25+ best Adobe Illustrator tutorials and courses for designers (Free and premium)

Want to take your Adobe Illustrator skills to the next level? In this article, I explored the Internet and personally selected the 25+ best Adobe Illustrator courses for designers in 2023.
Adobe illustrator tutorials

Want to take your Adobe Illustrator skills to the next level? Whether you are a novice or an already experienced user, a good Adobe Illustrator course can always serve to improve your knowledge.

Being a designer myself, I know the importance of continuous learning and staying up-to-date on the latest techniques and tools. These resources will help you hone your skills with Illustrator and unleash your creativity to the fullest.

In this article, I explored the Internet and personally selected the 25+ best Adobe Illustrator tutorials for designers in 2023.

Whether you are a beginner and want to master the basics or an experienced user and want to perfect your skills, these tutorials and courses offer a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

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What is the best Adobe Illustrator course?

Here is the best Adobe Illustrator course that you can use to elevate your Adobe Illustrator skills.

1. Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Best Illustrator course overall (editor’s choice)

domestika course introduction to adobe illustrator
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 77 lessons (10h 9m) | Created by: Aarón Martínez

Want to give a professional touch to your vector projects, whether in print or digital format? Then Aarón Martínez’s Domestika Basics course is just the thing for you because it is packed with industry knowledge and hands-on experience.

The course includes familiarizing yourself with the Adobe Illustrator interface, creating a document from scratch, and producing your first vector lines to create basic shapes with the shape builder tool.

From that point on, you’ll dive into the world of geometry by exploring the Pathfinder tool, which allows you to transform figures and create new ones with total freedom, as well as pencil, brush, and pen.

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2. Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design

Best Adobe Illustrator for Beginners course

domestika course adobe illustrator for graphic design
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 35 lessons (7h 31m) | Created by: Valeria Dubin

The second course I am proposing is Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design. Do you want to create an outstanding design that captures the attention of your audience? The key to any successful visual project is a sound graphic communication strategy at its foundation.

In this 6-course Domestika Basics program, acclaimed graphic designer and art director Valeria Dubin shares her insights on how to create outstanding graphic designs from start to finish. Learn how to design a logo, letterhead, templates, textures, and more!

Valeria is a veteran when it comes to working with big brands like Barceló Hoteles and La Xunta de Galicia. She has also worked on interesting projects like Pixar: 25 Years of Animation at the Caixa Forum in Barcelona, Spain. In this Adobe Illustrator class project, she brings her vast experience directly to you.

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3. Adobe Illustrator CC Essentials Training

Best adobe illustrator classes

skillshare course adobe illustrator essentials training by daniel walter scott
Image credits: Skillshare.

Level: Beginner | Length: 42 lessons (7h) | Created by: Daniel Walter Scott

Daniel Walter Scott is an award-winning designer and Adobe Certified instructor. If you are new to Illustrator and design, his Adobe Illustrator CC Essentials Training course is truly a must.

During the course, you will not only learn how to use the tools, but you will create practical, real-world projects with Dan, starting with the basics and progressing step by step.

This is the right course for you if you want to learn all the techniques you need to create fantastic vector projects with Adobe Illustrator. You’ll make everything from icons and logos to postcards and hand-drawn illustrations.

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4. Adobe Illustrator CC Advanced Training

Best among advanced Adobe Illustrator tutorials

Image credits: Skillshare.

Level: Intermediate | Length: 56 lessons (9h 3m) | Created by: Daniel Walter Scott

Another course by Daniel Walter Scott, however more advanced than the previous one. This advanced training course is aimed at an intermediate level, so if you’re a newbie, I recommend starting with the course mentioned above, which is the “Essential” course.

However, if you are already familiar with the basics of Illustrator, this course is perfect for you, as you can dive right into some advanced techniques that will speed up your productivity and give you the skills to create a variety of current design styles.

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5. Adobe Illustrator for Visual Identity

domestika course for graphic design professionals
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 48 lessons (7h 30m) | Created by: Guillermo Molina Fernández

With this Domestika Basics course, you will learn how to master Adobe Illustrator in 6 comprehensive courses and create a brand image from scratch with the help of Guillermo Molina, a designer who specializes in creating extraordinary visual identities.

It starts with the basics, of course! Start by installing Adobe Illustrator, then take a tour of its interface. Learn about the tools and possibilities the software offers so you can organize your workspace like a pro.

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6. Introduction to Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design

domestika course to use Adobe Illustrator
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 34 lessons (5h 20m) | Created by: Mila Moura

If you work in the apparel industry, you know that digitizing designs and creating garment specifications are critical to producing a successful apparel collection.

That’s why fashion designer Mila Moura strongly recommends using Adobe Illustrator, and she guides you through her comprehensive 5-lesson course for Fashion Designers to strengthen your artistic process.

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7. Adobe Illustrator for Typography, Lettering, and Calligraphy

domestika course practical skills online learning
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 44 lessons (3h 39m) | Created by: Andrés Ochoa

Are you interested in learning typographic design? Then I recommend you join designer Andrés Ochoa to learn how to create your own typographic design with Adobe Illustrator.

After this course on Adobe Illustrator for typography, you will be amazed at the professional results you will get! Starting from scratch, you’ll learn the basics of how to use Adobe Illustrator and discover new ways to use typography, calligraphy, and lettering to reach a whole new level.

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8. Graphic Design Masterclass: Learn Great Design

skillshare course graphic design masterclass
Image credits: Skillshare.

Level: Beginner | Length: 143 Lessons (18h 46m) | Created by: Lindsay Marsh

Are you feeling a little intimidated by the thought of learning Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign? Fear no more! In this Graphic Design Masterclass, Lindsay offers you a unique approach to learning, incorporating real-world hands-on projects that will suit any skill level, especially Graphic Design complete beginners.

You will touch on important topics such as typography, color theory, page layout, and photo composition and manipulation, to name a few. The goal of the course is to provide a broad learning of Adobe’s major software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator CC pencil tool, and InDesign.

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9. Intro to Surface Pattern Design: Learn Adobe Illustrator

skillshare course essential tools pattern design
Image credits: Skillshare.

Level: Beginner | Length: 26 Lessons (3h 43m) | Created by: Bonnie Christine

Do you want to unleash your inner artist? With this course on Surface Pattern Design, you can learn how to create beautiful repeating patterns that you will be super proud of!

As an expert surface pattern designer, Bonnie Christine has spent years perfecting her craft and now she has packed this wonderful course to share all her knowledge with you.

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10. Adobe Illustrator: Beginner to Guru

udemy course beginner to guru online courses
Image credits: Udemy.

Level: Beginner | Length: 185 lessons (12 h 32m) | Created by: Tim Wilson

Are you ready to create visually stunning graphics with Adobe Illustrator one on one? This comprehensive Beginner to Guru course offers you over 12 hours of video lessons and projects.

The program is designed to cater to absolute beginners and advanced students with techniques designed to improve your workflow. You will be sure to learn all the concepts you need to become an Adobe Illustrator professional even without having drawing skills.

11. Adobe Illustrator Advanced Vector Artwork

udemy course illustrator advanced vector artwork
Image credits: Udemy.

Level: Beginner | Length: 81 lessons (8 h 16m) | Created by: Widhi Muttaqien

Let’s continue with the list of courses and ask you a question: would you like to master the art of creating vector illustrations? Then Adobe Illustrator CC is a must-have resource in your skill set.

In this Advanced Vector Artwork full course, through 14 fun and interactive projects, you’ll learn everything from basic concepts to secret techniques, and you’ll be able to create stunning artwork in no time.

12. Digital Illustration: When Color Meets Imagination

domestika course digital illustration
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 8 lessons (3h 16m) | Created by: Hedof

Discover how to take your creativity to new levels and design dynamic illustrations that truly capture your style. Photoshop and Illustrator are the perfect tools, and with a few simple techniques, you can elevate your workflow and wow your audience with your artwork.

Join acclaimed freelance illustrator Rick Berkelmans, founder of Hedof Studio, as he guides you through his creative process in this Digital Illustration course. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and the relationships between people and places, Rick will guide you through every step of making an extraordinary art print production.

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13. Mastering Gradients in Adobe Illustrator

skillshare course mastering gradients
Image credits: Skillshare.

Level: Beginner | Length: 38 Lessons (3h 48m) | Created by: Evgeniya & Dominic Righini-Brand

Believe me, gradients can work wonders in any design! From creating a dramatic effect to a minimalist, dreamy look, they can change the entire atmosphere of your design.

That’s why I recommend this Mastering Gradients full course, perfect for all gradient lovers, both new and experienced. The video lessons will provide you with a review of everything you need to know to create fantastic gradient-based designs that work great for both your digital and print projects.

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14. Amazing & Fast Vector Illustrations with Adobe Illustrator

skillshare course fast vector illustrations
Image credits: Skillshare.

Level: Beginner | Length: 11 Lessons (52m) | Created by: Carminys Guzmán

Join Carminys Guzmán in these Amazing & Fast Vector Illustrations video courses that will guide you through everything you need to know to create stunning vector illustrations and graphic designs with Adobe Illustrator.

You’ll start by exploring the power of shapes and how they can transform your designs and illustrations with the pen tool and the shape builder tool, and Carminys will bring you tips and tricks to make your work stand out, while also presenting key tools and shortcuts with Adobe Illustrator.

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15. Graphic Design for Beginners: Create Logos in Adobe Illustrator

skillshare course graphic design industry
Image credits: Skillshare.

Level: Beginner | Length: 16 Lessons (2h 34m) | Created by: Derrick Mitchell

Logo design is a real profession, a growing branch of graphic design that needs great skills and specific expertise, as well as a subject with great appeal.

If you enjoy the subject of logo design, in this Graphic Design for Beginners full course Derrick Mitchell will share with you some valuable tips and tricks on creating logos that are sure to blow your clients’ minds.

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16. Fashion Lookbook: Design Croquis in Adobe Illustrator

domestika course fashion lookbook
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 21 lessons (4h 9m) | Created by: Mila Moura

Designer Mila Moura believes that the key to achieving a creative vision is visual representation. That’s why she has developed this Fashion LookBook online course to teach you how to bring striking coats, pants, and dresses to life.

In the full course, you’ll comprehend how to design every last detail in a meticulous lookbook, just like the best creators in the industry. After mastering Domestika Basics’ Introduction to Illustrator for Fashion Design, Mila will guide you to further expand your repertoire within Illustrator.

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17. Original Vector Illustration with Adobe Illustrator

domestika course original vector illustration
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 18 lessons (4h 2m) | Created by: Raul Aguiar

Original Vector illustration is a fascinating journey that blends the past with the tools of digital art, and I really think illustrator Raul Aguiar is the perfect guide.

Using digital and freehand techniques, Raul transforms intricate details into striking images for major clients such as Facebook, Galileu magazine, and Fast Company magazine.

In this best Adobe Illustrator class project, you will learn how to cultivate your own unique creative style and bring vivid, nostalgic worlds to life. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unleash your artistic potential.

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18. Introduction to Infographics with Adobe Illustrator

domestika course introduction to infographics
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 47 lessons (8h 15m) | Created by: Paadín

Maps are essential for understanding where the most significant events in the world take place. In fact, they help tell real stories by indicating not only where, but also what and how.

I recommend you join graphic designer and infographic creator Paadin in this engaging 7-lesson Introduction to Infographics full course where you’ll quickly learn how to design breathtakingly thematically rich maps using Illustrator.

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19. Express Illustration with Illustrator and Photoshop

domestika course express illustration
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 32 lessons (8h 7m) | Created by: Óscar Lloréns

Looking to master the digital art of advertising design with tight deadlines? I would recommend then this illustration basics course by Óscar Lloréns!

In this Express Illustration advanced training course, you’ll learn how to bring your sketches to life with Illustrator basics, using light and shadow effects to create a professional finish.

You’ll also become skilled in using underexposure and overexposure in Photoshop to achieve volume and depth, and you’ll learn how to refine your final images with focus and blur, as well as textures and noise to achieve the desired style.

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20. Data Visualization: Design Infographics in Illustrator

domestika course data visualization
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 32 lessons (8h 7m) | Created by: Marco Giannini

Infographics not only help us understand the world around us, but they can also inspire us to think differently and take action. Marco Giannini, a data journalist and information designer with more than 20 years of experience, knows how to create impactful infographics that connect data and images.

In this Data Visualization in Illustrator beginner course, Giannini guides you through the entire process of creating infographics in Illustrator software. He will guide you through different types of infographics and explain their potential impact.

You’ll learn how to classify and analyze data, come up with design ideas, and apply your new skills to your projects. In the end, you’ll know how to turn raw data and figures into extraordinary and compelling vector graphics that tell a story.

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21. Portrait Illustration Techniques with Illustrator and Photoshop

domestika course portrait illustration techniques
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 21 lessons (5h 2m) | Created by: Rogério Puhl

I now present to you a course about Portrait Illustration Techniques, created by the talented graphic designer and art director Rogério Puhl, who has mastered how to expertly combine form and style techniques in his compositions.

Having worked with industry giants such as MTV, McDonald’s, and Red Bull, Rogério is the perfect guide to teach you how to create digital illustrations with an impactful layout and personal style.

This course will show you how to illustrate a portrait in Illustrator, exploring the wide range of possibilities offered by the software to create a unique composition full of personality.

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22. Digital Illustration: Geometric Pop Art

domestika course geometric pop art
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 32 lessons (8h 7m) | Created by: Van Orton

Gothic stained glass and pop art may seem an odd pair, but they share one key attribute: bright colors and geometric shapes.

Through the masterful combination of these two styles, skilled creators can create stunning digital illustrations. And who better to show you how it works than Marco and Stefano, the creative geniuses at Van Orton Studio?

In this Geometric Pop Art course, Marco and Stefano reveal their secrets on how to choose the perfect image, sketch a dynamic design, and bring it to life with striking colors, textures, and patterns using tools like Photoshop and Illustrator pen tool.

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23. Brand Positioning: From Local to Global

domestika course brand positioning
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 14 lessons (1h 43m) | Created by: Provincia

In this list of best Adobe Illustrator classes, this course on Brand Positioning could not be missing, where you will explore your roots and create locally inspired brands with the power to reach the world in this online course.

Join Provincia’s award-winning creative director, Fernanda Medina, as she guides you through the branding process, from creation to brand book design, including all graphic guidelines.

With this knowledge, you will be able to create a tailored visual and verbal brand identity and develop innovative strategies to bring your ideas to life in the digital and physical spheres.

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24. Book Cover Design from Concept to Creation

domestika course book cover design
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 15 lessons (2h 11m) | Created by: Faride Mereb

You’ve probably heard this before: when you pick up a book, the cover is the first thing you see, isn’t it? It’s the starting point of a conversation between the author and the reader.

Book designer Faride Mereb is a master at creating striking covers that set the tone for what they contain. Her experimental approach to blending artisanal and digital processes has won her numerous awards around the world, and now she is sharing her secrets with you.

In this Book Cover Design course, you’ll learn how to create a cover that expresses the magic of a book. Faride will guide you through the process, from concept to completion, helping you explore different media and visual metaphors.

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25. Vector Character Design for Beginners

domestika course vector character design
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 16 lessons (2h 34m) | Created by: Martin Laksman

Have you ever thought about how characters can communicate powerful messages? Illustrator Martin Laksman has mastered the art of drawing expressive characters, including working with brands such as Coca-Cola and Disney.

In this Vector Character Design course, you will learn step-by-step how to create your own vector character in Illustrator using the pen tool. Discover the beauty of simplicity through the use of geometric shapes and small pieces.

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26. Art Deco Style for Digital Illustration

domestika course free art deco course
Image credits: Domestika.

Level: Beginner | Length: 16 lessons (2h 23m) | Created by: Mads Berg

To conclude this list of Adobe Illustrator courses, get ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of art deco! This iconic style of decorative art, with its striking combination of simplified geometric shapes and ornate organic elements, still fascinates and inspires a wide audience today.

In this Art Deco Style course, Mads Berg takes you on a personal journey through his entire illustration process, revealing how he creates stunning commercial posters that blend Nordic simplicity with timeless style.

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What Is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a tool from Adobe products for graphic design, included in the Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription. It’s packed with features and tools that enable designers and illustrators to capture their visions with precision and flexibility.

This software is useful whether you need to design a crisp logo design or a complex digital artwork. You can create your own vector artwork and adapt it to various media, such as print, web, and mobile devices, and more.

Features Of Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Illustrator has a set of distinctive features that differentiate it from others. These features for graphic designers include:

  • Powerful vector editing: It offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating and editing vector graphics, allowing for precise control over shapes, lines, and curves.
  • Advanced typography: With a wide range of typography tools and options, Illustrator enables users to create beautiful and expressive text designs, including kerning, tracking, and text wrapping features.
  • Seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps: Illustrator seamlessly integrates with other Creative Cloud applications, such as Adobe XD, Photoshop, and InDesign, allowing for a smooth and efficient workflow across different design projects.
  • Artboard and workspace customization: It allows users to customize their workspace and artboards, enabling them to work efficiently and organize their designs effectively.
  • Extensive library of brushes and effects: It provides a rich collection of brushes, patterns, and effects, allowing users to add depth, texture, and artistic elements to their designs with ease.


Can I learn Adobe Illustrator by myself?

Yes! While it used to be more difficult to study and learn how to use a complex tool like Illustrator, now thanks to the web you have the opportunity to learn Illustrator by yourself through online tutorials, courses, and practice.

What is the best way to learn Adobe Illustrator?

I remember that, in the early days, Illustrator was mostly taught in academies and graduate courses, while now it’s all easier: the best way to learn Illustrator is through a combination of online tutorials, and hands-on practice.

How to learn Adobe Illustrator step by step?

To learn Illustrator step by step, start by familiarizing yourself with the interface and basic tools. Then, progress to learning key concepts and advanced techniques through tutorials or structured courses. Practice regularly and experiment with different projects to strengthen your skills.

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Wrap Up

In conclusion, the goal of this article is for you to find an abundance of interesting tutorials and courses that will help you become a master of this powerful software.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional looking to hone your skills, you’re sure to find top-notch training materials suited to your needs on platforms such as Domestika, Skillshare, and Udemy.

Take some time to explore and practice with these recommended resources and, before you know it, you will be creating stunning illustrations, drawings, and artwork with ease.

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