Beyond the brew: FRESH packaging design by Paul Lee reimagines Korean drink classics

Discover the story behind 'FRESH', a groundbreaking branding project by Paul Lee that brings traditional Korean beverages—Maesil, Omija, and Sikhye—into the spotlight.
Fresh packaging design

“FRESH packaging design” by Paul Lee.

In an era where authenticity and uniqueness are treasured more than ever, ‘FRESH’ offers a refreshing alternative to mainstream beverage options. Spearheaded by the talented Paul Lee, the “FRESH” packaging design project is a tribute to the rich flavors and traditions of Korea, presented through the lenses of contemporary design.

With a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern design, this initiative is not just refreshing the palate but also refreshing the way we see traditional drinks. Dive into a tale of innovation, tradition, and the art of branding that bridges continents. Join us as we explore how ‘FRESH’ is setting a new standard for cultural representation in branding, making traditional Korean drinks a delightful discovery for a global audience.

FRESH packaging design

The “FRESH” packaging design project celebrates the essence of Korean traditional beverages: Maesil, Omija, and Sikhye. These drinks, with their deep roots in Korean culture, offer flavors that are both unique and profoundly historical. Paul Lee’s challenge was to encapsulate the richness of these traditions in a design that speaks to today’s consumer—balancing authenticity with appeal.

As we can read on Behance, the project’s goal was clear: create packaging that is not only visually striking but also educative, sharing the story of each drink’s heritage. From the choice of colors to the typography, every element was meticulously selected to resonate with the beverages’ origins and flavors, all while ensuring the packaging is practical for modern use. The “FRESH” brand stands as a testament to design’s power in bridging traditions and contemporary tastes, inviting consumers to experience the legacy of Korean drinks in a fresh, new way.

Fresh packaging design 2
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Fresh packaging design 4
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“FRESH packaging design” by Paul Lee.

The FRESH packaging design leans on a palette that draws from the natural colors of the beverages themselves, incorporating elements of traditional Korean art and motifs. This approach not only pays homage to the drinks’ origins but also ensures that the packaging stands out on the shelves.

By blending modern design principles with traditional aesthetics, the creators aim to attract a diverse audience, from those seeking a taste of Korean culture to the design-savvy consumer looking for something uniquely beautiful.

About Paul Lee

Paul Lee is a graphic designer whose expertise spans continents and industries. With a base in Auckland, New Zealand, his portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects from branding design at Studio OKGO in Seoul to creative direction at Freshfungi Limited. His experience with The Aromatherapy Company highlights his versatility in integrating design with sensory experiences.

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“FRESH” by Paul Lee.

As a seasoned expert in branding and design, Paul offers tailored design solutions that perfectly match the business goals of a company. With a focus on crafting distinctive brand identities, he translates the company’s essence and values into compelling visual narratives.

Paul’s suite of services includes the development of innovative logos, eye-catching packaging, engaging Instagram templates, and high-quality stationery such as business cards and letterheads. Each project is approached with a bespoke strategy, ensuring that every element of the brand’s visual representation is not only aesthetically pleasing but also strategically aligned with the company’s vision.

Wrap Up

In essence, the FRESH packaging design project is a confluence of aesthetics, education, and functionality. It’s about creating a tactile bridge to Korean culture through the medium of traditional beverages, presented in a form that appeals to, informs, and respects today’s global consumer.

The FRESH packaging design is more than just a branding project; it’s a journey into the heart of Korean culture, guided by the visionary hands of its creator. Through the fusion of traditional flavors and contemporary design, “FRESH” invites the world to savor the richness of Korean heritage in every sip.

As we conclude this exploration on FRESH packaging design, it’s clear that Paul Lee’s work transcends mere aesthetics—it’s a celebration of cultural diversity and a call to rediscover the beauty of tradition in our modern lives. It’s refreshing our perspective on what branding and design can achieve when they pay homage to the past while boldly stepping into the future.

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