolution.

18. The Emoji Guy

The Emoji guy meme

A Tumblr user’s attempt to redesign emojis, with a comical combination of facial expressions and hand gestures, underscores the meme’s playful critique of amateur design efforts.

19. Word Art is Back

Word art is back meme

This meme revisits Word Art, reminiscing on its role in igniting many professional designers’ creativity while humorously highlighting its limitations. Tumblr user “Hatchergold” posted the image along with the caption “Staff be like”, back in January 29th, 2015.

20. Honest Review

Honest review graphic design is my passion meme

An internet user’s brutally honest critique of a table design quickly goes viral, exemplifying the meme’s penchant for calling out subpar design.

21. Photoshop IRL

Photoshop Irl graphic design is my passion meme

A bizarre classroom design picture, possibly the result of a project created by a student or a funny Photoshop experiment, showcases the far-reaching influence of design in our everyday lives.

What Are Graphic Design Memes?

The “Graphic Design Is My Passion” meme, born from the depths of Tumblr, quickly became an iconic phrase representing a mix of humor and critique in the design world.

Designers and visual artists used this clichéd phrase as a form of self-advertisement, poking fun at their own work or at many design agencies that sometimes prioritize speed over quality.

Amidst the playful use of unrelated images, such as cartoon characters, and the notorious Comic Sans and Papyrus typeface, the meme gained significant popularity.

It resonated with many users and designers who found humor in the stark contrast between professional design and the haphazard creativity often seen in these memes.

The History Of Graphic Design memes

The original graphic design meme image created a space for designers to laugh at the absurdity of bad design and the unrealistic expectations sometimes placed on their profession.

This meme picture, often featuring different fonts and images, was not just about the design itself but also about the underlying message.

It highlighted the frustration many designers feel when their job is undervalued, with comments suggesting that creating well-designed templates, websites, or blog articles should be quick and straightforward.

The popularity of this original graphic design meme among Tumblr users and beyond gave birth to a new way of expressing creativity through art and design, albeit in a humorous and sometimes sarcastic manner.


What does graphic design is my passion mean?

A meme in design is an example of satirical expression used to mock overly simplistic or amateur designs, often accompanied by a humorously bad visual examples.

Why am I passionate about graphic design?

Many find passion in design due to its creative potential, the ability to communicate visually, and the satisfaction of solving design challenges.

Why are you interested in graphic designer?

Interest in graphic design often stems from a love for visual storytelling, enjoyment of creative processes, and a desire to influence how people perceive the world visually.

What graphic design means to me?

To many, graphic design is a form of art and communication, a way to express ideas visually, and a tool for making an impact in various industries.

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Wrap Up

As we conclude our exploration of “Graphic Design Is My Passion” memes, it’s clear that these funny images do more than just make us laugh.

They offer a unique lens through which to view the world of design – highlighting its pitfalls, celebrating its creativity, and reminding us all not to take ourselves too seriously.

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just someone who appreciates a good meme, the legacy of “Graphic Design Is My Passion” continues to resonate, offering a playful reminder of the ever-evolving nature of this creative field.

And now we just have to see if and what will come out next year as a gif or a meme!

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