10+ Best hippie fonts for commercial use (Free & Premium)

Are you a graphic designer who is looking for the best minimalist fonts to use in your next logo design or personal branding? If so, you're in luck! In this blog post, we will share 8 of the best professional fonts that are perfect for modern logo designs.
hippie fonts for commercial use

Looking for that perfect font to capture the free-spirited, creative vibe of your project? You’ve come to the right place. This blog post is all about groovy hippie fonts—those eclectic, artistic typefaces that evoke a sense of nostalgia and freedom.

Whether you’re working on a poster, logo, or social media campaign, the right serif or sans serif font can transport your audience straight to Woodstock. And guess what? You don’t have to break the bank for it.

We’ve curated a list of the best hippie fonts for commercial use, both free and premium, to help you make a choice that suits your budget and style.

What are the best hippie fonts for commercial use?

When it comes to capturing the eclectic, carefree spirit of the hippie era, the choice of font family can make all the difference. Here’s a rundown of some of the best hippie fonts that can give your project that authentic vibe.

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Best Premium Hippie fonts

We’re about to dive into our handpicked list of premium hippie fonts that offer that extra touch of sophistication and originality. These fonts aren’t just eye-catching—they’re designed with the highest quality to make your graphic design work stand out.

1. Cosmic Hippie

Best hippie font Overall (Editor’s Choice)

cosmic hippie font example

Step into the vivid world of the ’70s with Cosmic Hippie display font, a captivating font that encapsulates the spirit of this unforgettable epoch. This typeface is like a time capsule, complete with twirling lines and whimsical characters.

Drawing inspiration from the social rebellion of the time, this versatile font radiates feelings of harmony, freedom, and uniqueness. Its vibrant and kaleidoscopic design mirrors the unbounded ethos of the period, making it the go-to option for infusing your projects with a vintage allure.

From concert flyers and t-shirts, to record sleeve designs, or any endeavor that needs a sprinkle of yesteryear, this full set typeface will carry you away to an era of vivid imagination and eternal charisma.

Cosmic Hippie Groovy Font

Cosmic Hippie is a captivating display font that encapsulates the spirit of this unforgettable epoch.

Download Now

2. Gulp

Best ultra bold Display font

gulp font example

Among groovy hippie fonts, Gulp typeface is a whimsical and engaging font influenced by pop culture, counterculture, and graphic novels. This groovy font is spirited, retro, and edgy, boasting an ultra-thick and bold profile.

This makes the hand drawn script font excellent for attention-grabbing headlines and succinct phrases. The typeface radiates a contemporary and stylish vibe, well-suited for projects that demand a strong and impactful presence. Its slanted version offers an extra dash of flair, providing a lighthearted twist.

However, it’s worth noting that Gulp script font isn’t the best pick for extended text, as its intense character could potentially overshadow the message you’re trying to convey.

Gulp Ultra Bold Display Font

Gulp typeface is a whimsical and engaging font influenced by pop culture, counterculture, and graphic novels.

Download Now

3. Humankind

Best hippie font for t-shirt designs

human kind font example

Humankind is a groundbreaking hand drawn font that revels in its groovy, avant-garde stylings. With its audacious, sweeping arcs and unique letter shapes, this serif font becomes more than a mere font; it transforms into an expressive medium ideal for a range of creative ventures.

Think high-impact concert flyers that scream excitement, bohemian branding that evokes free-spiritedness, or evocative quotes that resonate deeply.

What sets Humankind apart is its seamless blend of futuristic design elements and sentimental swirls. This fusion crafts a typography experience that transcends the ordinary, creating visuals that are not just memorable but almost hypnotic in their appeal.

Each letter is an individual work of art, making every word and sentence a visual journey that adds dimension to your projects. But the real magic lies in Humankind’s versatility.

This serif font offers a treasure trove of alternative characters, allowing for a level of customization that’s rarely seen in typical fonts. These alternative options give you the creative freedom to add extra flair and variety to your work, ensuring that no two projects will ever look the same.

Humankind Groovy Hippie Typeface

Humankind is a groundbreaking font that revels in its groovy, avant-garde stylings.

Download Now

4. Roges

Best hippie font for retro style designs

roges font example

With its retro-inspired elements, Roges layered font weaves fluid script characteristics into your text, creating an intriguing and eye-catching visual tapestry.

This makes it an exceptional tool to breathe life into your creative undertakings, from logo design to editorial work.

What sets Roges apart are its various character options, each designed to add subtle undulations and unique twists to your text. These carefully crafted elements introduce unexpected turns and delightful surprises, enriching your designs in a way that captivates the viewer.

But the versatility of Roges doesn’t stop at its individual characters. This font excels in creating compelling header pairings that seamlessly blend with other typefaces.

This ability allows Roges to elevate the overall aesthetic of any project, be it digital or print, enhancing its visual appeal and ensuring that it leaves a lasting impression.

Roges Versatile Groovy Font

Roges layered font weaves fluid script characteristics into your text, creating an intriguing and eye-catching visual tapestry. 

Download Now

5. Groovy Vintage

Best hippie psychedelic style font

groovy vintage font example

Looking to blend timeless charm with contemporary flair and terminal forms in your design work? The key might just be selecting the perfect typeface. Groovy Vintage is a classic typeface with smooth lines that marries vintage elegance with modern sophistication.

Among the best hippie fonts, this groovy style font is not just another hippie style typeface; it’s a versatile tool that can be implemented across a broad range of platforms.

Whether you’re revamping your website, crafting social media graphics, developing mobile applications, creating advertisements, designing printed collateral, fashioning apparel, or conceptualizing product packaging, this retro font brings an added layer of uniqueness that sets your designs stand out.

Groovy Vintage Modern Font

Groovy Vintage is a classic typeface with smooth lines that marries vintage elegance with modern sophistication.

Download Now

6. Rumley Moon

Best for retro typography

rumley font example

Rumley Moon is a versatile and impactful sans serif typeface that comes with a unique set of letterforms. With its singular design, it has the power to whisk you away to a bygone era, imbuing your work with a sense of nostalgia.

Among the best hippie fonts, this uppercase letters font accomplishes this without sacrificing a contemporary edge, making it a modern classic in the realm of typography.

This hippie movement font is a jack-of-all-trades, suitable for a plethora of professional applications. Looking to elevate your brand’s logos? This font family can bring a fresh but timeless feel.

Need the ideal hand drawn typeface for your invitations or logos, be they for corporate events or personal celebrations like weddings?

This font adds a touch of elegance and style that’s hard to overlook. It’s equally effective for product labels, offering an inviting and memorable aesthetic that stands out on the shelf.

This hand drawn font influenced by hippie movement is also a prime choice for editorial designs, book layouts, and magazine spreads, adding a distinct flair that captures attention without overpowering the content.

Moreover, the full set font is an excellent option for greeting cards, exuding warmth and personality that make any occasion more special.

Rumley Moon Versatile Font

Rumley Moon is a versatile and impactful sans serif typeface that comes with a unique set of letterforms.

Download Now

7. Hello Omens

Best for a playful touch

hello omens font example

Hello Omens is a unique typographical masterpiece that encapsulates the relaxed, easy-going mood of the early 1970s typographic styles, as well as the colorful and imaginative post-psychedelic art era. This distinctive character makes it more than just a set of letters—it becomes a visual experience.

The versatility of the lowercase letters of Greeting Wonders makes it suitable for a wide array of creative endeavors.

Whether you’re working on striking headlines that demand attention, or layout designs for a magazine that needs a retro kick, this font has you covered.

Its ability to elevate text elements like quotes and sidebars makes it an invaluable resource for designers aiming for a specific period aesthetic.

But where this retro font truly comes into its own is in create projects that aim to evoke the nostalgia and cultural richness of the 1970s.

Think about the style of album covers for retro bands, t-shirt designs, posters for themed events, or even branding for businesses that want to channel that iconic era.

The font effortlessly fuses the past and the present, making it ideal for projects that need to transcend time.

Hello Omens Funky Groovy Font

Hello Omens is a unique typographical masterpiece that encapsulates the relaxed, easy-going mood of the early 1970s typographic styles.

Download Now

Best Free hippie fonts

Who says you have to splurge to capture the free-spirited, creative essence of the hippie era? Sometimes the best things in life are free—or at least, your fonts can be. In this section, we’re focusing on hippie fonts that you can use for free only for personal use.

8. Jemrok

Best free hippie font for music albums

Jemrok font

Jemrok is more than a mere collection of characters; it’s a typographic journey that teleports you straight into the soulful and revolutionary vibes of the late ’60s.

With its unique style, Jamrok captures the essence of an era defined by social change and artistic freedom, making it more than just a tool but a statement in and of itself.

This opentype features adaptability and makes it a top pick for a diverse array of design projects. Whether you’re working on eye-catching headlines, retro magazine layouts, or evocative quotes, Jamrok brings a special something that sets your work apart.

With its uppercase letters, this font family shines exceptionally well in a creative project that aim to encapsulate the spirit and courage of the 1960s.

Imagine utilizing Jemrok to create graphic design historical documentaries, themed coffee shop branding and logos, or even for editorial pieces in a culture magazine.

The font harmoniously bridges the gap between the past and the present, providing a timeless edge to any project.

9. Hippie flowers

Best for album covers

hippie flower font

Hippie Flowers is an evocative visual experience that conjures the carefree and optimistic vibes of the flower power era. Infused with elements of nature and whimsy, this unique typeface embodies the ideals of peace, love, and harmony that defined the 1960s.

The versatility of Hippie Flowers makes it a standout choice for a broad range of design tasks. Whether it’s for eye-catching headers, logos, magazine spreads that channel bohemian charm, or unique quotes that express a deeper sentiment, this font delivers an organic touch that’s hard to overlook.

Where it truly excels is in projects that aim to celebrate the environmental consciousness and free-spirited ethos of the hippie era.

Hippie Flowers is perfectly suitable for an eco-friendly brand’s packaging, a music festival’s promotional materials, or a nostalgic photo book that pays tribute to the ’60s.

This font seamlessly blends yesteryear’s nostalgia with today’s design sensibilities, making it perfect for retro designs projects that span across eras.

10. Retrofunk

retrofunk script font

Defined by its energetic lines and rhythmic curves, Retrofunk captures the exuberance and flamboyance that colored those iconic years. This full set font is free only for personal use, non commercial use allowed.

Perfectly versatile, this lowercase letters groovy font is a game-changer for a myriad of design projects. If you’re crafting bold headlines, assembling chic magazine layouts, or setting eye-popping quotes, this font has got the flair to take your work to the next level.

But where Retrofunk truly grooves is in projects soaked in the retro allure of disco balls, neon lights, and afro hairstyles.

With his lowercase characters, visualize using Retrofunk for your night club’s branding and logos, a retro-themed event poster, or even for digital platforms that delve into music history.

This font includes uppercase letters, stylistic alternates, multilingual support, and its dynamic personality harmonizes with both retro nostalgia and contemporary aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for designs that dance across timelines.

What is a hippie font?

A hippie font is a type of typeface that embodies the spirit and aesthetics of the hippie era, with a nostalgic mood, often associated with the 1960s and 1970s.

These hippie fonts capture a sense of freedom, rebellion, and a love for nature and spirituality.

You’ll often find bold, uppercase and lowercase letters, lowercase characters, opentype features, accent characters, flowing forms, retro-inspired curves, and sometimes even psychedelic elements like swirls and abstract shapes.


What font is used for groovy letters?

When it comes to achieving a groovy, retro feel in your typography and design project, one popular choice is the “Gulp” font. It often features bold, fluid letterforms that channel the playful spirit of the ’60s and ’70s.

However, it’s not the only option. Fonts like “Funkydori” and “Cosmic Hippie” also offer that vintage, groovy aesthetic.

Explore the font styles that have both uppercase letters and lowercase letters, stylistic alternates, multilingual support, multilingual characters, multilingual glyphs, supports opentype features, and supports different ligatures.

What is the hippie font on Google Docs?

Google Docs offers a limited selection of fonts compared to specialized design software, but you can still find some typefaces that have a hippie or retro feel. “Fredericka the Great” and “Pacifico” are two options that bring in some of that artistic flair.

While not exclusively ‘hippie,’ they capture a sense of individuality and freedom that might fit your project. Don’t forget you can also import fonts into Google Docs to broaden your creative horizons.

Where did the hippie font come from?

The origins of the hippie font style can be traced back to the countercultural movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

This era was marked by social rebellion, a love for nature, and an emphasis on artistic expression.

The typography of the time reflected these values, with free-form, bold designs that often took inspiration from Art Nouveau, psychedelia, and Eastern spirituality.

The fonts encapsulated the ethos of the period—freedom, rebellion, and a break from the conventional.

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Wrap Up

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide to understanding and choosing the best hippie fonts and the 60s and 70s unique personality behind them, for your creative endeavors.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or ready to invest in premium fonts options, there’s something for everyone.

These fonts aren’t just eye candy; they carry with them a rich history and a unique spirit that can elevate your projects to a new level.

Remember, the right font can transform your message, resonate with your audience, and help your unique design stand out in a crowded space. So go ahead and experiment with these versatile, expressive typefaces.

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