10+ best Art Deco fonts for graphic design projects in 2023

Art Deco fonts

Dive into the glamorous world of the Art Deco movement with our collection of “10+ Best Art Deco Fonts for Designers.”

Art deco, a style known for its opulent and geometric elegance, has significantly influenced the realm of typography and design.

This compilation not only showcases classic deco fonts but also modern interpretations, offering a variety of options for art projects.

Whether it’s for vintage display font needs, party invitations, or branding designs, these art deco fonts, complete with HEX codes, provide a fresh and stylish look to any design.

What are the best art deco fonts?

The best art deco fonts are those that capture the essence of the 1920s and 1930s design style, characterized by sleek lines, geometric shapes, and a sophisticated twist.

Classic examples are those with balanced font design and versatile font options like alternate letters and stylistic alternates that are suitable for a range of applications, from magazine covers to elegant branding designs.

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Top 7 Art deco fonts

In our “Top 7 Art Deco Fonts” list, we focus on the crème de la crème of this genre.

These deco inspired fonts blend classic elements like simple straight geometric forms and decorative accents with contemporary flair.

From modernized letterforms and fonts perfect for upscale restaurant menus to those ideal for magazine headers, these top picks add elegance to any design project.

1. Serendior

Best classic art deco font overall (Editor’s choice)

serendior font example

Serendior is a prime example of a classic art deco font with a modern twist. Inspired by the art deco, it combines Constructivism and Futurism, offering unique discretionary ligatures and stylistic sets.

With two fonts, Block and Stroke, and over 400+ glyphs, Serendior key features provide multilingual support.

With its capital letters, this is a finely balanced font perfect for upscale branding and editorial designs.

Serendior Art Deco Font And Patterns

Serendior is a prime example of a classic art deco font with a modern twist.

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2. Mayfair

Best art deco style font for Elegant Invitations

mayfair font example

Mayfair, a vintage deco font, blends 1920’s typography with modern sans-serif elements, creating a stylish classical feel.

This font is ideal for wedding and party invitations, and vintage designs, offering light and heavy stroke widths paired with simple geometric forms, typical of the art deco era.

Mayfair Art Deco Font

Mayfair is a vintage deco font, blends 1920's typography with sans-serif elements.

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3. Decohead

Best for Sophisticated Graphics

decohead font example

Decohead, an elegant and warm art deco inspired font, adds a sophisticated twist to any design project.

With a neat appearance, it’s the perfect font for french cafes, wedding invitations, and small articles.

The font includes three styles and weights, uppercase and lower uppercase characters, and 63 glyphs per font, making it a versatile choice for creative projects needing a beautiful font with a elegant feel.

Decohead Art Deco Font

Decohead is an elegant and warm art deco inspired font that adds a sophisticated twist.

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4. Bogart

Best for Modern Art Deco Projects

bogart font example

Bogart Deco is a unique take on deco fonts, perfect for contemporary design projects. Inspired by the visual arts and architecture of the art deco, it features over 270 alternate letters and ligatures.

This thin grunge font is ideal for modern branding designs, magazine designs, YouTube covers, and movie titles, offering a fresh look with a nod to classic art deco design elements.

Bogart Deco Ligature Rich Font

Bogart Deco is a unique take on deco fonts, perfect for contemporary designs.

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5. Avento

Best for Vintage Inspired Designs

avento font example

Avento is a display font designed in the art deco design, transporting you to the 20s-60s era.

Perfect for vintage style designs and branding designs, this font includes four styles and many alternates, giving you the flexibility to play with the dynamics of the font.

Its OpenType features and stylistic alternates, among with lowercase characters, make Avento an excellent choice for design projects looking to evoke a sense of nostalgia to high-end market audiences.

Avento Art Deco Font

Avento is a display font designed in the art deco design, transporting you to the 20s-60s era.

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6. Contselar

Best for Art Deco Branding

contselar font example

Contselar is an extra-bold sans serif family font based on a modified sans serif style.

It offers a distinctive and elegant feel, among with lowercase characters and ideal for art deco branding projects.

This font captures the essence of the art deco, making it suitable for designs that require a classic restaurant menu, party invitations, or sophisticated branding elements.

Contselar Sans Serif Art Deco Font

Contselar is an extra-bold sans serif family font based on a modified sans serif style.

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7. Art Deco Monogram

Best for Monogram Creations

art deco monogram font example

Art Deco Monogram Font, designed specifically for creating stunning monograms, is a versatile sans serif font from the art deco font family.

Among with multilingual support in most european languages, this font includes uppercase and lower uppercase multilingual letters, this font allows for endless combinations, making it perfect for branding projects, wedding invitations, and party invitations.

Art Deco Monogram Font

Art Deco Monogram is a versatile sans serif font designed specifically for creating stunning monograms.

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More Art deco fonts

But there’s more to explore in the realm of deco. Our section on “More Art Deco Fonts” expands your palette with additional options that embody the art deco mood.

Here, you’ll find fonts that range from medium grunge to thin lines, each offering a unique take on the deco design.

These fonts are perfect for designers seeking to add a elegant feel with a modernized twist to their projects.

8. Voltdeco

Best for Short Statements

voltdeco font example

Voltdeco, a modern font inspired by art deco uppercase characters, works great in short sentences or words.

Its 20 weight fonts offer various options for exploration, making it suitable for medium, regular, semi-bold, or bold text.

With multilingual support, and simple letterforms, this two styles font for Adobe Illustrator is ideal for creative works in both print and digital design, adding a modernized twist to the classic deco style.

Voltdeco Art Deco Font

Voltdeco is a modern font inspired by art deco that works great for modernized twist.

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9. Monsante

Best for Luxury Branding

monsante font example

Monsante is a modern Art Deco-style font that exudes elegance and luxury. Inspired by 1920s typography, it features distinctive geometric elements and crisp letterforms.

This font is perfect for high-end branding projects, classic restaurant menus, and any project aiming for an elegant look and a touch of modernism.

Monsante Modern Art Deco Font

Monsante is a modern Art Deco-style font that exudes elegance and luxury.

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Best Free Art deco fonts

For individuals or designers who are mindful of their spending, our carefully curated “Best Free Art Deco Fonts” collection is an invaluable resource.

This selection, featuring a variety of free Google fonts, offers the classic sophistication and allure of deco design without any financial investment.

These fonts are particularly beneficial for personal creative endeavors or for those who are in the early stages of their design career and looking to make an impact without a hefty price tag.

The range of fonts we’ve included in this collection is impressively diverse.

You’ll find all caps font options that provide a strong, commanding presence, perfect for bold headlines or impactful logo designs.

We’ve included fonts with quirky ligatures that add a unique, creative twist to any project. These small yet significant touches in typography can elevate a simple design to something truly memorable.

What sets these fonts apart is that despite being free, they do not compromise on quality or design aesthetics. Each font available on Google Fonts brings its own distinct flair, ensuring that whatever your project’s theme or requirement, there’s likely a font that fits perfectly.

What is an art deco font?

An art deco font is a type of typography inspired by the deco design movement, known for its bold geometric patterns, elegant lines, and lavish ornamentation.

These fonts typically feature striking, thin lines and often incorporate elements like contrasting styles and sharp, angular geometric shapes.


What type of font does Art Deco use?

Art deco, a prominent design style that first emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, is known for its use of fonts that are distinctly geometric, characterized by clean, sleek lines.

This style often employs a unique combination of sans serif and serif font styles, blending modern simplicity with classic elegance.

The fonts in deco design are typically marked by their symmetry and uniformity, reflecting the fascination with machinery and industrial advancement of the era.

They often feature a harmonious balance between decorative elements and functional form, making them highly versatile for various applications, from graphic design to architectural signage.

What are the characteristics of Art Deco font?

Art Deco fonts are distinguished by several defining characteristics: they prominently feature geometric shapes, bold and often linear lines, multilingual support, and a mix of upper and lowercase letters.

These fonts commonly exhibit a sense of opulence and sophistication, with a nod to the glamour and luxury of the Roaring Twenties.

The bold lines are typically contrasted with fine detailing, and the use of uppercase and lowercase letters in the same design adds a dynamic and visually appealing rhythm to the typography.

This mix of elements often imparts a sense of modernity, elegance, and a touch of extravagance, making art deco fonts a timeless choice for conveying luxury and sophistication.

What was the first Art Deco font?

Identifying the first art deco font can be challenging, as the style was influenced by a variety of artistic movements and technological advancements.

However, one of the earliest and most iconic examples of a font that embodies the deco style is Broadway. Created in the 1920s, Broadway captures the essence of the era with its bold, linear style and geometric form.

It was a font that quickly became synonymous with the energy and optimism of the time, and it has remained a staple in the repertoire of deco inspired typography.

Broadway and similar fonts from that era laid the foundation for what would become a defining aesthetic of the 20th century.

What is Art Nouveau font?

Art Nouveau font is an entirely different genre of typography compared to Art Deco. Originating in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Art Nouveau fonts are characterized by their decorative, flowing lines and organic forms.

Often inspired by natural elements like plants, flowers, and flowing water, these fonts embody a sense of fluidity and naturalism.

Art Nouveau fonts typically have an ornate and curvilinear appearance, standing in contrast to the more structured and geometric nature of Deco fonts.

This style of font is known for evoking a sense of elegance and artistic freedom, representing a departure from the rigid forms of traditional typography and a celebration of the beauty found in nature.

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Wrap Up

Each of these art deco fonts captures the essence of the art deco, offering contrasting artistic styles and a range of stylistic alternates.

From classic serif fonts to modern sans serif families, these fonts include uppercase and lowercase letters, making them suitable for a wide range of design projects.

From modern sans serif font families to display font families, with clean lines, geometric shapes, and accents, these font categories add sophistication and a classic feel to any creative project.

In summary, our exploration of the best deco fonts showcases the timeless appeal and versatility of this iconic style.

Whether you’re crafting elegant wedding invitations, bold movie titles, or sophisticated branding, deco fonts provide a way to add a touch of class and historical elegance to your work.

Remember, the right deco font can transform a simple design into a stunning piece of visual art, making it an essential tool in any designer’s toolkit.

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