15+ Best Free Brush Fonts for Designers in 2023

Brush fonts capture the essence of brush strokes and ink pens, infusing your designs with a natural, organic feel. These beautiful, versatile free brush fonts bring a fresh touch of craftsmanship that easily elevates any design project, from website headers to graphics for branding and social media.
Brush fonts

Brush fonts capture the essence of brush strokes and ink pens, infusing your designs with a natural, organic feel.

I have been a font fanatic for years and have spent countless hours exploring and experimenting with these irresistible typefaces.

These beautiful, versatile free brush fonts bring a fresh touch of craftsmanship that easily elevates any design project, from website headers to graphics for branding and social media.

In this article, I’ve curated a list of the 15+ best free brush fonts (and some premium) that you should definitely give a spin in 2023.

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What is the best Brush Font?

Here is the best Brush Font that you can use to create graphic design projects.

1. Odachi

Best among free brush fonts (Editor’s choice)

odachi font free download
Image credits: Tugcu.

Odachi is a beautiful free font with a unique Japanese-inspired design, created by none other than the talented UI and type designer Mehmet Reha Tugcu.

Tugcu has many amazing typefaces, but this particular free brush font is one of my favorites. Best of all, Mehmet has generously allowed its free download for commercial projects!

2. Badlooking

Best brush script font

badlooking font free download
Image credits: Behance.

If you need to find a versatile and truly unique free brush script font, Badlooking Brush is an excellent option from Aluyeah Studio.

Featuring 52 alternatives and 9 elegant, easy-to-use swash fonts, this free typeface is perfect for creating stunning designs on a wide range of media, and it comes to you for free for personal use.

3. Westfalia

Best free for commercial use font

westfalia font free download
Image credits: Pixel Surplus.

Looking for a free font brush for work related to travel, the outdoors, and exploration? Westfalia is a beautiful sans brush produced by the designer studio Rambler Creative.

With its irregular rough edges and variable line thickness, Westfalia adds an authentic hand-drawn feel to your traveler projects!

4. Betterworks

Best for branding projects

betterworks font free download
Image credits: DesignCuts.

Betterworks is another delightful free modern font, precisely handcrafted. Its detailed strokes create a natural impression, almost as if they were handwritten.

In addition, Betterworks features a unique set of alternating uppercase and lowercase letters that can be accessed via the Opentype function or by installing the provided font file.

5. Secret Words

Best for product packaging

secret words free download
Image credits: DesignCuts.

The amazing Secret Words free font duo is a hand-brushed typeface with a natural fluidity that deserves to be included in this list of free-brush fonts.

It is a free brush font duo perfect for branding materials, blog headers, business cards, and watercolor-based design.

6. Lunar Blossom

Best brush lettering font

lunar blossom font free download
Image credits: DesignCuts.

Lunar Blossom has an unmistakable weight contrast and authentic brushed handwritten style, perfect for work that stands out and creates a unique effect in your design project.

I recommend this free typography gem if you are designing logos, printed quotes, invitations, cards, product packaging, headers, and more to create custom and unique content.

7. Explosion

Best for designing posters

explosion font free download
Image credits: Behance.

Another great brush pen font, free for personal and commercial use, is Thomas Aradea’s Explosion, a sturdy typeface with a natural brush touch.

You can use Explosion free font for just about anything: movie titles, displays, labels, clothing design, posters, book covers, album art, logo design, and more.

8. Pondspell

Best for personal branding projects

pondspell font free download
Image credits: Envato Elements.

Pondspell is one of the best premium brush fonts that reserve a place on my list because I personally use it for the smooth curves it provides.

Handcrafted in a natural way with a unique texture, this font has bold strokes that emphasize your design, making it perfect for various styles such as branding, posters, and more.

9. Superion

Best for handwritten quotes

superion font
Image credits: Envato Elements.

What to say? The Superion font bursts with energy, with crisp details and quick strokes, perfect for challenging design projects that need brushes for strong impact.

This street-wise brush style font is created with an edge to headlines, casual T-shirts, websites, apparel designs, headlines, logos, branding, advertising, and even digital and print media.

10. Leafy

Best for packaging projects

leafy font
Image credits: Envato Elements.

Another premium script brush font is Leafy, from the handwritten brush features created by the talented Ieva Mezule and put together by Krisjanis Mezulis.

With 95 distinct characters and all the basic glyphs, and with OTF and TTF formats at hand, Leafy stands out as the perfect representation of individuality and uniqueness.

11. Qindom

Best for illustrator banners

qindom font
Image credits: Envato Elements.

Qindom is a mesmerizing brush typeface – inspired by nature and crafted with precision. Its swift strokes, penned using a dry brush, are carefully curated.

Qindom includes uppercase and lowercase letters, and you can spruce up your magazine, packaging, poster, social media, and hard paper cards with ease.

12. Blue Indigo

Best for handwriting projects

blue indigo free font
Image credits: Creative Market.

Looking for a premium brush font that is both vibrant, playful, and elegant? Take a look at Blue Indigo, by designer Alice Whales!

This fabulous writing font, created by Alice Whales, has a great personality and unmistakable feel, making it easy to give your typography a handcrafted touch.

13. Amithen

Best for album covers

amithen font
Image credits: Envato Elements.

Amithen is a versatile brush font that takes a contemporary approach to design, making it one of the most sought-after fonts around.

From fashion designer garments to invitations, book titles to stationery, it can also enhance quotes, trademarks, logos, and greeting cards-the possibilities with this font are endless.

14. Sweet Sorrow

Best for rustic feel Design projects

sweet sorrow free font
Image credits: DaFont.

I propose here another free font, which you can conveniently find on the DaFont platform, made by Artimasa Studio, that is absolutely worth adding to one’s font library!

If you are making a bold sign design, casual t-shirt design, logo design, or vintage-inspired design with retro 1950s charm, Sweet Sorrow free font is an ideal choice.

15. Romilly

Best for unique creative projects

romilly font
Image credits: Envato Elements.

Romilly is a must-have brush script font and it just got better! It now offers alternative fonts divided into several Open Type features, such as stylistic sets, stylistic and contextual alternatives, and ligature.

Romilly is the perfect brush font for greeting cards, business cards, quotes, posters, and branding materials with its charming calligraphic style.

16. Breakdown

Best for branding projects

breakdown font
Image credits: Envato Elements.

I end this fantastic list of free brush fonts with Breakdown. This bold lettering font has everything you could want, including lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols, and even support for multiple languages.

Plus, with a myriad of stylistic alternatives and ligatures, you’ll have all the creative possibilities you need to bring your designs to life.

What Is Brush Script Font?

A brush script font is a typeface that simulates the texture and hand-painted strokes, with an organic, textured appearance that creates a true resemblance to strokes made with a brush or calligraphic pen.

Features Of Best Brush Fonts

The best Brush Fonts have a set of distinctive features that differentiate them from others. These features for the best hand-drawn brush font include:

  • High readability: A good brush font should be clear and easy to read, even at a small size, given its frequent use even in social media, for example.
  • Distinctive style: The best brush font has a unique style because of its predisposition to be handmade, like irregular shapes.
  • Versatility: high-quality brush font must be versatile and able to work perfectly in a variety of contexts, both print and web.
  • Extended glyph set: This can include punctuation, special uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and a few extra marks.
  • Multi-language support: As with many font types, another feature of the best brush font is support for multiple languages.


What type of font is Brush?

A brush font is a type of font that mimics the strokes of a brush, giving the text a hand-painted or hand-drawn appearance. These fonts often carry a personal, informal, and creative feel.

What Google font looks like brush strokes?

One of the Google fonts that closely resemble brush strokes is “Permanent Marker”. It gives off a strong, fast stroke reminiscent of a brush and has a distinct hand-drawn quality.

What Adobe font looks like Paintbrush?

One Adobe font that resembles the look of a paintbrush is “Brush Script”, a cursive typeface designed to replicate the looks of handwriting with a brush. It has a distinctly artistic and informal style.

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Wrap Up

As we close the chapter on our typographic journey through the 15+ best free brush fonts for 2023, it’s clear that the realm of design is teeming with dynamic, creative options.

Each free and paid font we’ve explored brings a unique aesthetic to the table, offering designers the chance to craft authentic, engaging content.

From the organic charm of Leafy to the countless other fabulous free typefaces we’ve covered, it’s evident that the world of brush fonts is as diverse as it is beautiful.

As we move forward into the year, may these free fonts inspire you to break creative boundaries, breathe life into your designs, and captivate your audience like never before. Happy designing, folks!

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