New Banco do Brasil typography by Fabio Haag Type brings vitality, joy, and humanity to brand identity

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Banco do brasil typography

“Banco do Brasil” by Fabio Haag.

In a world where brands constantly seek to refine every touchpoint, settling for “standard” is a missed opportunity. This is a story about breaking the mold, about how Banco do Brasil, in partnership with Fabio Haag Type, embarked on an 8-month creative journey to shed the ubiquitous Arial for a typeface that speaks directly to the soul.

This Banco do Brasil typography journey isn’t just about changing fonts; it’s about infusing a brand with vitality, joy, and humanity. Join us as we delve into the design process, the ideas, and the execution that brought Banco do Brasil’s new typeface to life.

Banco do Brasil typography

For 25 years, Banco do Brasil remained in the comfort zone of Arial, a font synonymous with the “default choice” in the Windows operating system for nearly three decades. However, recognizing the need for a more personalized and engaging brand identity, Banco do Brasil decided it was time for a change. This decision led to the birth of a bespoke and exclusive typeface designed by Fabio Haag Type, in collaboration with FutureBrand and the marketing and UX teams of Banco do Brasil.

The new Banco do Brasil typography is a breath of fresh air alongside a revamped palette of colors, illustration style, and photography, crafting a more vibrant, cheerful, and human identity. Inspired by “serotonin” — the happiness hormone — Fabio Haag Type designed letters brimming with movement and energy. This new personality shines through in letters constructed with gestural movements, such as ‘e’ and ‘g’, and is accentuated in details like the top of ‘f’ and the exit strokes of diagonals like ‘v’, ‘w’, ‘x’, and ‘y’.

This vivacity is evident in headline sizes, distinguishing any message penned by Banco do Brasil. For smaller sizes and longer texts, a more functional design variation was developed, where bold elements make way for convention, enhancing legibility and reading comfort.

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banco do brasil typography 3
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banco do brasil typography 5

Banco do Brasil typography by Fabio Haag.

In typographic design, every detail is meticulously considered and analyzed, but this project placed an even greater emphasis on the design of numbers. Knowing that legibility, even in large sizes, was crucial, the gestural design is reflected in the numbers with open constructions, as seen in ‘3’, ‘5’, ‘6’, and ‘9’. A comparison with Arial highlights the advantages of this approach, especially in smaller sizes on digital devices with lower resolution.

Gradually, Banco do Brasil’s communication began to integrate these changes into its identity, starting with the color palette. In recent campaigns, even the titles in Arial were bold. Now, with the debut of the new typography, every word will contribute to renewing Banco do Brasil’s brand image, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards a more engaging and distinctive brand presence.

About Fabio Haag

Fabio Haag is a master of type design, boasting over 17 years of experience. His journey took a significant turn during his tenure as a Creative Director at one of the largest global studios based in London. There, he had the unique opportunity to contribute his expertise to five of the world’s most valuable brands and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. In 2016, he ventured to establish Fabio Haag Type, a studio grounded in the belief that typography holds the power to elevate brand value.

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Banco do Brasil typography by Fabio Haag.

Today, the studio thrives with a team of five type designers, all working under a model of humanized management. Fabio Haag Type has attracted an impressive roster of clients, including Bradesco, iFood, Ipiranga, Itaú, Globo, GOL, Magalu, Nestlé, and Tramontina, showcasing the studio’s commitment to enhancing brand expressiveness through typography.

Typography for Building Valuable Brands

Fabio Haag is not only a master of type design but also a renowned teacher on Domestika, where he leads a compelling course titled “Typography for Building Valuable Brands.” This course unveils the significant role of typography in the creation of valuable and effective branding, emphasizing the strategic importance of making informed typographic decisions. Haag’s expertise guides participants through the fundamental principles of selecting typefaces for visual identities, aiming to elevate typography as the highlight of any design project.

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Banco do Brasil typography by Fabio Haag.

Throughout this course, learners will delve into the profound impact that fonts have on communication and brand personality. Haag takes students on a historical journey through the evolution of letterforms across different eras, showcasing how typography mirrors cultural and social worldviews. The course covers essential topics such as legibility, readability, and the balance between function and expression in corporate typography. Participants will gain insights into identifying quality fonts, selecting the best options for their projects, and effectively justifying these choices.

A practical project forms the core of the course, where students are tasked with choosing two existing fonts for a company and creating a presentation to justify each selection. This project is a golden opportunity for learners to showcase their skills, apply their knowledge in a practical setting, and demonstrate their ability to make informed typography decisions. By completing this project, participants will not only refine their typographic skills but also learn how to communicate the rationale behind their font selections clearly and persuasively.

Typography for building valuable brands

This typography course unveils the significant role of typography in the creation of valuable and effective branding, emphasizing the strategic importance of making informed typographic decisions.

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Wrap Up

In an era where brands are constantly vying for attention, the Banco do Brasil’s bold move to redesign its typographic identity stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design. Under the expert guidance of Fabio Haag, Banco do Brasil typography transitioned away from the ubiquitous Arial to a custom, vibrant typeface that speaks volumes of the brand’s commitment to innovation, personality, and engagement.

This new Banco do Brasil typography journey not only revitalized the bank’s visual identity but also set a new standard for how brands can leverage typography to connect with their audience on a deeper level. Haag’s work, characterized by its attention to detail, cultural sensitivity, and creative prowess, showcases the transformative effect of typography in branding.

Through this endeavor, Banco do Brasil has not only enhanced its visual appeal but has also redefined its brand story, making it more relatable and vibrant to its customers. The collaboration between Fabio Haag Type and Banco do Brasil is a masterclass in branding, proving that with the right vision and expertise, even the smallest elements of design can make a big impact.

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