20+ Famous logo designers Who Shaped Iconic Brands (2023)

Famous logo designers

Logos, the silent narrators of brand narratives, are the magnum opus of visionary creators who meld art with commerce, forging symbols that echo with resonance.

This composition illuminates the illustrious designers whose inventive minds and artistic acumen have imbued brands with distinctive identities and significance.

Journey through the vibrant mosaic of their creations, immerse yourself in the essence of their designs, and witness how their ingenious craftsmanship has ingrained brands in the collective consciousness, bestowing upon them a timeless allure.

Let’s start with this list of the 20+ most famous logo designers!

What are the most famous logo designers?

In this list, we look together at the best logo designers of all time and what they have accomplished to change the world of logo design.

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Top Ten Logo Designs

We begin our list of the most famous logo designers of all time with a top 10 of our own selection. Our selection takes into account the most influential and most famous design projects that have been created over time in the field of logo design and branding.

1. Rob Janoff

Famous for Apple logo

rob janoff apple logo
Image credits: Rob Janoff.

The first graphic designer in our list is Rob Janoff who stands as a visionary whose contributions have defined the persona of one of the most renowned brands globally.

Janoff is the creative genius behind the iconic Apple logo, a symbol universally acknowledged and identified.

His iconic logo design, though minimalist, is imbued with immense potency, encapsulating the brand’s philosophy and merging revolutionary thought with streamlined aesthetics.

The bite in the apple cleverly signifies a “byte,” alluding to the technological realm Apple has mastered.

Rob Janoff’s creation transcends being merely a visual insignia; it serves as a standard of innovation and premium quality, representing Apple’s unwavering commitment to superiority.

This emblem continues to be a timeless depiction of the brand, mirroring the essence of Apple’s transformative zeal in the technological universe.

2. Carolyn Davidson

Famous for Nike Swoosh logo

carolyn davidson nike logo
Image credits: Carolyn Davidson.

Carolyn Davidson, the creative brain behind the globally acclaimed Nike logo “Swoosh”, revolutionized the ethos of logo design, embodying simplicity and refined elegance.

Although her minimalist masterpiece was initially met with reservation by Nike’s founder, Phil Knight, it eventually emerged as a quintessential symbol for the brand, encapsulating victory, strength, and speed—elements drawn from the Greek goddess, Nike.

For her innovative endeavor, Davidson was remunerated a mere $35.

Nevertheless, her steadfast dedication to Nike persisted until her retirement, with her designs consistently emphasizing innovative minimalism and understated elegance.

Davidson’s legacy serves as a profound lesson to contemporary and iconic logo designers on the transformative power of simple creativity, inspiring the conception of logos that resonate symbolically, articulate brand identities with compelling clarity, and possess enduring allure.

3. Lindon Leader

Famous for Fedex logo

lindon leader fedex logo
Image credits: Lindon Leader.

Lindon Leader, the visionary behind the iconic FedEx logo, redefined brand imagery in 1994, conceiving a design that subtly emphasized speed and precision, illustrated by the ingenious white arrow nestled between the ‘E’ and ‘x’.

His meticulous craftsmanship endowed FedEx with a distinctive identity, enabling it to radiate amidst rivals like UPS.

Leader’s initial choice of vibrant purple and orange infused the logo with unforgettable flair and dynamic energy.

Furthermore, his design embraced versatility, allowing the ‘Ex’ to adopt varying hues to denote different FedEx services—yellow for trade networks and red for freight.

This thoughtful and innovative design not only fortified FedEx’s brand presence but also showcased how insightful design can elevate brand perception, intertwining simplicity and creativity to encapsulate a brand’s essence.

Leader’s creation stands as an enduring symbol of the transformative power of nuanced creativity in logo design, urging designers to delve into the profound possibilities residing in simplicity.

4. Paula Scher

Famous designer at design firm Pentagram

paula scher citi logo
Image credits: Paula Scher.

She stands as a luminary in design, having been the first female principal at Pentagram.

Paula Scher has developed renowned famous logos for giants like Citi, CBS and Atlantic Records, blending historical typefaces with revolutionary design philosophies, such as Russian constructivism.

Scher’s creative prowess has led to multiple Grammy nominations and has left an indelible mark on brands like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and the Museum of Modern Art.

Each piece she creates is more than a logo; it’s a unique visual narrative, resonating with innovative design and aesthetic brilliance, inspiring the design community with her exceptional craftsmanship and unique approach to brand storytelling.

5. Raymond Loewy

Famous for Shell logo, and Exxon logo

Raimond lowey shell logo
Image credits: Raymond Loewy.

Raymond Loewy, widely recognized as “the father of industrial design,” has left an indelible imprint on the world of design, shaping the aesthetics of the 20th century with his revolutionary creations.

His work was characterized by a harmonious integration of form and function, resulting in iconic designs such as the Shell logo and the Studebaker Avanti car, defining the visual narrative of everyday existence.

Loewy was a true pioneer, recognizing early on the intrinsic synergy between design and commerce, a principle that remains fundamental in the field of industrial design today.

His innovative philosophies and trailblazing designs continue to serve as a rich source of inspiration, providing enduring insights into the delicate interplay between visual allure and commercial viability.

6. Milton Glaser

Famous for NY logo, and DC Comics logo

milton glaser I love ny logo
Image credits: Milton Glaser.

Milton Glaser is a name that resonates with vibrant and transformative design, embodying the lively and diverse essence of American graphic design.

His groundbreaking approaches to color and form have birthed some of the most renowned logos and media artworks, including the universally recognized ‘I ♥️ New York’ (the NY logo) and the iconic album cover for Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits.

Beyond these, Glaser’s contributions have shaped the visual identity of DC Comics and led to the founding of the influential ‘New York’ magazine.

His extensive career and varied portfolio exemplify his profound influence on the field of design, illustrating his distinctive ability to weave emotions and stories into visual artistry.

7. Paul Rand

Famous for Ford Motor Company logo, IBM logo, and ABC logo

paul rand ford logo
Image credits: Paul Rand.

Paul Rand, born in 1914, stands as a colossal presence in the design arena, revered for his innovative adoption of Swiss-style modernist elements.

Embarking on his career with layout settings at the publication now recognized as GQ, he effortlessly transitioned to a role at Esquire Cornett magazines, deepening his understanding of aesthetics and minimalism.

It was his refined simplicity and sophisticated minimalism that endowed iconic vitality to the logos of eminent corporations such as IBM, ABC, and UPS, forging visual identities that resonate universally.

Rand’s adeptness at crafting subtle and polished designs has immortalized his creations, mirroring an aesthetic that is as concise as it is profound.

8. Peter Saville

Famous for Burberry logo

Peter saville burberry logo
Image credits: Peter Saville.

Peter Saville is a towering figure in graphic and art design, celebrated for his revolutionary designs for record sleeves.

He has drawn extensive inspiration from Jan Tschichold, the mastermind behind the revered Sabon typeface.

Saville’s collaborations have spanned illustrious brands and personalities, including Calvin Klein and Christian Dior.

His creative influence reshaped the aesthetic identity of the city of Manchester, imprinting his distinctive designs even on the city’s jerseys. Recognizing his myriad contributions to the field, he has been honored with the CBE award, affirming his position as a luminary in design and art.

His enduring influence and distinctive style have made his name emblematic of artistic brilliance and innovative design.

9. Saul Bass

Famous for AT&T, United Airlines, Girl Scouts logos

Saul bass at&t logo
Image credits: Saul Bass.

Saul Bass, a renowned American graphic designer and Oscar-winning filmmaker, has shaped the realms of design and film with his transformative work.

His illustrious career, spanning over 40 years, is highly acclaimed for his collaborations with iconic filmmakers such as Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese.

Bass’s artistic brilliance is also manifested in the domain of brand design, where he crafted timeless logos for brands like Continental Airlines, United Airlines, and Geffen Records.

He revolutionized cinematic presentations with his innovative approach to film openings, utilizing graphics and animation to convey the essence and atmosphere of the films.

Bass’s synthesis of design principles across various mediums has solidified his reputation as a pioneering influence in design, echoing timeless sophistication and appeal.

10. Ivan Chermayeff

Famous for NBC, National Geographic logos

ivan chermayeff national geographic logo
Image credits: Ivan Chermayeff.

Ivan Chermayeff was a monumental figure in graphic design, crafting some of the most eminent logos of the late 20th century, his creations serving as the visual embodiments of brands like Showtime, HarperCollins, and the Smithsonian Institution.

Renowned for his visionary approach, Chermayeff was a founding partner of the esteemed New York-based design firm, Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, established in 1957.

The firm was a pioneer in introducing sleek, Modernist designs marked by vibrant primary colors, and it revolutionized corporate identity through abstract designs, replacing the more intricate logos prevalent in the early 20th century.

His work is a testament to the transformative power of design, creating enduring symbols that continue to resonate with audiences globally.

More famous logo designers

We’ve seen the top 10 best and most famous logo designers of all time, but that’s not the end of the story! We have selected for you 11 other noteworthy logo designers, let’s see them together.

11. Ruth Kedar

Famous for Google logo (1999-2010)

ruth kedar google logo
Image credits: Ruth Kedar.

Ruth Kedar is the creative genius behind Google’s logo, a brand so omnipresent that its name has become synonymous with online searching itself.

In 1999, Kedar conceptualized what would become an iconic emblem, a design so enduring that it has seen only minor tweaks to stay in sync with evolving aesthetics.

Initially, the founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, had named the company ‘Backrub’, to denote its functionality of searching through backlinks.

However, a change of name and Kedar’s distinctive design prowess led to the advent of the phrase ‘just Google it’, a testament to both the ubiquity of the brand and Kedar’s lasting impact in the world of design.

12. Alan Fletcher

Famous for Victoria & Albert Museum

alan fletcher victoria albert museum logo
Image credits: Alan Fletcher.

Alan Fletcher, an accomplished graphic designer post-World War II, merged clarity, rigor, and ingenious inspiration to transform design into an enriching way of life.

He sustained his distinctive approach throughout his career, demonstrating that a message, imbued with originality and humor, can resonate broadly, prioritizing concept and wit over technical prowess.

Fletcher’s designs are distinguished by their accessibility and power, making complex ideas relatable and compelling to a diverse audience, and showcasing his enduring influence in the field.

His work is a testament to the profound impact thoughtful design can have, seamlessly connecting wit and substance.

13. Massimo Vignelli

Famous for American Airlines, NY Subway Signage System logos

massimo vignelli american airlines logo
Image credits: Massimo Vignelli.

In the realm of graphic design, Massimo Vignelli holds a prestigious place, creating timeless logos with minimalist elegance and meticulous precision.

His innovative creations shaped the identity of iconic brands like IBM, Knoll, Bloomingdale’s, and American Airlines, each design a testament to simplicity and precision.

In the 80s, New York became a living canvas for his aesthetic, his distinct style echoing through the city’s visual landscape.

Vignelli’s designs are marked by refined minimalism and compact elegance, resonating deeply with audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

As an iconic logo designer, his influence also extends to typography, popularizing fonts like Akzidenz-Grotesk, Bodoni, Helvetica, Garamond No. 3, and Century Expanded, each contributing to the rich tapestry of design language.

14. Michael Bierut

Famous for Mastercard and Slack logos

michael bierut mastercard logo
Image credits: Michael Bierut.

Venturing into the world of design with mentorship from the renowned Massimo Vignelli, Michael Bierut has established himself as a distinguished designer, elevating design’s appeal and accessibility.

At Pentagram, he engaged in transformative collaborations with prestigious brands like the Walt Disney Company, Motorola, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America, each project reflecting his unique graphic design philosophy.

Bierut’s versatile creations have earned recognition and are preserved in esteemed collections at the Museum of Modern Art and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

His designs are more than mere visual expressions; they are narratives that encapsulate the essence of brands such as the New York Jets and the Library of Congress.

15. Max Miedinger

Famous for BMW, Panasonic, and Toyota logos

Max Miedinger bmw logo
Image credits: Max Miedinger.

Max Miedinger is a revered Swiss designer who has made a crucial imprint on the design world.

Starting his design journey at just 16, Miedinger’s expertise lies predominantly in typography, leaving distinctive traces in publications and advertising.

During his tenure with the Haas Foundation, he pioneered ‘Porte Arte,’ a remarkable condensed serif font. However, it’s his crafting of the universally renowned font ‘Helvetica’ that solidified his status in design lore.

This seemingly uncomplicated yet impactful typeface silently conveys the narratives of major brands such as Panasonic, BMW, and Motorola, its understated elegance embodying the brands’ principles.

Max Miedinger’s enduring influence is found not just in the letters we read but in the stories they tell, communicating a universal design language that resonates across sectors and borders.

16. Claude Garamond

Famous for Garamond typeface

Claud garamond typeface
Image credits: Claude Garamond.

Claude Garamond, a craftsman from the 1500s, shaped the world of typefaces, crafting the distinguished Garamond font long before the inception of famed fonts like Baskerville and Didot.

His artistry, a blend of elegance and organic writing, pioneered old-style serif, maintaining its relevance and influence in today’s media.

Garamond, more than a typesetter, is a timeless logo designer whose contributions continue to redefine and elevate the essence of serif fonts, leaving a lasting and resonant imprint on the design world.

17. Chip Kidd

Graphic designer famous for Jurassic park logo

chip kidd jurassic park logo
Image credits: Chip Kidd.

Chip Kidd, renowned for his innovative book covers, is a beacon in graphic design, turning narratives into striking visual tales.

His early passion for American pop culture marked the beginning of his journey as a designer and author.

He’s worked with top names like HarperCollins and Amazon, crafting memorable covers for authors like Haruki Murakami.

Kidd’s unpredictable, compelling designs have shaped the world of book cover art, marking him as a pivotal figure in design.

18. Sagi Haviv

Famous for NBC and Cartier logos

Sagi Haviv warner bros logo
Image credits: Sagi Haviv.

Sagi Haviv, a notable partner and designer at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, is the mastermind behind numerous renowned logos, such as those for Chase Bank, NBC, and National Geographic, elegantly binding brand identity with aesthetic allure.

His extensive portfolio also includes distinctive logos for the US Open Tennis Championships and Conservation International, seamlessly merging simplicity with impact.

Sagi’s profound contribution to logo design has solidified his standing as a significant influencer in crafting visual brand identities, etching timeless imprints on audiences’ minds.

19. Gerald Huerta

Famous for Ac/Dc, Boston logos

Gerald Huerta acdc logo
Image credits: Gerald Huerta.

Gerald Huerta has painted the world with his groundbreaking logos and striking artwork, beginning his illustrious journey at CBS Records, where he composed visual symphonies for legends like Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan.

This creative maestro didn’t stop there; he proceeded to establish his own enterprise, orchestrating iconic logos for brands such as AC/DC’s High Voltage, HBO, and Pepsi.

His diverse palette also extends to designing captivating magazine covers and unique watch dials, making him a versatile virtuoso in the realm of design, leaving a timeless imprint across various domains.

20. Tom Geismar

Famous for Mobil, Xerox logos

Tom Geismar mobil logo
Image credits: Tom Geismar.

Tom Geismar, a heralded name in the 20th-century design sphere, unveils the tapestry of his life, marked by a profound devotion to design.

The mastermind behind the esteemed agency Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, Tom is the artisan who breathed life into the visual identities of global titans like Mobil, Xerox, and PBS.

His creations have shaped the narrative of design, leaving an indelible imprint on the visual language of brands.

21. Herb Lubalin

Famous for PBS, Marriage logo

Herb Lubalin Marriage logo
Image credits: Herb Lubalin.

Herb Lubalin, a distinguished American graphic designer, is renowned for crafting the visual symphony of Ginzburg’s magazine publications, elevating them to a realm of aesthetic splendor.

He is the architect behind the iconic ITC Avant Garde font, a design that gained immense popularity and became the heartbeat of numerous notable logos from the 1990s to the 2000s.

Beyond his typographic innovations, he established the International Typographic Corporation and envisioned the celebrated typographic journal U & lc, each piece of his work echoing his masterful touch in the expansive world of design.

What is a logo designer?

A logo designer is a professional who specializes in creating unique, compelling, and representative symbols or images for brands, companies, products, or services.

Their creations, known as logos, serve as the visual identity of an entity and are used to convey the essence, values, and personality of a brand to the public.


Who is the most famous logo designer?

There isn’t a singular “most famous” logo designer, as many have made significant impacts in the field of design. However, Paul Rand is often regarded as one of the most famous due to his extensive portfolio that includes logos for IBM, UPS, and ABC.

What is the most iconic logo of all time?

The most iconic logo is subjective and depends on individual perspectives, but many consider the Apple logo to be one of the most iconic logos globally. Other contenders include the Coca-Cola script, the golden arches of McDonald’s, and Nike’s swoosh.

What are the 4 types of logo design?

Wordmarks (or Logotypes): These are text-only logos, usually stylized in a unique way. Google’s logo is a famous example.

Monograms (or Lettermarks): These use initials or abbreviations. For instance, IBM and HBO have monogram iconic logo designs.

Pictorial Marks (or Logo Symbols): These logos have graphic-based images. Examples include Apple’s apple and Twitter’s bird.

Combination Marks: These logos combine words and images. For example, Lacoste has a combination of a wordmark and a pictorial mark.

What company has the coolest logo?

Determining the “coolest” logo is subjective, depending on personal taste and perspective. However, many consider the Apple logo, with its sleek and minimalistic design, to be one of the most famous logos.

Wrap Up

In this exploration of influential graphic designers, we’ve journeyed through various eras and styles, learning about the creative minds who’ve shaped the visual identities of world-renowned brands.

These logo designers, from Paul Rand to Herb Lubalin, have transcended mere artistic expression, creating timeless symbols that reside in the global collective consciousness.

Each of these masters of logo design has brought their unique flair and philosophy to the table, transforming simple ideas into powerful, enduring famous logos.

They’ve merged aesthetics with function, crafting iconic images that tell a story, convey a message, and create an emotional connection.

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