Coolors: The best color palette generator (10M+ color schemes)

Welcome to the vibrant world of this super fast generator, where the creation of the perfect color palette is just a few clicks away. Let's dive in this fantastic color tool for creatives.

In a realm where colors speak louder than words, Coolors stands out as the super-fast color palettes generator that is transforming the way designers, artists, and creatives approach their color schemes.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice in design, Coolors offers an intuitive and inspiring journey through thousands of stunning color combinations.

In this blog post, we explore the magic of Coolors, dive into its functionality, and understand why it’s becoming an essential part of the creative process for many.

What is Coolors?

Coolors is an innovative and user-friendly tool designed “from a creative to all the others”to help anyone create the perfect color palette or find inspiration from a vast array of existing color schemes.

It stands out as a ‘super fast color palettes generator,’ offering a quick and efficient way to explore, create, and customize color combinations.

With Coolors, you have access to thousands of beautiful palettes created by a community of designers and artists, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to elevate their visual projects with the right color choices.

Coolors: The super fast color palettes generator
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Coolors is an innovative and user-friendly tool designed to help anyone create the perfect color palette.

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How To Use Coolors

How To Use Coolors

The platform is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, allowing users to easily generate, explore, and refine color palettes.

You can start by choosing a base color, and Coolors will suggest complementary colors to complete your palette. Alternatively, explore the vast library of pre-existing palettes for inspiration.

color palette example

Adjust hues, color blindness, saturation, and brightness with simple sliders, and lock in your favorite hex codes and colors as you fine-tune others.

Whether you’re designing a website, branding materials, or just looking for the perfect color scheme for any project, Coolors makes the process both fun and efficient.

Key Features

Coolors comes packed with a range of features designed to enhance the color selection process. Used by 5+ million of users worldwide, it comes with everything you need to take your color skills to the next level.

1. Palette Generator

coolors palette generator

Quickly create your own color palette in seconds and organize them in handy projects and collections. This tool enables you to effortlessly blend and customize colors, crafting unique and harmonious schemes tailored to your project needs.

2. Explore Palettes

coolors explore palettes

Delve into a vast world of color with millions of trending color schemes at your fingertips for daily colors inspiration.

Browse, explore and get inspired by thousands of ready-made palettes that resonates with your design vision.

3. Image Picker

coolors image picker

Extract beautiful palettes directly from your best photos. Choose by several layouts and create beautiful collages with your image and palette.

This intuitive feature allows you to upload an image and automatically generates a color scheme based on the colors present in the image.

4. Contrast Checker

coolors contrast checker

Ensure the readability and visual appeal of your design and image by checking the contrast between two colors.

This tool is crucial for creating accessible and aesthetically pleasing color combinations on a website, device, app design, or even videos.

5. Palette Visualizer

coolors palette visualizer

Preview how your chosen colors will look in real-world designs. This feature helps you visualize and fine-tune the perfect palette by applying them to various design templates, offering a realistic representation of the final outcome.


coolors pricing

Coolors offers both free and premium plan. The Pro Plan is very affordable and designed for those who require more advanced features and fewer restrictions, offering comprehensive access to the full capabilities of Coolors.

Free Plan: $0/month

  • Save up to 10 Palettes: Limitation on the number of palettes you can save.
  • One Project and One Collection: Manage your work within one project and one collection.
  • Save up to 5 Colors: Restriction on the number of colors you can save.

Pro Plan: $5/month

  • Remove Ads: Enjoy an ads-free experience.
  • Generate More Palettes: Create palettes with more than 5 colors or using color theory rules.
  • Unlimited Saving: Save an unlimited number of palettes, colors, and gradients.
  • Organize Efficiently: Arrange your work in multiple projects and collections.
  • Explore Over 10 Million Color Schemes: Access a vast range of color schemes suitable for any project.
  • Pro Profile: Showcase your palettes and present yourself professionally.
  • Advanced PDF Report: Create detailed reports with options like shades, hues, and combinations.
  • Unlock Premium Features: Gain access to exclusive features like the palette visualizer for real-world design application.

Pros and Cons


  • Effortlessly create and customize color schemes quickly.
  • Access to over 10 million pre-made color schemes for inspiration.
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate, suitable for both beginners and professionals.


  • The free plan has restrictions on saving palettes and colors.
  • Full access to features like advanced reporting requires a Pro subscription.


Is Coolors free to use?

Yes, this app offers a free account with basic functionalities, allowing users to create and save a limited number of color palettes and access some features. However, there are restrictions in terms of the number of palettes, colors, and collections you can save.

Is Coolors the most loved color palettes app?

Coolors is highly regarded in the design community for its ease of use, extensive library of things like color schemes, and fast generation of palettes.

Forgot password of Coolors: How Can I reset it?

To renew you password, you can go to this support page, and then follow the simple steps of the support to type your email and choose a new password.

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Wrap Up

In summary, Coolors stands out as a highly efficient and user-friendly tool for anyone looking to create, explore, and implement color schemes in their projects.

With its quick generation of palettes, vast library of pre-made schemes, and an array of customizable options, this app caters to a wide range of users.

While the free version offers basic functionalities, the Pro plan unlocks the full potential of this tool, making it a worthy investment for those seeking more advanced features.

Whether you are a graphic designer, an artist, or someone who loves playing with image and color, this website provides a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Also, don’t forget to send feedback to the creator and follow the Instagram page for more inspiration.

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