Beyond architecture: The Duggan Morris Architects rebrand story

Discover the inspiring tale behind the Duggan Morris Architects rebrand, a project that redefines the boundaries of architectural identity and creativity. Witness how a concept of 'threshold' became the core of an evolutionary brand transformation.
Duggan Morris Architects rebrand

Morris+Company by BOB Design.

In the dynamic realm of design, rebranding is a bold statement of evolution and intent. This is vividly embodied in the Duggan Morris Architects rebrand, a journey of transition from a well-established identity to a fresh and forward-thinking brand, Morris+Company.

This article delves into the meticulous process and creative exploration behind this transformative endeavor, shedding light on how the essence of architectural creativity was reimagined.

Duggan Morris Architects rebrand

The Duggan Morris Architects rebrand is a narrative of change, a testament to the firm’s growth and collective creativity. The project, now known as Morris+Company, represents a significant shift from individual legacy to a collaborative future.

The rebranding exercise, rooted in workshops and team collaboration, unveiled the core concept of ‘threshold’ – a symbol of transition and change. This concept was artfully integrated into all aspects of the new identity, from the ‘+’ in the name signifying the junction between individual and collective, to the diverse application in visual and material elements.

The Duggan Morris Architects rebrand by BOB Design spans across a new visual identity, website, publications, and more, each element carefully designed to reflect the firm’s evolving ethos and dedication to crafted architecture.

Duggan Morris Architects rebrand
Duggan Morris Architects rebrand 2
Duggan Morris Architects rebrand 3
Duggan Morris Architects rebrand 4
Duggan Morris Architects rebrand 5

Morris+Company by BOB Design.

About BOB Design

Behind the Duggan Morris Architects rebrand (now Morris+Company) is BOB Design, a design studio that stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation in the graphic design world. Established in 2002, with studios in London and Zürich, BOB has carved a niche in creating compelling brand identities, digital experiences, and packaging designs.

Their portfolio showcases a diverse clients, from cultural institutions to commercial brands, highlighting their capability to blend design aesthetics with strategic thinking. Notably, their involvement in projects like the Frida Kahlo exhibition and the rebranding of Morris+Company showcases their expertise in breathing new life into established narratives.

Duggan Morris Architects rebrand 7
Duggan Morris Architects rebrand 7
Duggan Morris Architects rebrand 8
Duggan Morris Architects rebrand 9
Duggan Morris Architects rebrand 10

Morris+Company by BOB Design.

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Wrap Up

The Duggan Morris Architects rebrand represents more than just a change of name; it’s a narrative of growth, collaboration, and the power of design to articulate identity. This story, coupled with the creative prowess of BOB Design and the practical learning offered in “Editorial Design with InDesign,” embodies the continuous evolution of the design world.

As we reflect on the transformative journey of Morris+Company, let’s embrace the limitless possibilities that design presents in narrating our collective stories and shaping our environment.

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