10+ best forest color palette ideas (with HEX codes)

Forest color palette

In the heart of the forest, there’s a dance of colors most people miss. It’s where deep greens mingle with earthy browns and soft grays.

For designers, these shades are a goldmine.

Exploring the best forest color palette ideas isn’t just about design; it’s a journey into nature’s embrace.

Dive in, discover ideas (and HEX), and draw inspiration from the shades that nature has perfected over eons.

What is the best forest color palette?

Here are the best forest color palettes to find color inspiration for your next forest atmosphere design.

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1. Whispering Woodlands

forest atmosphere color palettes

Whispering Woodlands is a color palette echoing the soft murmurs and tales of ancient forests.

These shades encapsulate the gentle hush of leaves rustling in the wind, and the subtle footfalls on a mossy path.

Celtic Green (#193A20)

Celtic Green evokes ancient woods and whispered tales. Resembling evergreen shades, it carries a sense of deep mystery and age-old nature tales.

Battleship Gray (#86917D)

is more than just gray. It mirrors forest fog at dawn—quiet, soft, with green undertones. This hue enhances other colors, akin to the stillness of an early forest morning.

Apple (#56923F)

Apple is a burst of lively green, reminiscent of fresh leaves or a sunny forest day. Its vibrancy breathes life into designs.

Xanadadu (#6B7B74)

Xanadadu channels enchanting groves and mystic tales. A mix of green and gray, it evokes mossy stones and reflective moments, perfect for serene designs.

2. Enchanted Timber Tints

Enchanted Timber Tints forest color palette

This forest color palette is inspired by the magical allure of ageless woods. Each shade echoes the secrets held by towering trees and hidden groves.

Rangitoto (#3E4E19)

Rangitoto embodies the profound essence of ancient forest floors. A hue of whispered secrets and playful shadows, it offers designs a grounding depth.

Driftwood (#B2854C)

Driftwood captures sun-soaked forest hues. Offering organic warmth, it’s the bridge between earth and sunlight, encapsulating nature’s comforting moments.

Clay Creek (#858652)

Clay Creek finds the perfect midpoint. Echoing the gentle sway of forest ferns, it’s nature’s unhurried hue, ideal for harmonious designs.

Nevada (#6D7577)

Nevada speaks of cool mountain stones and timelessness. A steadfast backdrop for designs, it’s the quiet depth where thoughts run profound.

3. Ancient Groves

Ancient Groves Forest color palette

This forest color palette echoes the timeless whispers of primaeval forests. Every hue tells tales of centuries-old trees, secret clearings, and the age-old dance of sunlight and shadow.

Straw green (#3E4E19)

Straw green is a color that alludes to ancient forests. A shade that fully represents the “secret” among the leaves of the forest. Deep and enchanting, this color adds the magic of the forest.

Gimblet (Hex: #B6B96F)

Gimblet is the color that best represents the sunlight through the leaves, but also that sense of calm of forest clearings.

Chelsea Cucumber (#93B055)

Chelsea Cucumber represents the cheerfulness of nature. Think fresh shoots and vibrant green, this color makes any forest color palette design lively.

Zorba (#98948E)

Zorba is the natural color of the stone, which tells of a quiet atmosphere, and timeless places, like “old forest tales.” A neutral but strong color.

4. Verdant Ventures

Verdant Ventures Forest color palette

The Verdant Ventures forest color palette beckons design enthusiasts into the heart of the forest.

Create your amazing design using this forest color palette inspired by the untouched wild, where every shade captures the essence of nature’s most intimate moments.


Kelp is a shade that resonates with ancient woods. This color evokes many emotions: imagine trees exchanging tales under the moon. An awesome example of wood color inspiration.

Mint Julep(#F3ECC8)

Mint Julep is the perfect example of the morning light filtering through the trees. It is the new beginning that nature promises each day. Soft and tender, this shade brings a touch of illumination to any project.

Straw (#D0C186)

Straw is the golden touch of the forest’s natural colors. Imagine sunlit paths leading to new adventures. A perfect blend of warmth and brightness.

Green Smoke (#A7A767)

Green Smoke perfectly represents the color of tree canopies. The fourth color in this forest color palette is vibrant yet subdued, perfect for a game of contrasts.

5. Whispers of the Wildwoods

Whispers of the Wildwoods color palette

Have you ever wandered through a forest, sensing its stories at every step? That is the magic that this natural color palette seeks to convey.

Bombay (#AEB3B6)

Bombay whispers the delicate morning mists that blanket the forest floor. The first color in this palette is a soft and versatile shade, perfect for those seeking to capture serenity.

Bunker (#151F1E)

Bunker is as deep and rooted as the oldest tree in the forest. It evokes the dark corners of the forest, offering the strength every canvas needs. A beautiful example of forest color for your inspiration.

Judge Gray (#524132)

Judge Gray is reminiscent of old barks, ancient tales and time-worn paths. It adds a vintage touch, bridging the gap between the past and the present.

Shadow (#816646)

Shadow is about the play between light and dark in the woods. It is the shadow seen when the sun peeks through the trees, casting shaded patterns on the ground.

6. Dark Forest

dark forest color palette

Unveil the mysteries of the deep woods with this forest color palette. A collection of hues reminiscent of a forest deep in the twilight, where each color hides a secret waiting to be discovered.

Outer Space (#1A201F)

Outer Space is like the forest’s hidden depths, where moonlight barely touches. Shadows play, secrets whisper, and the night holds its breath in this shade.

Hit Gray (#A1ACB1)

Hit Gray mirrors the gentle mist rising from the forest floor. With its soft embrace, it wraps every design in a comforting haze.

Blue Smoke (#718580)

Blue Smoke is a color that exudes calm and wonder, reminiscent of fog-kissed leaves. It’s the poetry of the forest, captured in color.

Hurricane (#878080)

Hurricane is the embodiment of a storm gathering in the deep woods. It’s that moment of stillness before raindrops begin their dance. Both powerful and serene, this shade captures the forest’s many moods.

7. Untouched Wild

untouched wild forest color palette

In the creative world, the color palette has the power to invoke feelings and inspire designs.

This forest color palette is perfect for those looking to explore the enigmatic allure of the woods in color schemes.

Dark green (#1E2F23)

Dark green is like the heart of an ancient forest showing its pristine corners of nature. Each canvas comes alive with the richness of this hue.

Regent Gray (#949FA7)

Regent Gray is the color of a silvery stream, hidden among mossy stones. It brings to mind the serenity of quiet forest mornings, punctuated only by the call of distant birds.

Bitter (#8A8F73)

Bitter evokes visions of underbrush and the myriad mysteries they conceal. It is a shade that creates a harmonious accord between the vibrancy and serenity of nature.

Squirrel (#8D7F71)

Squirrel is a gentle reminder of the stories of the underbrush, where little paws scamper and leaves rustle. It is the comfort of a den in the woods, the warmth of nature’s embrace.

8. Autumn Forest

autumn forest color palette

Nature has a wonderful way of announcing the shift from summer to winter. As the bright green foliage gives way to a myriad of warm hues, the world becomes a canvas of beauty.

Blood Red (#69140E)

Blood Red is the embodiment of fall’s passionate embrace. It captures the deep red leaves, crisp underfoot and brilliant against the sky. It’s bold, evoking tales of autumn nights and festive hearths.

Brown (#A44200)

Brown is like the bark of trees storing warmth for winter, or the comfort of a snug forest cabin. It brings feelings of protection, grounding any design with earthy richness.

Bronze (#D58936)

Bronze captures the shimmer on falling leaves. It’s a playful dance of light amidst trees, creating silhouettes at dusk.

Vanilla (#F2F3AE)

Vanilla is the soft whisper of early morning fog, settling on forest glades. It’s the gentle light filtering through canopies, painting everything with a golden hue. This is the perfect choice for your forest color palettes.

What is a forest color palette?

A forest color palette is inspired by the diverse and rich natural colors found within woodlands and forests.

These color schemes capture the deep greens of foliage, the browns of tree trunks, the lighter shades of early morning mists, and even the bursts of colors from flora and fauna.

Wrap Up

These forest color palettes offer more than just colors: they give an entire experience.

Adopting one of these color palettes in design projects or concepts not only adds aesthetic value, but tells stories, ignites feelings, and brings the allure of the forest right to your doorstep.

Remember to find inspiration in the beauty around you and paint your world with the colors of your imagination.

Finding the right example for your forest color palette can be a difficult task, but with the right ideas and a willingness to test, you can surely find what is exactly right for you.

Explore, create, and experiment with your color palette and always remember the magic that colors can bring to our lives.

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