20+ best Figma plugins to boost design and save time

Best Figma plugins

Remember those moments when you felt like pulling your hair out while tackling a design project in Figma?

I’ve been there! But here’s a little secret: the right Figma plugins can turn that frustration into elation.

Dive in with me as I share my personal 20+ best figma plugins, sprinkle in some laughter, and relive a few “Why didn’t I discover this earlier?” epiphanies.

Curious about the game-changers in the Figma community? Let’s get started!

What are the Best Figma Plugins?

Here are the best Figma plugins for your design workflow and design system improvement.

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1. LottieFiles

Best Figma plugin for free Lottie animations

Image credits: Figma.

Ever thought about enhancing your designs with animations? LottieFiles is your solution.

This plugin lets you effortlessly incorporate animations into your Figma projects.

Whether you’re searching for free Lottie animations or interested in embedding GIF animations, LottieFiles offers a vast selection to delve into.

With thousands of animations readily available, elevating your design process has never felt so thrilling.

And did I mention how it’s livened up my Figma designs? Give it a try!

2. Autoflows

Best For Streamlining User Flow Creations

Autoflow Figma Plugin
Image credits: Figma.

I can’t express enough my adoration for Autoflows.

If the thought of creating user flows seems tedious, Autoflows changes that perception.

With its intelligent obstacle detection and custom path routing, the design flow becomes seamless.

Easily add text annotations, and experience a game-changing improvement in your design workflow.

It truly makes user flow creation feel enchanting.

3. Figmoji

Best For Quick Emoji Integrations

Figmoji Figma Plugin
Image credits: Figma.

Emojis often convey more than words. Figmoji offers an expansive emoji library.

Say goodbye to searching for emojis online. Simply select and click, and the SVG of your chosen emoji integrates seamlessly into your Figma document.

It feels like having a personal emoji assistant. This is one Figma plugin that never fails to brighten my day.

4. Iconify

Best For Expansive Icon Selection

Iconify figma plugin
Image credits: Figma Community.

Icons galore! Iconify claims the title for the most comprehensive icon library among Figma plugins.

With over 100,000 icons from diverse sets, it’s a virtual treasure trove. Import directly to your Figma document as vector shapes.

This plugin has been indispensable in numerous design projects, making it a genuine icon in the Figma universe.

5. Wireframe

Best Figma wireframe plugin

wireframe figma plugin
Image credits: Figma Community.

Pressed for time but need to draft a wireframe?

The Wireframe plugin is your go-to. Equipped with a free library featuring over 350 graphics for both web and mobile, draft wireframes in moments.

Collaborating in real-time with this plugin has been exceptionally satisfying, changing the way I construct foundational designs.

6. Illustrations

Best For Amplifying Designs with Premium Art

Illustrations figma plugin
Image credits: Figma Community.

Boost your Figma projects with captivating illustrations, without any hassle.

The Illustrations plugin provides a vast range of top-tier artwork, all available under the generous Creative Commons license.

Skip the groundwork and elevate your projects effortlessly. After all, we all appreciate a handy shortcut.

7. Mapsicle

Best For Effortless Map Integrations

Mapsicle figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

Forget resorting to simple map screenshots.

Mapsicle is the transformative tool every designer wishes for. Designing maps becomes straightforward – search, select, and integrate.

Its precision and user-friendliness have genuinely reshaped my approach to location-centric designs.

8. Unsplash

Best For Revitalizing Projects with High-quality Images

unsplash figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

The Unsplash plugin has transformed image searching into a delightful adventure.

Dive into a vast collection of high-resolution photos, free for both commercial and personal projects.

Why settle for average images when you can handpick the finest that blend seamlessly with your design?

9. Tokens Studio

Best For Enhancing Design Using Tokens

Tokens Studio figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

Among Figma plugins, Tokens Studio is truly a gem.

It allows designers to leverage design tokens across a plethora of options in Figma.

Whether it’s border radii, typography styles, or colour palettes, witnessing real-time modifications across documents is astounding.

Figma Styles connection and Multi-file sync are just the tip of the iceberg, making this plugin an essential tool in my design arsenal.

10. Icons8

Best For Comprehensive Design Element Collection

Icons8 figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

Icons8 offers more than just icons – it’s a holistic suite of design elements.

With a consistent collection crafted by top-notch designers and artists, it’s an invaluable addition to my design journey.

Search, categorize, and integrate, all within Figma.

With various customization options in both free and premium plans, each design feels tailor-made.

11. RemoveBG

Best For Efficient Background Erasure

remove bg figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

Background removal can often be time-consuming.

RemoveBG streamlines this process, making backgrounds disappear with just a single click.

Whether the goal is a transparent or white background, this tool consistently delivers, saving countless hours and amplifying creativity.

12. ProtoPIE

Best For Dynamic, High-Fidelity Prototypes

ProtoPIE figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

Ever daydreamed of a realm where your Figma designs come alive with realism?

Enter the ProtoPIE plugin. This tool amplifies Figma, enabling creations that feel lifelike.

From voice interactions to prototypes communicating with each other, ProtoPIE has been a pivotal tool in my workflow.

It’s akin to sprinkling pixie dust over your designs.

13. Draw Connector

Best For Efficient User Flow Visualization

Draw Connector figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

Confession time: User flows used to feel daunting. Then came the Draw Connector plugin.

This plugin streamlines the linking of your layers, banishing muddled diagrams. It feels like an unseen assistant is orchestrating the magic.

And the connector lines? They’re art in themselves.

14. Icon Resizer

Best For Swift Icon Sizing Adjustments

Icon Resizer figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

Picture this: a cascade of imported icons and the impending resize task.

With Icon Resizer, that challenge disappears. One-click, and your icons align flawlessly.

It ensures uniformity akin to maintaining water levels for rubber ducks. An invaluable tool when handling myriad icons.

15. Content Reel

Best For Comprehensive Content Collection

Content Reel figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

Content Reel is the design companion I never knew I needed.

It offers an array of images, text strings, and icons—truly a content Swiss Army knife.

And crafted by Microsoft? Every interaction feels like delving into a treasure trove. A gift that never ceases to amaze.

16. Breakpoints

Best For Previewing Responsive Layouts

Breakpoints figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

Dreamed of Figma frames adapting seamlessly? Breakpoints make it a reality. The highlight? Team members can tweak frames even without the plugin window.

It’s akin to having a pair of adaptive, resizing spectacles. A game-changer!

17. Isometric

Best For Stylish Isometric Designs

Isometric figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

The allure of isometric designs is undeniable. With the Isometric plugin, crafting these 3D marvels becomes effortless.

The days of manual configurations are behind us.

It’s like wielding an artist’s wand, conjuring designs in moments.

18. Typescales

Best For Seamless Typography Hierarchy

Typescales figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

Typography, the silent design pillar. With Typescales, achieving the ideal hierarchy is a breeze.

No more doubts or adjustments. An indispensable tool, it’s akin to finding that flawless pair of reading glasses for designs.

19. Blush

Best For Tailored Illustration Designs

Blush figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

Fancy an illustrator at your beck and call? Meet Blush. This plugin enables bespoke illustrations, allowing for endless combinations.

Engaging with Blush feels like artistry on a digital canvas—but simpler.

20. TinyImage Compressor

Best For Streamlined Image Exports

Tinyimage compressor figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

Burdened by hefty images? TinyImage Compressor lightens the load, delivering efficient yet impressive exports.

It’s as though your images undertook a beneficial slimming regimen. A boon for web and mobile designs!

21. Bonus: Image Tracer

Best For Transforming Images into Vector Masterpieces

Image traces figma plugin
Image credits: Figma.

The magic of tracing an image and witnessing its metamorphosis is unparalleled.

Image Tracer brings this enchantment to your toolkit.

Offering scalable images and swift mask traces, it’s akin to possessing a state-of-the-art digital stencil. Who’s up for a digital art session?

What are Figma Plugins?

Ah, the golden question! Figma plugins are the nifty tools that jazz up your design system workflow, the trusty sidekicks making those tasks a touch easier, and your designs pop just a tad more.

A Figma plugin can streamline repetitive tasks, elevate your Figma design flow, and boost creativity.

These plugins seamlessly embed into your Figma design ecosystem, and before you know it, they become an indispensable part of your web or app design journey.

All the Figma plugins are brought to you by the amazing Figma Community!

Features of the best Figma plugins

  • Efficiency-Driven: Many plugins empower you to craft designs with a single click, eliminating repetitive tasks. This not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures consistency throughout your design projects.
  • Customization Galore: Whether you’re adapting icons, introducing elegant shadows, or customizing illustrations, top-tier plugins offer a plethora of customization avenues.
  • Seamless Integration: Integration is pivotal. The finest plugins integrate seamlessly into your Figma projects, making them feel like intrinsic components of your design toolkit. Execute functions like drag-and-drop, chart generation, and background removal without ever exiting Figma.
  • Resourceful and Dynamic: In need of complimentary Lottie animations? Perhaps a uniform set of icons? Desiring to create isometric layers or highlight user flows using drawing connectors? Top plugins furnish these advanced capabilities and more.
  • User-Centricity: This one’s for designers crafting mobile applications or intricate UIs. Plugins facilitating content reel integration, design token application, and user flow construction ensure the user remains central to the design narrative.


What are the best plugins in Figma?

The ideal plugin largely depends on individual requirements. For me, the “RemoveBG Figma plugin” is invaluable, effortlessly excising backgrounds from images. And for animation frames? The LottieFiles plugin, which enables all your animations previewed in Figma, is a remarkable asset.

What is the best plugin for Figma to code?

Within the developer community, “Figmify” is renowned. It melds design and code, ensuring a fluid transition from Figma drafts to actual code.

Which Figma plugin is best for user flows?

Autoflows” is unparalleled. It effortlessly connects frames and delineates user flows, making it an indispensable tool in my repertoire.

What is the favourite plugin for adding content into Figma?

Content Reel” is a must-have among the best Figma plugins for many. It populates designs with text strings, images, avatars, and beyond, enriching the design process. Another great handy plugin is Lorem Ipsum, which allows you to create multiple text layers.

Wrap Up

Figma stands as a beacon of design innovation. Introducing the best Figma plugins is akin to garnishing your beloved ice cream with sprinkles.

Whether you’re a novice seeking guidance or a seasoned designer aiming to fine-tune your workflow, the Figma community has the best Figma plugin poised to amplify your design prowess.

Remember, creativity is more a journey than a destination.

Continue discovering, integrating, and most crucially, designing with passion.

Cheers to uncovering your quintessential plugin and allowing your Figma designs to truly sparkle! 🌟

Happy designing, and remember, the language of design is all about creating, exploring, and having fun!

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