30+ Best fonts for headers and titles (2023)

The right font choice for headers and titles is essential to capturing readers' attention and effectively communicating your website's message. With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start. In this article, we have selected over 30 of the best fonts for headers and titles in 2023, categorized based on current design trends.
Best fonts for headers

Selecting the appropriate font for headers and titles is crucial in garnering reader attention and articulating the message of a website effectively. Given the plethora of options, initiating the selection process can be daunting.

This article curates over 30+ best fonts for headers (free and premium), organized according to prevailing design trends.

Included are a variety of styles such as elegant, modern, minimalistic, and more, offering a broad spectrum of options for upcoming design projects.

This compilation is poised to serve as a valuable resource in discovering the ideal font for 2023 headers and titles.

What are the best fonts for headers?

Here are the best script, serif and sans serif fonts for headers and design assets to create beautiful headlines and titles for web designers.

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Top 5 headline fonts

Let’s start our collection with the best 7 headline fonts. Each font is meticulously chosen for its ability to encapsulate and convey a message with clarity and aesthetic appeal. As headlines serve as the gateway to the content, selecting the best script, serif and sans serif fonts that are both captivating and reflective of the brand’s identity is paramount.

1. Highman

Best headline font overall (Editor’s Choice)

Highman font example
Image credits: Ekobimantara.

Among sans serif fonts, Highman emerges as a robust condensed display font, marking its distinctiveness with a unique aesthetic allure among sans serif fonts.

The fusion of uppercase and lowercase letters, each exhibiting varying heights, instills a heightened stylistic essence, particularly evident in titling, headers, displays, or grids.

This distinctive feature of Highman accentuates the visual appeal, rendering a dynamic and engaging appearance to the textual elements.

This sans serif font condensed nature is meticulously crafted, ensuring it retains a bold stance while accommodating the spatial constraints of design layouts.

This makes Highman a preferred choice for designers aiming to make a bold statement without compromising on the aesthetic coherence and space efficiency of the design.

Highman Condensed Headline Font

Highman is a robust condensed display font, marking its distinctiveness with a unique aesthetic allure. 

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2. Nusar

Best headline font for movie titles

nusar font example
Image credits: FypeCo.

Delve into the realms of the unseen with Nusar, a captivating font among sans serif fonts, imbued with the essence of sci-fi and futuristic stylings, standing as a beacon of imaginative typography.

The clean, precise lines of Nusar sans serif font introduce a semblance of order and modernity to your design, setting a foundation of sleek aesthetics.

The meticulous formation of each character in this sans serif typeface exudes a sense of precision and sophistication, which is quintessential in aligning with modern design paradigms.

Nusar’s versatility is its hallmark, opening the gates to an expanse of creative possibilities. It seamlessly transitions from branding endeavors to resonating with music themes, and further extends its narrative to the thrilling domain of space adventures.

Nusar-Futuristic Display Font

Nusar is a captivating font imbued with the essence of sci-fi and futuristic stylings.

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3. Devant Horgen

Best all caps font for design titles

devant horgen font example
Image credits: Webhance.

Devan Horgen, with its classic and decorative essence, seamlessly elevates web design aesthetics, making it an ideal choice among sans serif fonts for crafting eye-catching headlines, logos, or film posters.

The allure of this sans serif font lies in its ability to blend traditional charm with contemporary design needs, thus offering a timeless appeal.

Its muted color palette is a distinguishing feature, providing an extra layer of depth that effortlessly transforms ordinary projects into sublime pieces of art with a professional allure.

Among unique fonts, this beautiful typeface not only embellishes the visual appeal but also introduces a level of sophistication that resonates with a broad spectrum of audiences.

The versatility of Devan Horgen extends beyond mere typography; it encapsulates a design philosophy that is geared towards enhancing visual communication, making it a valuable asset for professional designers aiming to leave a lasting impression with their work.

Devant Horgen Modern Typeface

Devan Horgen seamlessly elevates web design aesthetics for crafting eye-catching headlines.

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4. Quron

Best Sans serif font family

Quron font example
Image credits: Webhance.

Quron emerges as a captivating sans serif font family characterized by a distinctive style that effortlessly blends modernity with a touch of elegance.

The character line of this sans serif font family exudes a unique equilibrium between power and finesse, thereby infusing bold artistry into a myriad of design projects, encompassing logos, magazines, and an extensive range of other creative ventures.

Among sans serif fonts, its capacity to seamlessly introduce a high-impact elegance makes it an exemplary choice for headlines and titles, apparel or UI/UX designs, as well as film titles, headlines, and more.

The polished finesse of this typeface doesn’t just enhance the aesthetic appeal but also elevates the level of professional sophistication in any design it graces.

Quron Modern Display Font

Quron emerges as a captivating sans serif font family characterized by an elegant style.

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5. Grover

Best Sans serif headline font

grover font example
Image credits: Designstag.

Grover Display sans serif lends an antique touch to logos or design projects, effortlessly resonating with a timeless aesthetic appeal.

Among sans serif typefaces, a notable feature of Grover Display is its simplistic small caps feature, which boasts a consistency in thickness with uppercase letters, thereby facilitating a seamless crafting of captivating logos.

With Grover Display, not only is the creation of stunning logos for various projects simplified, but a distinctive, old-world charm is also introduced, making it a sophisticated choice for designers aiming to blend the classic with the contemporary.

Grover Display Font

Grover Display sans serif lends an antique touch to logos or design projects.

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More title fonts

Venturing beyond the top 7 headline fonts unfolds a universe of typographic diversity, each bearing its unique charm and functional traits. This section is a tribute to this rich variety, offering a selection that caters to different stylistic and functional preferences.

6. Typeday

Best Modern sans serif font

typeday dont example
Image credits: Webhance.

Exuding a bold aesthetic through its sharply contrasted lines, Typeday geometric typeface holds the prowess to make a robust statement across a myriad of creative projects, including marketing graphics.

This fun font is engineered with nine distinct weight levels and an expansive range of over 350 glyphs, paving the way for boundless styling avenues, be it crafting elegant logos, compelling magazine covers, or exquisite wedding cards and invitations.

The rich typographic diversity that this sans serif typeface brings to the table transforms it into an ideal choice for tackling various design challenges.

Let the typographic finesse of Typeday take center stage in your design narrative, delivering a blend of boldness and elegance that captivates and resonates.

Typeday Modern Logo Font

Typeday is a geometric typeface holds the prowess to make a robust statement across a myriad of creative projects.

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7. Aventi

Best elegant serif font for header text

Aventi font example
Image credits: Sign_Std.

Among serif fonts, Aventi emerges as a refined serif font, adorned with an abundance of design elements that contribute to its allure.

This title font boasts a range of stylistic alternates and discretionary ligatures, supplemented by PUA encoding, ensuring seamless accessibility to all glyphs and thereby enhancing its usability across various platforms.

This ultimate bold font is meticulously crafted to infuse a layer of sophistication into a multitude of projects, be it branding endeavors, elegantly designed labels, or personalized cards.

The balanced blend of classic serif aesthetics and modern design attributes makes Aventi a go-to choice for designers aiming to elevate their creations with a touch of finesse.

Aventi Bold Font

Aventi is a refined bold serif font, adorned with an abundance of design elements.

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8. Mackenzie

Best display sans serif font

Mackenzie font example
Image credits: FoxType.

Mackenzie Sans Serif Display emerges as a captivating typeface for headlines and titles that encompasses a blend of modern and reliable styles, suitable for a diverse range of applications.

The meticulously crafted title font family embodies powerful letterforms, engineered to make a bold statement while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic and ensuring optimal readability.

Offering a rich spectrum of 17 distinct weights, Mackenzie Display provides an expansive playground for creative experimentation across various mediums such as logos, magazines, and even cinematic titles.

The versatility of this title font allows for the infusion of clean, yet quirky touches, making it a well-rounded choice adaptable to an array of design purposes, thereby catering to the evolving needs of contemporary design landscapes.

Mackenzie Display Typeface

Mackenzie is a Sans Serif Display emerges as a captivating typeface for headlines and titles.

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9. Quning

Best modern classy title font

quning font example
Image credits: HamzStudio.

Among serif fonts, Quning stands out as an unique font, meticulously crafted to meet the diverse branding necessities, and showcasing distinctive alternate characters to infuse a touch of elegance in any design endeavor.

This great font for headlines and titles emerges as an epitome of refined aesthetics blended with a contemporary flair, catering to both designers and product owners on a quest for that subtle elegance.

This extra bold style of Quning not only elevates the visual appeal but unfolds a realm of creative exploration, offering a vast canvas for articulating design narratives.

With its unique character set and modern sophistication, the Quning font stands as a quintessential solution, promising boundless possibilities for inventive expression, thereby elevating the design discourse to a realm of sophistication and modernity.

Quning Modern Classy Font

Quning is a modern serif font for refined aesthetics blended with a contemporary flair.

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10. Glimse

Best elegant luxury serif font

glimse font example
Image credits: HamzStudio.

The Glimse font emerges as an exemplary selection for those aiming to cultivate a modern and elegant brand persona.

This remarkable serif typeface has been meticulously crafted to offer a spectrum of options, encompassing extra ligatures, alternate characters, and unique shapes, each poised to infuse a layer of sophistication into your project.

The expansive character set of Glimse serves as an all-encompassing toolkit, unlocking a realm of endless creative potential for designers.

With its modern elegance and versatile design attributes, Glimse stands as a timeless font choice, ready to elevate the aesthetic quotient of your branding endeavors.

Glimse Luxury Serif Font

Glimse is a luxury serif font that emerges as an exemplary selection for modern and elegant brands. 

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11. Grande

Best beauty classy serif font

grande font example
Image credits: HamzStudio.

Elevate your brand’s narrative through the distinguished charm of Grande Font. The font exhibits a blend of modern, feminine, and classy characters, paving the way for a distinctive aesthetic in any logo design.

The versatility of Grande Font extends across a multitude of domains, be it perfumes, fashion magazines, or book covers, each project is bound to be enriched with decorative elements, thereby adding a nuanced depth.

With a generous offering of alternate characters, this collection opens up a horizon of visual expressions, allowing for the perfect articulation of your brand’s essence across various mediums.

Grande Classy Serif Font

Grande is a classy serif font that exhibits a blend of modern, feminine, and classy characters.

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12. Falling

Best modern headline font

falling modern font example
Image credits: HamzStudio.

Utilize the contemporary allure of Falling font to infuse a distinct layer of uniqueness and sophistication into your branding endeavors.

The specialized ligatures encapsulated in this font flourish in a myriad of shapes, unfolding an expansive realm of creative expression complemented by the availability of outline-style fonts.

Embrace the opportunity at hand to equip oneself with an encompassing toolkit destined for the creation of truly captivating designs.

Falling Modern Logo Font

Falling is a modern font that enfuses distinct layer of uniqueness and sophistication into branding designs.

Download Now

13. Margaret

Best luxury typeface for design titles

margaret font example

Margaret Font is a multifaceted serif typeface exuding a blend of luxury, artistic charm, and fashion-forward styles.

This font embodies a harmonious fusion of trendy elegance intertwined with a touch of retro flair, paving the way for boundless creative explorations whether in the realm of logo creation or devising captivating site headers.

Enriched with a palette of alternates and ligatures, Margaret Font becomes a fertile ground to nurture and manifest original designs, offering a diverse toolkit to artists and designers alike.

The intrinsic versatility and stylish demeanor of Margaret Font stand as a testimony to its ability to seamlessly blend into modern design narratives while adding a distinctive touch of sophistication.

Margaret Luxury Modern Font

Margaret is a multifaceted serif typeface exuding a blend of luxury, artistic charm, and fashion-forward styles. 

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14. Milne

Best headline font for bold design

milne font example
Image credits: Casscappello.

Milne emerges as an impeccable typeface engineered for crafting compelling headlines, embodying a persona that commands attention.

Its bold, heavy weights are meticulously designed to encapsulate a robust visual stance, while a comprehensive array of Latin characters, inclusive of accents, numbers, special characters, and punctuation marks, contributes to its versatile typographic repertoire.

The essence of Milne lies in its capacity to impart a pronounced, impactful statement across diverse design landscapes, fostering a narrative that resonates with audacity.

The inherent boldness and typographic richness of Milne stand as a hallmark of its ability to elevate the dynamism of headlines, thus rendering it a prized asset in the toolkit of discerning designers.

Milne Sans Serif Font

Milne is a bold sans serif typeface engineered for crafting compelling headlines.

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15. Uniser

Best condensed sans serif font

uniser font example
Image credits: Alterzone.

The Uniser font, with its distinctive character, imparts a unique and potent aura to your design endeavors. It unfolds a palette of four distinct styles, each capable of articulating impressively bold statements, seamlessly fitting into a myriad of applications such as posters, tees, packaging, and beyond.

This font family stands as a gateway to elevating visual communication, offering a pathway to modern professionalism and a standout presence amidst a sea of ordinary.

With Uniser, each stroke resonates with purpose, ensuring your message not only takes the center stage but also engages with the audience in a manner that’s both profound and aesthetically pleasing.

Uniser Condensed Sans Font

Uniser font family comes in 4 font styles that can be used to create a variety of visually engaging designs.

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16. Etna

Best all caps typeface for bold design

Etna font example
Image credits: WildOnes.

ETNA emerges as a stylish typeface, its meticulously crafted letterforms embodying a superior level of precision and readability, making it a distinguished choice among a sea of fonts.

With a rich repository of 415 custom glyphs, it gracefully navigates through both Cyrillic and Latin extended characters, ensuring a broad linguistic canvas for designers.

This typeface is not merely about letters; it’s about creating a realm of visual harmony that resonates with elegance, setting your typography apart in a crowded design landscape.

As ETNA unfurls its aesthetic charm on your design canvas, it promises an eloquent narrative that is as engaging as it is beautiful, making every character count towards a memorable design experience.

Etna Sans Serif Font

ETNA is a stylish sans serif typeface, with meticulously crafted letterforms.

Download Now

17. Travel

Best Sans Serif Typeface for crafting titles

travel font example
Image credits: Salt and Pepper Designs.

Travel Sans Serif font is a comprehensive solution for all the typographic needs. This versatile font comes in both OTF and TTF formats, ensuring compatibility across different platforms and software.

In addition, it supports a wide range of web font formats including EOT, SVG, WOFF, and WOFF2, making it an ideal choice for digital projects. With such a well-rounded offering, Travel Sans Font streamlines the creative process and elevates your design capabilities.

Travel Sans Serif Font

Travel is a Sans Serif font, a comprehensive solution for all the typographic needs. 

Download Now

18. Imperfect

Best brush headline font

Imperfect font example
Image credits: WildOnes.

Imperfect Brush Stroke Font is a typeface deeply rooted in the age-old craft of traditional calligraphy. Originating from Japanese ink and coarse flat brushes, this font captures the essence of handcrafted artistry.

Each character is individually scanned and vectorized to preserve the rich texture, giving the font an authentic, imperfect appearance. With its blend of simplicity and archaic charm, this unique font offers an inviting aesthetic that can make any design project stand out.

Imperfect Brush Font

Imperfect Brush Stroke Font is a typeface deeply rooted in the age-old craft of traditional calligraphy.

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19. Ink Club

Best handwritten font for crafting titles

ink club font example
Image credits: Tanah Air Studio.

Transform the visual impact of diverse design projects with Ink Club, a hand-crafted font engineered as a comprehensive asset for creative endeavors.

Designed with a unique ink-inspired style, this brush script font exudes an organic, fluid sophistication that sets it apart, making any title font project instantly more engaging.

Among brush title fonts, its broad range of applicability covers a multitude of domains, whether it’s branding initiatives, logo creation, product packaging, or even poster design.

Not only does it excel in versatility, but its captivating adaptability also makes it a staple for design professionals across various industries.

Ink Club Handwritten Font

Ink Club is a hand-crafted font engineered as a comprehensive asset for creative endeavors. 

Download Now

20. Trembesi

Best handwriting sans serif font

Trembesi font example
Image credits: Weape Design.

Trembesi is a brush font designed to mimic the look and feel of natural handwriting. Crafted for realism, this font serves as an expressive tool for a multitude of applications—be it branding, poster design, apparel and photography titles, advertisements, or product packaging.

Adding another layer of functionality, its all-caps style provides the flexibility to mix and match uppercase and lowercase letters, creating dynamic visual contrasts.

Additionally, the font supports a wide array of features including numbers, punctuation, and even multilingual language compatibility.

Trembesi Brush Font

Trembesi is a brush font designed to mimic the look and feel of natural handwriting.

Download Now

Top Free headline fonts

Google Fonts serves as a go-to repository for sourcing free, top-tier script, serif and sans serif fonts suitable for both personal and commercial endeavors. With an expansive collection exceeding 1,000 options, the platform can seem daunting for those seeking the ideal typeface.

To streamline your selection process, a curated list of exceptional font picks from Google Fonts has been assembled. Each font on this list has been meticulously chosen, evaluated on the merits of its quality, adaptability across various applications, and overall design allure.

1. Montserrat

montserrat font
Image credits: Adobe Fonts.

Drawing inspiration from the vintage posters and signs that grace Buenos Aires’ historic Montserrat neighborhood, Julieta Ulanovsky designed the Montserrat typeface as a homage to the area’s unique aesthetic.

As the neighborhood faces the inevitable changes brought on by urban development, the risk of losing its artistic heritage looms large. The Montserrat typeface project serves as an effort to preserve these carefully crafted designs, making them accessible through a completely free license.

This ensures that the distinctive visual language of the Montserrat neighborhood can be admired and utilized by generations to come, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Montserrat is not just a singular font; this completely free font offers a plethora of styles and weights, boasting an array of more than ten different styles. Through this comprehensive design, it stands as a versatile and valuable asset for a wide range of creative undertakings.

2. Poppins

poppins font

Among sans serif fonts, Poppins represents the newest evolution in a rich lineage of typeface design, marking its own territory with innovative features.

Exceptionally supportive of global writing systems, it integrates Devanagari and Latin glyphs in a harmonious blend, presenting a fresh, rationalist approach to letterforms in contrast to traditional designs in this category.

Its unique construction, built around geometric circles, brings a modern sensibility to the typeface. Furthermore, Poppins breaks new ground by being the first typeface of its kind to offer variable weights across both Devanagari and Latin scripts, amplifying its international appeal.

This diverse weight offering makes it a versatile choice for a multitude of design applications, including marketing graphics, reinforcing its position as a truly global typeface.

3. Raleway

Image credits: Adobe Fonts.

Raleway, a refined sans-serif typeface family, has been meticulously developed for web page font formats since its inception by Matt McInerney more than eight years ago.

In 2016, the typeface underwent a significant expansion, growing to encompass nine distinct weights, each complete with both lowercase and uppercase characters.

Moreover, this sans serif typeface also introduced outline styles, lowercase characters, and italic and regular styles, adding an extra layer of versatility to its design.

Within each weight, Raleway offers an array of numerals, discretionary ligatures, and comprehensive diacritic support, enhancing its multi-lingual capabilities.

The sans serif typeface also features stylistic alternates that draw inspiration from geometric sans serifs, making it a formidable tool for creating impactful visual narratives.

4. Oswald

oswald font

Oswald free typeface epresents a contemporary reinterpretation of the enduring ‘Alternate Gothic’ sans serif design, thoughtfully re-engineered to align with modern requirements.

Initially crafted in 2011 with digital screens and pixel grid fitment in mind, its evolution continued until 2014 under the supervision of Vernon Adams.

Throughout its development, Oswald free version typeface has been enriched to include Light and Bold font weights, thereby broadening its super bold style usability and appeal.

Moreover, the free typeface now boasts support for a variety of lowercase characters, Latin and Cyrillic multilingual characters. This expansion in features and adaptability has been largely driven by invaluable feedback from hundreds of users, contributing to its continuous refinement.

5. Noto Sans

Noto sans font

Noto Sans typeface emerges as a versatile font family, equally adept at bold statements and body text composition across diverse scripts.

With its expansive character set that ranges from Latin and Cyrillic to Greek, this typeface presents a professional, stylish aesthetic designed to seamlessly complement other fonts.

This great font offers an extensive array of different styles, uppercase and lowercase characters, further enriched by italic styles including uppercase and lowercase characters, bold italic and outline variations.

In terms of adaptability, the typeface boasts multiple weights and widths to cater to a range of design needs. Remarkably, Noto Sans incorporates nearly 4,000 built-in glyphs, and additional characters from 30 Unicode blocks, making it an exceptionally comprehensive option.

6. Nexa Rust

Nexa, renowned among sans serif fonts for its popularity, takes on a distinctive dimension in its unique iteration known as “Rust.” The collaborative effort of FontFabric and Adobe Fonts resulted in Nexa Rust, a free version font that exudes an undeniable boldness.

Notably, its script font style excels at crafting striking headlines that infuse vitality and vibrancy into any web design undertaking. This all-caps typeface presents a diverse selection, encompassing four distinct styles, where Nexa Text Bold and Nexa Text Light stand out as prominent options.

7. Sigmund Pro

sigmund pro font
Image credits: Adobe Fonts.

In a strategic endeavor to usher in a transformation within Poland’s design landscape, a collective of accomplished type designers hailing from Warsaw, the country’s capital, coalesced to establish the Capitalics Warsaw Type Foundry.

Within their impressive portfolio stands Sigmund Pro, a title font emblematic of their creative prowess. Recognizing the growing appetite for originality within the realm of graphic design, this foundry differentiates itself by providing a distinctive offering—technologically advanced fonts thoughtfully tailored to resonate with conscientious creatives.

Among Sigmund Pro represents the embodiment of this commitment to innovation, poised to empower designers seeking a harmonious balance between technological sophistication and artistic ingenuity.

8. Zuume Cut

zuume cut font
Image credits: Adobe Fonts.

Adam Ladd, an esteemed figure in the realms of graphic design, art direction, and typeface craftsmanship, has carved a distinct niche by crafting fonts that seamlessly blend relevance with unparalleled uniqueness.

Among his noteworthy creations stands the free version font Zuume Cut a testament to his creative prowess. Adam’s design sensibilities have garnered widespread acclaim, earning coveted spots in numerous publications, blogs, and newsletters, thus attesting to his far-reaching influence.

Offering a comprehensive range of different styles, spanning from modern to vintage, his fonts cater to a diverse clientele, from enthusiastic hobbyists to global corporate entities, facilitated through flexible licensing agreements.

Adam Ladd’s indelible impact on the design industry is emblematic of his ability to bridge artistry and commercial utility, positioning him as a pivotal figure in the field.

9. Antipol Variable

Antipol variable font
Image credits: Adobe Fonts.

Roland Hörmann, a distinguished graphic designer based in Vienna, Austria, stands as the visionary force behind Phospho, an esteemed typeface studio celebrated for its innovation.

Among his amazing creations is the remarkable Antipol font, tailor-made for elevating logos, dramatic titles, and brand identities to a higher level of sophistication.

Yet, Roland’s most noteworthy designs are uniquely poised to grace eye-catching website titles with their captivating aesthetics.

Possessing an innate ability to infuse originality into typeface design, his portfolio equips any project with the means to distinguish itself from competitors, thereby reinforcing its visual prominence.

10. Zedou

Zedou font

Inspired by the old Art Deco signs of the former French colony of Madagascar, Zedou is a font with a mechanical-organic design.

Composed of four thicknesses and supporting extended Latin, it offers excellent functionality for typography: uppercase letters, lowercase letters distinct from each other with alternate styles, and very useful mathematical formulas such as fractions.

Best free fonts websites

In addition to the extensive font collection accessible through Envato Elements, numerous online platforms provide a wealth of free font resources tailored for website headers.

These websites offer an expansive selection of fonts spanning diverse styles, catering to design preferences that range from contemporary minimalism to vintage opulence.

For those seeking to enhance their website’s visual appeal through distinctive and eye-catching typography, our curated list of top websites for downloading free fonts for website headers serves as a valuable resource.

1. Open Foundry

Open Foundry website
Image credits: Open Foundry.

Open Foundry, initiated by the Type Network design team, stands out as a remarkable platform.

It hosts a thoughtfully curated assortment of high-quality, open-source fonts, fostering an open and collaborative environment for designers, typographers, and font enthusiasts to collaborate, driven by principles of openness, transparency, collaboration, and accessibility.

Every font within Open Foundry’s extensive collection is freely accessible for download, utilization, and customization, providing an invaluable resource for designers eager to explore novel fonts and redefine typographic boundaries.

2. Collletttivo

Colllettivo website
Image credits: Colllettivo.

Collletttivo, an innovative design studio, has garnered attention within the creative industry since its establishment in 2015 by a collective of young Italian designers.

Their unconventional approach to design, bridging art, technology, and storytelling, sets them apart. Collletttivo’s uniqueness lies in the fusion of creativity and technical prowess, enabling them to address intricate design challenges and craft captivating visuals.

Beyond design excellence, the studio is recognized for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, emphasizing eco-friendly designs that promote positive change.

3. MyFonts

myfonts website
Image credits: MyFonts.

MyFonts stands as a premier online destination for discovering and acquiring high-quality fonts, boasting an extensive library comprising over 130,000 font selections sourced from esteemed type foundries and independent designers.

What distinguishes MyFonts as an outstanding platform is its intuitive user interface, facilitating effortless font browsing, previewing, and purchasing.

Furthermore, MyFonts extends its appeal by offering an array of free fonts, including contributions from independent designers, making it a valuable resource for budget-conscious designers and font enthusiasts eager to explore new typographic possibilities.

4. Awwwards

Awwwards fonts website
Image credits: Awwwards.

Awwwards, a renowned online community celebrated for showcasing exemplary web design, also boasts a remarkable compendium of free fonts.

Their meticulously curated Awwwards Free Font Collection presents a diverse array of high-quality fonts contributed by independent designers and type foundries worldwide, encompassing a spectrum from refined, classic serifs to contemporary, avant-garde sans-serifs.

What distinguishes this collection is its dual offering of being both cost-free and frequently updated with fresh fonts, ensuring designers access the latest and most exceptional typographic styles.

5. FontSquirrel

Fontsquirrel website
Image credits: FontSquirrel.

FontSquirrel, a widely recognized online platform, presents an extensive selection of both free and premium fonts suitable for commercial and personal applications.

Its standout feature lies in its dedication to offering high-quality fonts that are user-friendly and legally compliant, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience for designers.

All fonts available on FontSquirrel are meticulously curated and licensed for commercial use, providing professionals with a reliable resource for their projects.

What Is Headline Font?

A headline font, also known as a display font, is a typeface specifically designed for use in large text settings, such as headlines, titles, banners, and other prominent text elements in design and typography.

These fonts are characterized by their bold and distinctive styles, which make them highly legible and attention-grabbing even at larger sizes.

Unlike body text fonts, which prioritize readability in smaller text, headline fonts prioritize font size, visual impact and style, often featuring unique and creative letterforms.

Designers choose headline fonts to make a statement and draw attention to key elements in their designs, effectively conveying the tone and message of the content they represent.


What font is used for headline?

The choice of font for a headline can vary based on the brand’s style, the platform, and the content’s context. Some common fonts used for headlines include Arial, Helvetica, Georgia, and Times New Roman.

Should headers be sans serif?

Sans serif fonts are often used for headers as they tend to have a modern, clean, and readable appearance. However, whether to use a sans serif or a serif font is a matter of personal or brand preference, and the specific aesthetic and readability considerations for the website.

What should be in a header of a website?

A website header typically includes elements such as the brand logo, navigation menu, search bar, and possibly a call to action. It serves as a guide for visitors to navigate the site and understand the brand.

How do you write a header for a website?

Writing a header for a website involves defining the different styles and elements that will be included (e.g., logo, navigation menu), deciding on the visual hierarchy of the layout, and choosing a readable and aesthetically pleasing font and color scheme. It should be designed keeping in mind the user experience, making sure it’s intuitive and functional.

What is the best font for headers CSS?

The best typeface for headers in CSS would depend on the design requirements. Some popular choices include “Roboto”, “Arial”, “Helvetica”, “Georgia”, and “Times New Roman”. In CSS, you would specify your font choice using the font-family property.

What is the best serif font for headline?

Some of the best serif fonts for headlines include Georgia, Times New Roman, and Garamond. These serif fonts are classic, readable, and provide a traditional or formal tone.

Which is the best font for website headings?

The best font for website headings largely depends on the website’s design and brand identity. However, commonly used fonts include sans serif fonts like Arial, Helvetica, and Roboto due to their clean, modern appearance and excellent readability on digital screens.

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Wrap Up

In summary, the correct selection of an all-caps font for website headers and titles is fundamental for establishing a visually captivating and engaging website.

Taking into account aspects like font style, readability, and hierarchy aids in choosing the ideal font to communicate the intended message and grasp the attention of the audience.

Venture into exploring various sans serif fonts, serif fonts, and title fonts and styles to discover the ideal blend that embodies the brand and augments the user experience.

Through the appropriate font choice for crafting titles, a potent and lasting impression can be forged on the audience, distinguishing the website amidst the bustling online realm.

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