7+ best tasks management tools for freelancers in 2023

As a freelancer, keeping track of tasks and deadlines can be challenging. However, with the right task management tools, freelancers can stay organized and productive. In this article, we'll explore 8 of the best task management tools for freelancers in 2023.
Best tasks management tools

As a freelancer, keeping track of tasks and deadlines can be challenging.

However, with the right task management tools, freelancers can stay organized and productive.

There are tools that offer a variety of features to help you stay on top of your workload, from project management and collaboration to time tracking and invoicing.

Whether you’re a writer, designer, developer, or any other type of freelancer, these tools can help you manage your tasks more efficiently and effectively.

In this article, I’ve picked 7+ of the best task management tools for freelancers in 2023.

So let’s dive in and find the perfect tasks management tool for you!

What is the best task management software?

Here is the best task management software that you can use to manage tasks.

1. Todoist

Best task management software overall (Editor’s choice)

Todoist: A To-Do List to Organize Your Work & Life

Todoist is the world's favorite task manager and to-do list app. Finally become focused, organized, and calm.

Best For: Managing Tasks
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Being a busy professional, I know that keeping track of tasks and projects can be a daunting task, but Todoist has proven to be the answer I was looking for.

Unlike other task management apps, Todoist boasts an intuitive interface coupled with a powerful feature set that offers unparalleled convenience.

One of the many capabilities I love about Todoist is the ability to organize tasks and sub-tasks with ease as well as set due dates and priorities.

Another great thing that I tested is the labels and filter system.

These features helped me to streamline everything so that I am always on top of my game.

What’s even more impressive is the platform’s cross-system integration, allowing me to access my tasks and projects from any device, be it desktop, mobile, or tablet, wherever I may be.

But there is more!

Collaboration is another swift feature that stands Todoist apart from other tools.

Sharing tasks with others and working together has never been simpler, which has been a game-changer for my team projects here at Desircle.

In my experience, Todoist has been the best task management software available.

It has helped me stay organized and on top of my responsibilities, which in turn has helped me achieve my goals.

I would highly recommend this fantastic app, and I’m sure you’ll find it just as useful too, try it to believe it!

Key Features

todoist key features task management
Image credits: Todoist.

  • Task management: get easily organised, thanks to its simple and intuitive interface. Add due dates, priorities, and labels to tackle your tasks successfully. And with subtasks, you can take control of even the most complex projects.
  • Collaboration: share tasks and projects with colleagues to stay in sync.
  • Cross-platform functionality means you can access Todoist from anywhere, on any device. Whether in the office or on the go, keep on top of your workload.
  • Customization: as a truly personalized task manager, Todoist lets you organize your way. Customise features to suit your styles, such as recurring tasks, intuitive filters, and unique, color-coded labels.
  • Integration: Todoist integrates with hundreds of tools and platforms, such as Google Calendar, Zapier, and Trello so you can streamline your workflow and maximize your productivity.

User Experience

todoist task planning and task management software
Image credits: Todoist.

From my experience as a project manager, I’ve discovered that Todoist is an excellent and straightforward task management software.

It ensures a smooth and intuitive experience for its users.

One of the exceptional perks of Todoist is its minimalistic yet elegant design, making surfing through it effortless.

The software’s UI neatness allows for clarity, and tasks, and projects are well-organized for easy display.

With just a few clicks, users can create and edit their tasks.

Todoist‘s nifty features, including sub-tasks and priority levels, keep things neat and organized for you.

The task completion bar comes in handy when tracking your progress.

Another great aspect of Todoist is it can be accessed from multiple devices such as desktop and mobile devices, both with a great and simple UX and UI, giving you the liberty to work anywhere.

In a nutshell, Todoist provides a seamless and efficient user experience, giving you the upper hand in managing even the most complex of projects.


todoist task management software pricing
Image credits: Todoist.

Todoist is the best task management software also for the pricing because it offers very advantageous packages, and really cheap:

  • Free plan: $ 0 per user/per month
  • Pro plan: $ 4 per user/per month
  • Business plan: $ 8 per user/per month

Pros and Cons

todoist best task management tool
Image credits: Todoist.


  • Easily navigate the interface on multiple devices
  • Easily share tasks with team members
  • Customize labels and filters to organize and prioritize tasks
  • Enhance workflow and productivity with integration with third-party tools
  • Feel proud of your organized workspace and efficiently managed tasks
  • Spend more time focusing on creative projects instead of struggling with tech tools
  • Get excited about the time you’ll save, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you


  • The free plan of Todoist is limited in terms of features and projects
  • The learning curve for using advanced features, such as filters and labels, can be steep
  • The cost of the premium version of Todoist may be a bit high for larger teams

Product updates

  • Quick addition: this allows you to capture and organize your activities in seconds.
  • Recurring deadlines: help you remember deadlines and develop habits.
  • Sections and subtasks: ensure that all your projects stay well organized.

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2. Bonsai

Best for project management

bonsai task management platform
Image credits: Bonsai.

As a freelancer, Bonsai has been a game-changer for me. It’s another top-notch task management software that boasts a powerful suite of features designed specifically for my needs – and yours.

What sets Bonsai apart is its intuitive interface that allows me to quickly and easily create and track tasks, set deadlines, and organize my workload.

The icing on the cake? Bonsai isn’t just a task management software, but it’s a complete business management tool for freelancers, that helps you generating also invoices and contracts with just a few clicks.

Other incredible features include the possibility of time tracking and reporting tools, with which I can easily keep track of billable hours and keep my clients up-to-date with my progress.

In short, Bonsai has become an essential tool that keeps me productive and organized. So, give it a try, because it deserves a place in every freelancer’s toolkit.

Key Features

bonsai task manager tool
Image credits: Bonsai.

  1. Create and manage tasks quickly and easily
  2. Track the progress of tasks and projects
  3. Easily collaborate with team members
  4. Feel in control of your to-do list and never miss a deadline again
  5. Enjoy the satisfaction of completing tasks and achieving goals

User Experience

bonsai project management tool
Image credits: Bonsai.

As a freelancer, I have discovered that Bonsai’s user experience sets the bar high for its rivals.

The platform is positively slick and highly intuitive – I was sold from my sign-up moment. Bonsai has conquered clarity, simplicity, and comprehensiveness.

Task creation and management boasts of a system that is accessible and hassle-free. It makes prioritization of workload, creating new tasks, setting deadlines, and tracking progress a walk in the park!

Overall, I simply loved using Bonsai‘s platform, and I would highly recommend it to any freelancer seeking a seamless task management solution that is easy to navigate and packed with great, practical features, with a great UX.


bonsai pricing
Image credits: Bonsai.

Bonsai has 3 different packages, there is no free plan, but you can try all the features with a 14-day free trial. Other packages are the following:

  • Starter: $ 17/month
  • Professional: $ 32/month
  • Business: $ 52/month

Pros and Cons


  1. Comprehensive task management and project tracking features
  2. A lot of other features for project management
  3. Customizable workflow options to suit individual needs and preferences
  4. Collaborative features that make it easy to work with clients and team members
  5. Intuitive and user-friendly platform design


  1. Limited integrations with other tools and platforms compared to some other task management software
  2. Higher pricing compared to some other task management software options
  3. Some users may find the number of features overwhelming at first, although the platform’s intuitive design can help mitigate this.

3. Asana

Best for managing multiple projects

asana project management tool
Image credits: Asana.

Asana is more than just an online task management software, it’s a complete solution that offers unmatched features and an intuitive interface making it the perfect tool for both personal and professional applications.

Its project-tracking capabilities are outstanding, you get to easily track the progress of your multiple projects and identify any potential roadblocks.

Not just that, Asana’s power lies in assigning tasks to specific team members and setting deadlines on multiple projects. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Asana stands out from the rest because of its seamless integration with other tools and platforms.

It integrates with a wide range of popular productivity tools, from Slack to Google Drive and Trello, making it easy to place all of your work in one spot.

Asana offers the flexibility to customize workflow, create custom fields, and add tags to tasks.

It provides a level of personalization that makes it easy to stay organized and focused on what’s important.

Key Features

asana task management features
Image credits: Asana.

  1. Comprehensive task management, project tracking, and time tracking features
  2. Robust integrations with other tools and platforms
  3. Customizable workflow options to suit individual needs and preferences
  4. Collaborative features that make it easy to work with clients and team members
  5. Intuitive and user-friendly platform design

User Experience

asana project and task management
Image credits: Asana.

As a passionate Asana user, I must say that the platform offers a remarkably smooth and intuitive user experience.

The sleek design and appealing visuals of the platform make navigation and finding information a breeze.

What sets Asana apart, is its ease of use when it comes to creating tasks. The feature allows me to assign tasks, set deadlines and even track task dependencies accurately.

Task collaboration on Asana also deserves a shoutout. With the platform, sharing tasks, attaching files, and commenting on tasks is a cinch.

This real-time feature is exceptionally beneficial when working on team projects as it allows smooth and seamless integration.

Overall, the Asana user experience is top-notch, flexible, and uniquely customizable, and I strongly recommend Asana for task management.

It has been an excellent experience for me using Asana, the robust architecture coupled with the unique and engaging features makes it stand out from the rest, making it the perfect tool for anyone looking for a powerful and user-friendly solution.


asana task management tool pricing
Image credits: Asana.

Asana task management app is cheaper compared to other task management apps, and it comes with 3 different packages:

  • Basic Free plan: $ 0 per user/per month
  • Premium: $ 14 per user/per month
  • Business: $ 25 per user/per month

Pros and Cons


  1. Complete online task management, project tracking, and time tracking features
  2. Robust integrations with other tools and platforms
  3. Customizable workflow options to suit individual needs and preferences
  4. Collaborative features that make it easy to work with clients and team members
  5. Intuitive and user-friendly platform design


  1. Some users may find the number of features overwhelming at first
  2. The pricing for Asana’s premium plans can be high for smaller teams or individual users
  3. The platform’s reporting capabilities could be more robust and customizable

4. Trello

Best free task management software

trello task management app
Image credits: Trello.

I’m thrilled to declare that Trello is easily one of the most effective task management software available out there.

Its approach to project management is pretty straightforward, making it easy to organize and track tasks, work collaboratively with others, and keep deadlines from slipping.

One of the standout hallmarks of Trello is the delightful card-based system. With Trello, tasks are listed on cards, which can be shuffled around to different sections or categories seamlessly.

This helps to track the progress of project managers and quickly highlight any potential roadblocks.

Another feature that sets Trello apart is its customization options. The platform allows users to create custom boards, lists, and cards, making it a doddle to tailor the workflow to their individual needs and preferences.

Trello’s collaborative features are another key benefit. The platform allows for real-time collaboration between team members, simplifying the tasks of sharing tasks, attaching files, and providing feedback.

To sum up, Trello is an absolute must-have for individuals or teams who crave simplicity and a visual approach to task planning management, without any complex features to slow them down.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or an established enterprise, Trello is a potent and supple tool that can help you stay orderly and punctual.

Key Features

trello project management software
Image credits: Trello.

  1. Card-based task management system that is simple and easy to use
  2. Customizable boards, lists, and cards to suit individual needs and preferences
  3. Real-time collaboration and communication features that make it easy to work with team members
  4. A variety of integration options with other tools and platforms to streamline workflows
  5. A mobile app that allows users to access their boards and organize tasks on-the-go

User Experience

trello user experience resource management
Image credits: Trello.

As a Trello user myself, I can attest to the seamless experience it provides; navigation is a breeze, as the interface is designed to be user-friendly.

The drag-and-drop feature, along with the ability to assign task lists to team members, makes it simple to prioritize and time tracking tasks.

But what sets Trello apart are its customization options: I can color-code tags, create custom labels, and customize checklists to meet my needs.

It’s like having a personal assistant that tailors everything to your every whim.

Collaboration is also a great UX, as on this you can easily add members to boards, assign recurring tasks, and leave comments. It facilitates real-time updates, ensuring everyone’s on the same page, and nothing slips through the cracks.

Overall, Trello excels in simplicity. You are never overwhelmed with complicated menus or features.

You can manage your projects while collaborating with ease, all thanks to a platform that makes any team’s work-life more organized.


trello simple task management software pricing
Image credits: Trello.

Trello is the best task management software for those who need to start managing tasks for free – it offers a free plan also for teams, with some limited features:

  • Free plan: $ 0 per user/per month
  • Standard: $ 6 per user/per month
  • Premium: $ 12,50 per user/per month
  • Enterprise: $ 17,50 per user/per month

Pros and Cons


  1. User-friendly and intuitive interface
  2. Customizable boards, lists, and cards to suit individual needs and preferences
  3. Real-time collaboration and communication features that make it easy to work with team members
  4. Multiple integration options with other tools and platforms to streamline workflows
  5. Mobile app for on-the-go access to boards and prioritizing tasks


  1. Limited functionality for complex project management needs
  2. Limited reporting options and analytics
  3. The free version has limitations on the number of boards and attachments allowed

5. ClickUp

Best visual task management tool

clickup task management tool
Image credits: ClickUp.

As you can see in this article, I’ve tried many task management software, but ClickUp ranks among the best for sure; here’s why.

With features ranging from task assignment and progress tracking to team collaboration and communication, ClickUp serves as an ideal solution.

What stood out to me most is its customizable dashboard that lets users effortlessly manage and organize their recurring tasks and projects.

Also, the platform offers various views, such as boards, lists, and calendars, to simplify the tasks’ visualization.

Not only that, but real-time commenting, task assignment, and file sharing elevates collaboration within the team.

This ensures everyone’s always on the same page, and tasks are completed without any glitches – you can try it to believe it.

What impressed me is its easy integration with popular third-party integrations like Slack, Zoom, and Google Drive. This streamlines workflows and prevents teams from juggling between different applications.

In summary, ClickUp offers a powerful and user-friendly solution for project managers of all levels. Its vast features and customization options make it a go-to choice, regardless of the project’s size and complexity.

Key Features

clickup project management software key features
Image credits: ClickUp.

  1. Customizable Dashboard: ClickUp’s dashboard can be tailored to meet the user’s specific needs, providing an easy-to-use overview of organizing tasks and projects.
  2. Multiple Views: The platform offers a range of views, including list, board, calendar, and Gantt chart views, to help users visualize their tasks and projects.
  3. Collaboration Features: ClickUp provides real-time commenting, task assignment, and file-sharing features to facilitate collaboration between team members.
  4. Integrations: ClickUp comes with a range of third-party integrations, including Slack, Zoom, and Google Drive, to streamline workflows and keep all project information in one place.
  5. Automation: ClickUp offers a range of automation features, including recurring tasks, custom notifications, and time tracking, to help users save time and automate repetitive tasks.

User Experience

clickup for project managers
Image credits: ClickUp.

ClickUp blew me away with its top-notch user experience. Their clean, modern interface made running through tasks seamless and made me forget I had deadlines.

The real standout here is the customizable dashboard and multiple views, genuinely allowing me to take the reins on my workload and view everything in a personalized way.

Collaborating with the team was a breeze because of the real-time commenting and task-assigning features, and my team and I managed to keep tabs on everything easily.

Oh, and don’t get me started on their file-sharing capability, which let us efficiently share project files and documents.

ClickUp even took automating tasks to the next level, allowing me to create recurring tasks and custom alerts to keep on top of everything.

Managing projects has never been easier, ClickUp left no stone unturned, and overall I couldn’t be happier with my experience.


clickup task management software pricing
Image credits: ClickUp.

ClickUp pricing is quite cheap and comes with 5 different packages:

  • Free: $ 0 per user/per month
  • Unlimited: $ 9 per user/per month
  • Business: $ 19 per user/per month
  • Business Plus: $ 29 per user/per month
  • Enterprise: custom price

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile project management tool for task management, with time tracking feature, scheduling, team collaboration, and more
  • Customizable interface and project views, allowing teams to tailor the tool to their specific needs
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface, with a short learning curve
  • Integration with various third-party integrations, including Google Drive, Trello, Slack, and more
  • Offers a free plan with basic features, making it accessible to teams with limited budgets


  • Some users might find the number of features overwhelming or unnecessary for their needs
  • The pricing can be a bit confusing, with different features and pricing tiers that may not be immediately clear
  • The mobile app can be slow and buggy at times, which can be frustrating for on-the-go users.

6. Hubspot

Best for complex projects

hubspot project management software
Image credits: Hubspot.

HubSpot is one of the most popular platforms offering a suite of marketing, sales, and customer service tools.

However, what many people may not know is that with HubSpot’s robust task management feature, it’s quickly becoming the go-to option for managing projects too.

In fact, HubSpot’s online task management software is a game-changer, offering users a comprehensive view of their task deadlines and projects – making it easy to manage workload efficiently.

One of the reasons HubSpot’s task management feature sets it apart from other project management tools is its seamless integration with other tools.

With its integration with the HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub, users can quickly turn leads into tasks and keep track of their progress throughout the sales cycle. This allows for a more streamlined experience, and everything is in one spot.

What’s more, Hubspot comes with other productivity tools and third-party integrations like Google Drive and Google Calendar, making it an all-in-one solution that can handle multiple tasks and fully streamline workflow.

You can also customize your task list by adding your own custom task types. Assign and schedule and manage tasks to specific people, set due dates, create templates, and even automate the creation of recurring tasks.

Overall, HubSpot’s robust task management with advanced features offers an industry-leading solution for managing complex tasks and projects.

So if you want a more integrated and efficient approach to project management, look no further- HubSpot’s task management is the solution for you.

Key features

hubspot task management tool key features
Image credits: Hubspot.

  1. Integration with other HubSpot tools, including CRM and Marketing Hub.
  2. Integration with popular productivity tools like Google Calendar and Drive.
  3. Customization options for task types, due dates, and templates.
  4. Ability to automate the creation of recurring team tasks.
  5. A comprehensive view of tasks and projects for efficient workload management.

User Experience

hubspot for multiple projects
Image credits: Hubspot.

Navigating the interface is a cinch thanks to the clear and concise menus and task boards. In next to no time, you can create and assign tasks, set deadlines, and include notes, attachments, or motivational stickers.

If you use Google Calendar and Drive, you’ll love how the platform seamlessly integrates with them and keeps everything in one tidy place.

For a well-rounded perspective, there’s a comprehensive view that shows all your tasks and projects. This way, you can prioritize and manage your workload like a boss.

Plus, with HubSpot‘s task resource management feature, you can customize the platform to fit your exact needs. It’s almost like having your own personal task genie.

In conclusion, HubSpot’s task management feature is a game-changer for those who want to level up their project management skills. It’s innovative, efficient, and, most importantly, fun!


hubspot task management software pricing
Image credits: Hubspot.

These HubSpot features are 100% free.

Pros and Cons


  1. I found HubSpot as a user-friendly and intuitive interface
  2. Integrates with other tools such as Google Calendar and Drive
  3. I like very much the way you can customizable task views, task lists, and project templates
  4. Ability to assign tasks and set due dates
  5. Provides a comprehensive view of tasks and projects


  1. Limited functionality compared to dedicated task management software
  2. Pricing can be expensive for smaller businesses
  3. The steep learning curve for more complex features

7. Monday

Best for team collaboration

monday.com best task management tool
Image credits: Monday.

Monday.com is a task manager that’s made it to my list of favorites! Its easy-to-use interface and visually appealing designs made it stand out from the rest of the competition.

It’s loaded with customizable templates and features making it ideal for teams of all sizes and industries.

One of the software’s remarkable features is its adaptability in allowing teams to track and handle projects using a variety of methods, such as timelines, calendars, and Gantt charts.

What’s more impressive about this software is the automation of reminders and notifications to help ensure no tasks or deadlines are missed!

And what’s more convenient is the mobile app that lets the users stay on top even while they are away!

All in all, Monday.com offers a seamless and collaborative experience for teams looking to streamline their task management processes while keeping things unique and engaging.

Key features

monday.com task management tool key features
Image credits: Monday.

  • Customizable templates for various industries and use cases
  • Multiple project views including timelines, calendars, and Gantt charts
  • Automation capabilities such as reminders and notifications
  • Collaboration tools such as team boards, comments, and file sharing
  • Mobile app for on-the-go task management and tracking

User experience

monday.com task management solution
Image credits: Monday.

Monday.com‘s UI is not only visually appealing but also incredibly intuitive, making it a cinch to create and manage tasks.

Along with customizable templates and multiple project views, this software is a game-changer for those who take their tasks seriously.

With automation, workflows are streamlined and manual effort is reduced. For those who value collaboration, Monday.com offers tools that keep teams connected, organized, and working towards the same goal.

As if that wasn’t enough, the mobile app guarantees access and management on the go. Whether you’re in your pyjamas or sipping a latte at the local cafe, you can keep tabs on your individual tasks.

If you’re looking for a task management system that’s well-rounded and user-friendly, look no further than this task management software.


monday.com task management software pricing
Image credits: Monday.

Monday.com comes with a 14-day free trial and with 5 packages:

  • Free plan: $ 0
  • Basic: $ 8 user/month
  • Standard: $ 10 user/month
  • Pro: $ 16 user/month
  • Enterprise: custom price

Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive and visually appealing interface
  • Customizable task templates and multiple project views
  • Automation capabilities to streamline workflows
  • Collaboration tools for effective team communication and organization
  • Mobile app for on-the-go task management


  • Can be a bit expensive for larger teams or organizations
  • Has some complex features and workflows that can be difficult to learn if you are a newbie in the
  • Limited customization options for some features

8. Bonus: Wrike

Best visual task management software

wrike free task management software
Image credits: Wrike.

Wrike is your new best friend for managing your tasks – awarded for its accessible software by over 20,000 organizations worldwide.

Scaling from small teams to vast organizations, it’s a highly-configurable workflow management system that allows customization of dashboards, workflows, reports, and more.

Easily switch between Kanban board, one-click Gantt charts, and traditional workload views to assign tasks and streamline team management.

Templates ranging from a number of agile methods to star structure styles, subtasks, schedules, shared workflows, file sharing, and real-time collaboration are all in the toolbox.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also check out calendar views, dashboard views, and more.

Wrike has created a support haven with interactive training, videos, a ‘Getting Started’ guide, and a community hub to match. Get ahead of the game and plan ahead your business processes with Wrike.

Key features

wrike task management software key features
Image credits: Wrike.

  • Comprehensive project management system
  • Collaboration tools and real-time activity streams
  • Customizable workflows and project templates
  • Robust reporting and analytics features
  • Integrations with a wide range of other tools and apps.

User Experience

wrike free resource management software
Image credits: Wrike.

Wrike’s intuitive project management system offers a user-friendly experience that makes teamwork very simple.

It has an interface that is easy to navigate and customizable workspaces that can be tailored to each user’s requirements. With the ability to manage to-do lists and time tracking, Wrike makes it easy to communicate with team members in real-time.

Collaboration features that include team chat and document collaboration are conveniently built into the tool, fostering seamless teamwork.

The learning curve might be a little steep for new users, but the customizable workflows and project templates can help to get everyone up to speed. By taking the edge off group work, Wrike‘s comprehensive features ensure efficient and effective teamwork.


wrike task management software pricing
Image credits: Wrike.

Wrike pricing is very interesting because it offers a free plan version, so you can test it, as well as paid versions if you need more features for complex projects.

  • Team plan: $ 9.80 per user/month
  • Business: $ 24.80 per user/month

Pros and Cons


  1. Comprehensive project management system with customizable workflows and project templates
  2. Collaboration tools and real-time activity streams to facilitate team communication
  3. Robust reporting and analytics features to provide insights into team performance and project progress
  4. Integrates with a wide range of other tools and apps, allowing teams to streamline their workflows
  5. Offers a free plan with basic features, making it accessible to teams with limited budgets


  1. The pricing can be a bit expensive for larger teams or those with more complex needs
  2. The interface can be overwhelming at first, with a steep learning curve for new users
  3. The mobile app is not as fully-featured as the desktop version, and some users may find it limiting.

What Is Task Management Tool?

Are you juggling multiple to-do lists and struggling to stay on top of your to-do list? Look no further than a task management tool.

Task management tools are more than just software applications – they’re your personal lifesavers.

Designed to streamline your workday, these powerful tools offer a plethora of features, including project management boards, calendars, to-do lists, reminders, and much more.

Quality task management software can help you plan, organize, track, and prioritize your workload – so you can accomplish more every day.

But why stop there? Collaborate with others, set deadlines, track progress, and get insights into your performance – all from one centralized location.

Whether you’re an individual or part of a team, task management tools have something for everyone.

You’ll love using them for complex projects or when you’re working on multiple tasks. With everything in one place, you’ll stay organized, motivated, and focused, even on your busiest days.

And the best part? You can access your task management tool from anywhere, anytime! With web-based platforms and mobile applications, you can tick off your to-do list on the go.

So why wait? Try a task management tool today and take control of your workday! Whether you’re a freelancer, a student, or a business owner, it’s an essential tool to boost your productivity and get things done with ease.

Features Of Great Task Management Software

best project and task management software key features
Image credits: Canva.

User-Friendly Interface

Task management software that’s worth using should offer an interface that even a technophobe can learn in seconds, allowing anyone to create, assign and prioritize tasks across an organization.

Not only will your team members get the job done faster, but they’ll also have a far more enjoyable time using it.

Plus, this user-friendly feature ensures that no to-do lists go missing in action. Say hello to productivity and goodbye to headaches with the top task management solution.

Collaboration Tools

Task management isn’t just about individual productivity – it’s about the entire team working towards common goals.

That’s why collaboration features are a crucial aspect of any good task management tool.

With these tools, team members can assign and delegate responsibilities, work together on to-do lists, and track progress in real-time.

Deadline and Time Management

Managing project timelines can be daunting, but effective task management software can make it much simpler.

With helpful features like deadline setting, progress tracking, and time management, it’s never been easier to keep your team on track.

Make sure to choose software that allows you to set deadlines and track your progress so you can stay focused and meet crucial deadlines.

Time management tools, such as timers and time-tracking software, are also essential for effective task management.

These features help teams prioritize to-do lists, manage their time more effectively, and ultimately meet deadlines with ease.

Software integrations

There’s nothing like a task management tool that brings all the tasks into one place and makes your life easier.

It’s crucial to find a tool that integrates well with all the other software you use so that you can streamline workflows and skyrocket your productivity.

You don’t want to be constantly shifting between different tools and platforms. That’s why a great task management tool should take care of everything for you.

Reporting and Analytics

With excellent task management software, one can effectively track team performance, managing tasks, productivity, and goals.

The real lifeline of this software is the detailed analytics & reporting features it offers that give valuable insights into areas of improvement.

Together, they help teams work efficiently and effectively. Enjoy the benefits of leading your team with precision while eliminating chaos.


Task management software should be as flexible as a gymnast. To truly benefit the user, it must have the ability to adapt and transform like a chameleon.

That’s why customization is a vital feature in task management software.

A suitable tool should allow personalization to perfectly fit user or team requirements, including task types, labels, and statuses.

This unparalleled feature is the linchpin, enabling teams to adjust the software to their individual workflows and processes. So they can manage their tasks with terrific ease.


What are the 4 types of task management?

There are various ways to categorize types of task management, but here are four common approaches:

1. Personal task management: This involves managing one’s own tasks, such as creating a to-do list, setting priorities, and tracking progress. Personal task management tools include simple paper-based lists, basic software applications, or more advanced apps like Todoist or Wunderlist.

2. Team task management: This type of task management focuses on coordinating and assigning tasks within a team, as well as tracking progress and deadlines. Examples of team task management tools include Trello, Asana, and Monday.com.

3. Project management: This is a more complex form of task management that involves managing multiple tasks, timelines, resources, and stakeholders for a specific project. Project management tools include software like Basecamp, Jira, and Smartsheet.

4. Workflow automation: This type of task management focuses on automating repetitive or manual tasks, streamlining workflows, and improving efficiency. Examples of workflow automation tools include Zapier, IFTTT, and Microsoft Power Automate.

Wrap Up

In this article, we have explored some of the best task management software available in the market, including Bonsai, Asana, Trello, ClickUp, and Monday.com.

Having delved into the key features, pros, and cons of all these platforms, we’ve now got a solid understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

But what really makes great task management software? A user-friendly interface and powerful team collaboration tools should be on your list of priorities, as should intuitive time management and software integration capabilities.

Reporting and analytics features and customization options also go a long way in helping you work smarter, not harder.

So, after considering these points, you should be feeling confident and ready to choose the perfect task management software for you!

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