8 best digital art classes for aspiring artists and creative minds

Dive into digital creativity with our top picks for the best digital art classes. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, these classes offer something for everyone looking to enhance their digital artistry.
digital art classes

Illustration by Fatinha Ramos.

Embarking on the journey to master digital art opens up a world of possibilities. In this article, we unveil the 8 best digital art classes that stand out for their comprehensive content, expert instructors, and diverse learning paths.

From digital painting to concept art, these classes cater to a range of interests and skill levels, offering the perfect starting point or advanced training for digital artists. Unleash your creativity and transform your digital art skills with these top-notch courses.

Best digital art classes

In the realm of digital creativity, the right class can make all the difference. The best digital art classes offer a blend of foundational knowledge, advanced techniques, and practical applications. They cover essential topics such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, character design, and digital drawing.

This platform is a treasure trove for creative minds, presenting an opportunity to learn from industry digital artists and experts all the basic tools and more tips. Dive into the details of each class, explore the unique features they offer, and embark on a journey of artistic growth and discovery with Domestika.

Before we embark on our journey through a world brimming with artistic possibility, courtesy of our handpicked free Procreate courses from Domestika and Skillshare, we present a special gift: the ultimate collection of free Procreate brushes.

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Free brushes for Photoshop and Procreate

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Top 5 digital art classes

Step into the digital art arena with our selection of the top 5 digital art classes. Tailored for different skill levels and interests, these classes lead the pack in quality content, teaching methods, and learner engagement. From learning digital painting to mastering concept art, these courses are designed to help you learn digital art effectively, enhancing your skills and opening up new career paths.

1. Illustrating fantastical animals with Procreate

Best concept art course overall (Editor’s choice)

Let’s start our definitive list of the best digital art classes talking about: “Illustrating Fantastical Animals with Procreate.” Embark on this artistic adventure with Julia Körner, a celebrated illustrator known for her enchanting designs in video games and children’s literature, as she leads you in transforming your imaginative animal concepts into vivid realities.

In this class, you will master the crafting of everything from attire to various postures, infusing your fantastical beings with distinctive accessories, diverse textures, brilliant hues, and illuminating effects.

Illustrating fantastical animals with Procreate Julia Körner
animal orchestra by Julia Körner

Illustrations by Julia Körner.

This Procreate guide is tailored for beginners, taking you from a basic draft to a fully-realized, enchanting creature brimming with life and style. It’s perfectly suited for those looking to bolster their skills in digital illustration, particularly in character development. While having some familiarity with digital art can be beneficial, it’s not a prerequisite. All that’s required is a device compatible with Procreate and an Apple Pencil.

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Illustrating fantastical animals with Procreate

Join Julia Körner, an illustrator renowned for her whimsical creations in games and children's books, as she guides you through the process of bringing your fantastical animal characters to life.

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2. Custom letter design with Procreate

Ignite your lettering journey in “Custom letter design with Procreate,” where lettering meets vibrant illustration. Under the tutelage of renowned lettering expert Jimbo Bernaus, who has a rich portfolio with clients like BMW and Carlsberg, this course enables you to design dynamic and colorful lettering art.

Lockdown by Jimbo Bernaus
Lockdown by Jimbo Bernaus 2

Lockdown by Jimbo Bernaus.

Dive into employing various textures, colors, and effects to design standout lettering that could grace a Spotify playlist cover, inspired by your chosen music genre. This course is a treasure trove for those passionate about creative lettering or seeking to advance their illustration capabilities. A foundational grasp of lettering and Procreate will be advantageous. Essentials include an iPad installed with Procreate.

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Custom letter design with Procreate

Unleash your creativity in Custom Letter Design with Procreate and learn to combine lettering with illustration for impactful compositions. Guided by lettering artist Jimbo Bernaus, this course empowers you to create colorful lettering pieces.

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3. Urban illustration tutorial with Procreate

Embark on an artistic journey through cityscapes in “Urban Illustration with Procreate,” guided by the illustrious Vincent Mahé, celebrated for his contributions to The New York Times. This course encourages you to depict the vibrancy of urban life, from lively streets to tranquil park settings.

the ny times by Vincent Mahé
the ny times by Vincent Mahé 2

The NY Times by Vincent Mahé.

Master the skill of observational drawing, then animate these scenes using Procreate’s finest brushes, telling the hidden tales within city architecture and its denizens. Ideal for art students, graphic design aficionados, and anyone with a love for drawing and digital art, this course requires basic drawing skills and an iPad equipped with Procreate.

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Urban illustration with Procreate

A visual exploration of urban landscapes with the Urban Illustration with Procreate. Led by the talented Vincent Mahé, known for his work with The New York Times, this course invites you to capture the essence of city life.

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4. Picturebook character illustration with Procreate

In “Picturebook character illustration with Procreate,” led by visual storyteller Gozde Eyce, noted for her collaborations with UNICEF and Mo’s Daughters, you’ll learn how to craft memorable characters for children’s literature. Discover the art of character expression, making use of bold colors and embracing artistic imperfections to create beings that allure young readers into magical narratives.

Global warming by gozde eyce
Global warming by gozde eyce 2

“Global warming” by Gozde Eyce

Perfect for newcomers to digital illustration, this course concludes with assembling a portfolio piece displaying your storybook protagonist in various scenarios. Though Procreate experience is advantageous, it’s not required. You’ll just need an iPad with Procreate.

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Picturebook character illustration with Procreate

"Picturebook" is a course where you can create characters that capture the hearts of children with Procreate. Led by Gozde Eyce, this course teaches you to design picturebook protagonists with unique personalities and expressive features.

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5. Illustration with rhythm and soul on Procreate

Best digital painting course

Uncover the digital painting secrets in “Illustration with rhythm and soul on Procreate,” led by the creative illustrator Ataul. This unique course marries music with art, instructing you to embody a song’s mood into digital art masterpieces. Delve into essential drawing principles such as geometry, anatomy, and color theory, all while being inspired by your preferred music genres.

Bullrock by ataul
Bullrock by ataul 2

Bullrock by Ataul.

Suited for anyone from drawing devotees to music aficionados, this course provides a comprehensive guide to crafting striking digital illustrations that echo the beats of your favorite tracks. The only requirements are an iPad Pro, Procreate, and an Apple Pencil to embark on this artistic odyssey.

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Illustration with rhythm and soul on Procreate

Dive into the harmonious blend of music and visual art. Led by illustrator Ataul, this course teaches you how to capture the essence of a song and translate it into vibrant, expressive illustrations.

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More digital art courses

Beyond our top picks, there are more digital art classes that deserve your attention. Catering to niche interests and advanced techniques, these additional courses offer in-depth insights into specific areas such as digital comics, web design, and user experience design.

Whether you’re looking to specialize further or explore new territories in digital art, these classes provide valuable learning opportunities to broaden your artistic horizons.

6. Design old-school tattoos in Procreate

Embark on a journey into the nostalgic world of ink with “Design old-school tattoos in Procreate.” Under the guidance of renowned tattoo artist Fernando Aponte, this course immerses you in the realm of digital illustration, tailored specifically for creating tattoo designs with a vintage charm. Grasp how to tailor digital art to align with individual client preferences and anatomical considerations.

Stickers by fernando aponte
Stickers by fernando aponte 2

Stickers by Fernando Aponte.

This Procreate guide covers essential aspects of traditional tattoo artistry and techniques for producing distinctive digital drawings. Ideal for those passionate about illustration, tattoo arts, or keen to explore historical tattoo aesthetics.

Although some familiarity with basic drawing and Procreate is beneficial, this course caters to all levels. Required materials include an iPad with Procreate, an Apple Pencil, and standard drawing supplies such as pencil and tracing paper.

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Design old-school tattoos in Procreate

Learn from tattoo artist Fernando Aponte as he guides you through the process of designing digital illustrations for tattoos with an old-school flair. Understand how to adapt designs to a client's vision and the specific body area.

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7. Illustrated printmaking with Procreate

Fusing the timeless craft of printmaking with contemporary digital tools, “Illustrated printmaking with Procreate” led by Pau Masiques, a skilled illustrator and printmaker, reveals how to forge impactful bi-color images with a classic engraving style using Procreate. This course revisits the foundational principles of line drawing and iconography, rejuvenated with the latest in digital technology.

Printmaking by Pau Masisques
Printmaking by Pau Masisques 2

Illustrations by Pau Masiques.

Your digital painting project will transform into a digital illustration that emulates the intricate techniques of conventional printmaking, endorsed by top-tier creative professionals. Tailored for artists and illustrators wishing to meld the old with the new, basic skills in drawing and Procreate are advantageous. Necessary tools include paper, pencils, inspirational materials, an iPad, an Apple Pencil, and a Procreate application.

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Introduction to illustrated printmaking with Procreate

Merge the traditional art of printmaking with digital techniques in Illustrated Printmaking with Procreate. Guided by Pau Masiques, an illustrator and engraver, you'll learn to create powerful two-color illustrations with an engraving effect using Procreate.

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8. Bonus: Free Domestika courses

Best platform for online digital art classes

Unlock the realm of creative exploration with Domestika’s selection of free online courses and digital art classes tailored for the artistic mind. These courses and digital art classes span diverse fields such as photography, content creation, jewellery design, draw digitally, illustration, and fabric printing, catering to various interests and skill levels.

Accessible to all, these digital art classes and courses are free, providing an open gateway to learning without a master’s degree. From online digital painting to video games and graphic design, there is the right course for your career path.

illustration by Fatinha Ramos
illustration by Fatinha Ramos 2

“Illustrations” by Fatinha Ramos.

Whether you’re a newbie concept artist, or a professional digital artist, these courses will teach you how to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, and other top digital illustration tools.

Note that the free access to these digital art classes and courses may fluctuate based on prevailing safety guidelines, with full lessons available at no cost, though additional perks like certification and extra materials may necessitate formal enrollment.

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What is the best course for digital art?

The best course to learn digital painting and digital art depends on your individual goals, skill level, and interests. For beginners, a course that covers foundational skills in digital painting and drawing can be invaluable. For those interested in specific arts or industries, such as animation, character design, or concept art, look for courses tailored to these areas.

Websites like Domestika and Skillshare offer a wide range of digital art courses covering everything from character design to lighting and textures. Select a course with comprehensive lessons, detailed videos, and hands-on projects to get the most out of your learning experience.

Are digital art classes worth it?

Absolutely! Digital art classes and digital art courses are worth it, especially if they align with your career goals and artistic aspirations. Some of them offer monthly subscription structured learning, direct feedback from instructors, and a community of peers for critique and support.

Additionally, digital art classes can fast-track your learning process, provide you with professional techniques, and help you build a strong portfolio. If you’re serious about pursuing a career in digital arts or improving your skills for personal growth, investing in digital art classes can be a wise decision.

Where can I learn digital art?

You can learn digital art from a variety of sources, including online platforms, community colleges, and specialized art institutes. Online courses offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace and are available on platforms like Skillshare, Domestika, and Figma, covering a range of topics from basic drawing techniques to advanced animation and concept art.

Additionally, many professional artists share their knowledge through tutorials and video series on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Explore different resources to find the one that best fits your learning style and artistic goals.

How do I teach myself digital art?

Teaching yourself digital art involves a mix of studying through digital art classes, practising, and seeking feedback. Start by choosing the right digital art software and familiarizing yourself with its tools and features. Follow online tutorials and videos to understand basic concepts and techniques.

Practice regularly, focusing on different arts or single topics at a time to improve your skills gradually. Utilize online forums, digital art classes, and communities to get feedback on your work and learn from others. Remember, self-teaching requires discipline and dedication, but with consistent effort, you can develop your digital art skills and explore new creative territories.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, diving into the world of digital art opens up a universe of creativity and expression. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned artist looking to expand your skills, there is a plethora of digital art classes available to suit your needs.

From foundational digital art classes and digital art courses in digital painting and drawing to specialized classes in animation, concept art, and game design, the opportunities for learning and growth are boundless. Embracing digital art not only enhances your artistic work but also prepares you for numerous career paths in today’s technology-driven world.

Remember, the journey of learning digital art through digital art classes is as rewarding as the final artwork itself. So, start learning, stay curious, and let your creativity flourish with the right digital art class for you.

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