Animating alphabets: Mat Voyce’s dynamic dive into 36 Days of Type

Dive into the creative whirlpool with Mat Voyce, a name synonymous with innovative typography. In his fifth year participating in 36 Days of Type (36DOT), Voyce elevates his game. Moving away from traditional illustrations, he plunges into the world of animated typography, bringing each letter to life.
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“36 Days of Type 2021” by Mat Voyce

Welcome to a world where animating alphabets, lettering dance and typography talks! Back in the 2021 edition of 36 Days of Type, designer and animator Mat Voyce takes us on a fascinating journey, redefining the alphabet in motion. Celebrating his fifth year of participation, Voyce steers away from his usual illustrative approach, choosing instead to animate his favorite typefaces.

Each letter on this “animating alphabets” is a story, brought to life with fluid animations that capture the essence of their respective fonts. Also, Mat Voyce’s talent shines brighter as a guest contributor for ‘Day 22 – V’, showcasing a remarkable creation that merges visual flair with sonic brilliance. Let’s dive in our “animating alphabets” article.

Animating alphabets by Mat Voyce

Mat Voyce’s project for the 36 Days of Type 2021 is a celebration of creativity and innovation in typography. Each day, a new letter or number is animated, showcasing a unique typeface. Voyce’s journey through the alphabet is not just about visual design; it’s a symphony of movement and sound. His choice of typefaces isn’t random – they are carefully selected favorites, each with its own personality and story.

For his spotlight moment on “Day 22 – V”, Voyce chose the font “Vektra”. To make it stand out, Voyce collaborated with Dom from Tone Test Studio, who crafted an exclusive soundtrack. This soundtrack was a composition of handmade, recorded sounds, meticulously aligned with the movement of the letter.

“36 Days of Type 2021” by Mat Voyce

This collaboration transformed the letter into a sensory experience. The animation of “Vektra” wasn’t just seen; it was felt and heard, resonating with the audience on a deeper level. Voyce’s project is a narrative, where each character plays a lead role, supported by a score that accentuates its story. This project is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary collaboration, pushing the boundaries of what typography can be.

Expressive typography

Meet Mat Voyce, the dynamic and innovative force in the world of type design and animation. With a name uniquely spelled with one ‘t’, Mat stands out not just in nomenclature but in his creative prowess as well. He is the friendly neighborhood designer who is transforming the landscape of 2D type animation with his pioneering style.

Voyce’s work is a vibrant intersection of letterforms and character, breathing life into static typography. His speciality lies in illustrative kinetic typography, where each letter tells its own story, full of personality and motion. This unique approach has seen him create animated GIFs, stickers, music videos, and motion identities that have captivated audiences globally.

His client list reads like a who’s who of the top brands in the world – Adobe, Amazon Prime, Bose, Pepsi, Netflix, Nike, Twitch, and Warner Music, to name a few. Mat Voyce isn’t just creating animations; he’s setting new standards in how typography is perceived and experienced.

“36 Days of Type 2021” by Mat Voyce

Moreover, on the Domestika platform, you can embark on a journey into the expressive world of typography with Mat Voyce’s course, “Expressive Typography in Motion with After Effects“. This course is an adventure into creating letterforms that are not just seen but felt, through the magic of animation.

Mat Voyce, known for his captivating and dynamic typographic animations and collaborations with giants like Netflix, Disney+, Adobe, and the BBC, guides you through the process of bringing typography to life. The course focuses on the power of animation to express more than words, turning letters into stories.

You’ll start by designing original letterforms filled with personality in Illustrator, then leap into the world of After Effects to animate these designs. Whether it’s expressing an idea, a quote, or a phrase, this course enables you to convey your message with more than just words; it teaches you to make them dance and resonate with your audience.

As you create your original animated typography design, you’re not just learning a skill, you’re learning to speak the language of emotion through type. This course is your gateway to sharing your unique message with the world, in a way that’s as dynamic and vibrant as typography itself.

Expressive typography in motion with After Effects

Learn to create letterforms filled with personality and bring them to life through playful animation on this Domestika course by Mat Voyce, graphic and motion designer.

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Wrap Up

As we conclude our “animating alphabets” exploration of Mat Voyce’s captivating journey in the 36 Days of Type and his educational venture in expressive typography, it’s clear that he’s more than just a designer – he’s a storyteller whose medium is the alphabet. His innovative approach to typography, blending animation with personality, has not only set him apart in the design world but has also inspired a new way of thinking about letters and words.

Mat’s work on animating alphabets and his course are not just about design; they’re about conveying emotion and narrative through type. Each letter he animates and each student he teaches is encouraged to think beyond the traditional boundaries of typography. This approach has led to stunning creations that resonate globally, both in the commercial realm and in the hearts of those who view his work.

For aspiring designers and seasoned creatives alike, Mat Voyce’s journey and teachings serve as a reminder of the limitless possibilities in the world of design and animating alphabets. His work exemplifies that with creativity, passion, and a bit of playfulness, even the simplest letter can be transformed into a piece of art that speaks volumes.

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