10+ Best 70s Groovy Font Ideas for Funky Branding (Free & Paid)

Are you a graphic designer who is looking for the best minimalist fonts to use in your next logo design or personal branding? If so, you're in luck! In this blog post, we will share 8 of the best professional fonts that are perfect for modern logo designs.
70s groovy font

Dive into the vibrant energy of the disco era with our curated collection of the best 70s groovy fonts. Whether you’re aiming to inject some funk into your branding or create logos that pop, these fonts are your ticket to a dynamite design.

From free fonts to premium treasures, we’ve rounded up fonts that embody the spirit of the 70s – full of life, color, and fun. Get ready to boogie with typefaces that are all about standing out and making a statement.

What is the best 70s Groovy font?

The best 70s style font captures the exuberant spirit of the era, combining bold curves with funky flair. This is a list of throwback to the time of disco balls and bell-bottoms, perfect for anyone looking to sprinkle their projects with vintage charm.

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Top 7 Groovy fonts

In the realm of groovy fonts, each one tells its own story of rhythm and dance. Let’s step back in time and explore the top 7 fonts that are just waiting to jazz up your designs.

1. Moove Groovy

Best font Overall (Editor’s Choice)

moove groovy font example

Step onto the dance floor of design with Move Groovy, a dynamic script that’s all about making your personal brand boogie. Designed with a personal touch in mind, Move Groovy is here to ensure your branding dances off the page (or screen!).

Ideal for anyone seeking to settings their logo, name tag, or signature with some serious 70s sass, this font doesn’t just spell words – it performs them.

Moove Groovy Font

Move Groovy is a dynamic script that's all about making your personal brand boogie.

Download Now

2. Bluetick

Best for advertising page

bluetick font example

Bluetick Coonhound font is your graphics loyal companion, offering a dependable yet playful edge to your design strategy. It’s built for robust visibility and a friendly presence, making it the perfect partner for everything from storefront signage to interactive web elements.

With a name inspired by the steadfast hound, this typeface assures your message will be tracked and treasured by your audience.

Bluetick Groovy Font

Bluetick Coonhound font is a graphics loyal companion, offering a dependable yet playful edge to your design strategy.

Download Now

3. Gruvilicious

gruvilicious font example

Gruvilicious is the epitome of funk, designed to make your brand pop with its groovy contours and rhythmic baseline. It’s perfect for creating projects that need a splash of color and a dash of pizzazz, from animated logos to eye-catching headlines.

Gruvilicious Retro Groovy Font

Gruvilicious is the epitome of funk, designed to make your brand pop with its groovy contours and rhythmic baseline.

Download Now

4. Love Heart

love heart font example

Love Heart is a font that wears its heart on its sleeve, ideal for making a sweet statement in your branding. Its charming curves and romantic serifs are perfect for wedding invitations, Valentine’s day cards, or any brand looking to add a touch of love to their designs.

Love Heart Groovy Font

Love Heart is a font that wears its heart on its sleeve, ideal for making a sweet statement in your branding.

Download Now

5. Karimtila

karimtila font example

With its sharp edges and structured form, Karimtila is a font that stands out in the corporate jungle. It’s the choice for brands that command authority and respect without sacrificing style.

Ideal for business cards, ads, advertising, official letterheads, launch menus, and powerful presentations, Karimtila speaks in a tone that is both professional and profoundly impactful.

Karimtila Vintage Groovy Font

Karimtila is a font with sharp edges and structured form that stands out in the corporate jungle.

Download Now

6. Grooven

grooven font example

Get your brand grooving with the Grooven font, a typeface that brings the disco days directly to your doorstep. Its bold curves and smooth lines are perfect for brands that want to make a statement that’s both audacious and elegant.

Grooven Groovy Font

Grooven is a retro font that brings the disco days directly to your doorstep.

Download Now

7. Pinkponk

pinkponk font example

Pinkponk is a playful, energetic font that bounces off the page with youthful enthusiasm. Its quirky letterforms are perfect for brands that aim to stand out with a fun and approachable vibe. From children’s book covers to casual branding, Pinkponk adds a bubbly personality to any visual narrative.

Pinkponk Groovy Font

Pinkponk is a playful, energetic font that bounces off the page with youthful enthusiasm.

Download Now

Best Free Groovy fonts

Let’s dive into the world of no-cost nostalgia with our selection of the best free retro fonts. These typefaces are your ticket to the iconic era of bell-bottoms and disco balls, giving your design work a touch of the past without spending a dime.

8. Groovy beach

groovy beach font

Groovy Beach is a laid-back font that instantly transports you to sunny days and sandy shores. With its relaxed vibe and fluid shapes, it’s perfect for designs that aim to evoke the carefree spirit of summer.

Ideal for beachwear brands, travel posters, or any project that needs a splash of sunshine and surf, this font makes every word feel like a vacation.

9. Groovy Day

groovy day font

Groovy Day captures the essence of spontaneous adventures and feel-good moments. This font is as uplifting as a bright sunny day, suitable for inspirational quotes, ads, casual branding, or any design that aims to spread positivity.

10. Mango Groovy

mango groovy font

Mango Groovy is a sweet, tropical twist on retro style. It’s perfect for invigorating your designs with a dose of vitamin C and a splash of zest.

From juice bar logos to summer event flyers, this font infuses a fresh, energetic flavor into any branding effort, ensuring your message is both refreshing and memorable.

11. Groovy Daisy

groovy daisy font

Groovy Daisy is a whimsical font (free to download) that blooms with creativity. Its playful loops and floral accents bring a handmade charm to any project, ideal for boutique branding, gardening blogs, or any space that thrives on a personal touch.

What is a Groovy font?

This type of font is one that embodies the style and flair of the 1960s and 1970s. It’s characterized by bold typography, curvy letterforms, often with a psychedelic twist, reminiscent of the era’s iconic music, art, and fashion.


What is the 70s groovy font called?

The quintessential 70s style font doesn’t have a single name, as many typefaces fit this style. However, the most recognized and symbolic could be considered ‘Bell Bottom,’ capturing the essential flair of the times.

What is the 70s looking font called?

Fonts like ‘Cooper Black,’ ‘Hobo,’ and ‘Futura Bold’ fonts are often associated with the 1970s look, with their chunky, impactful presence that harks back to the era’s visual trends.

What is the retro groovy font called?

This kind of fonts encompass a variety of names, but a popular choice is ‘Hippie Movement’ for its unmistakable throwback vibe and playful loops.

What was the most popular font in the 70s?

Among the most popular fonts of the 70s was ‘Avant Garde,’ celebrated for its geometric simplicity and at the time, forward-thinking modernity.

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Wrap Up

We’ve taken a roller coaster ride back in time, exploring the best links downloads for fonts that the internet has to offer. From the psychedelic curves to the bold statements of the era, these fonts are a testament to the enduring influence of 70s design.

Embrace the past decade with these stylish picks, and let your creative projects groove their way into the hearts of your audience.

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