10+ best 70s color palette ideas to revive vintage vibes (With HEX codes)

70s color palette

The ’70s was an era synonymous with bold choices and iconic flair.

For designers and color enthusiasts, it’s an age that effortlessly blends nostalgia with pioneering spirit.

From disco balls to flared pants, the 1970s had a color spectrum as diverse and memorable as its culture.

Eager to bring that retro vibe into your space? Let’s dive deep into the most riveting 70s color palette ideas that defined a generation.

What is the best 70s color palette?

Here are the best vibrant color palette ideas to get inspired and create your own videos or designs with colors by the 1970s generation.

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1. Retro Reverie

Retro Reverie 70 color palette

This color palette brings back the iconic shades that once graced groovy wallpapers and hip living rooms. For those who adore vintage vibes or just wish to add a nostalgic touch, these colours can set the scene.

Here are the hex codes you’re looking for:

  • Rock (#533D3B)
  • Clam Shell (#DAB9B3)
  • Rock Blue (#93B9CA)
  • Wild Blue Yonder (#768DAE)

2. Groovy Glow

Groovy Glow 70 color palette

This color palette dives deep into the vibrant spirit of the 70s. Imagine draping your spaces or designs with this rich, energetic vibe. This color scheme encapsulates the soul of the 70s, making every shade tell its own story.

Find the HEX listed below:

  • Quicksand (#BA8C8F)
  • Blumine (#1A6570)
  • Solid Pink (#8A3543)
  • Ironstone (#784839)

3. Radiance Look

Radiance Look 70 color palette

The 1970s was not just an era, but an emotion. This palette is a complete ode to the era of wild creativity and unstoppable spirit.

The HEX codes can be found as follows:

  • Leather (#928054)
  • El Paso (#24180A)
  • Hairy Heath (#6D2F10)
  • Bud (#B2B3AA)

4. Groovy Hues

Groovy hues 70 color palette

In an era where people danced in nightclubs and home furnishings and felt the warm embrace of earthy colours, these combinations will take you on a trip in this vibrant time machine.

Check out the HEX below:

  • Rose Bud (#F9B78B)
  • Thunderbird (#B81F20)
  • Carrot Orange (#EC9321)
  • Kimberly (#6C5C94)

5. Earthy Elegance

Earthy Elegance 70 color palette

Imagine a room with walls painted in the delicate embrace of mustard yellow. Nearby, a sofa in avocado green beckons. And on the floor? A rug the deep brown color of freshly brewed coffee. That’s the spirit of love of this 1970s palette, but with revisited colors.

Continue reading for the HEX:

  • Mongoose (#B4A57B)
  • Limed Spruce (#3D5056)
  • Kidnapper (#E3EAD6)
  • Lotus (#763E38)

6. Orange Bliss

Orange bliss 70 color palette

If the 1970s had a flag, orange would dominate it. This color was not just a trend, but an emblem of the love, heart and soul of that decade. Radiant as the morning sun, it carried with it the optimism and energy of an era when every day seemed like a new frontier.

Presented below are the HEX:

  • Desert (#B94A24)
  • Shark (#202628)
  • Pale Slate (#D1C9CF)
  • Spanish Orange (#E36414)

7. Brown Canvas

Brown Canvas 70 color palette

Colors not only decorate, they connect. In our modern digital age, why not sprinkle a touch of 1970s charm into our designs? This palette does just that.

HEX codes are detailed below:

  • Mule Fawn (#884C2A)
  • Mikado (#302113)
  • Tumbleweed (#D8AD85)
  • Petite Orchid (#DC9B8C)

8. Yellow Twist

Yellow Twist 70 color palette

Remember the zesty lemonade stand by the corner store? Or the soft glow from the kitchen as grandma baked pies? This color scheme embodies this warmth.

See the following for the HEX codes:

  • Heathered Gray (#B7A991)
  • Heavy Metal (#28312A)
  • Kumera (#976927)
  • Amber (#FFBE0B)

9. 70s Vibes

70s Vibes 70 color palette

The ’70s might be decades ago, but its colors? Timeless. And with every brushstroke, there’s an opportunity. To learn, to explore, and to dance (metaphorically or, heck, even literally) with these retro shades.

Just below, you’ll find the HEX:

  • Racing Green (#111815)
  • Vanilla (#D3C6AD)
  • Copper (#B27D34)
  • Pumpkin (#E85D04)

10. Blue Springs

Blue Springs 70 color palette

This vibrant color palette is like a dip in a cool pool on a summer day. It is inspired by the shade of old jeans that was so fashionable in that era.

Listed here are the HEX codes:

  • Oxford Blue (#2E3C48)
  • Rust (#BC3908)
  • Fountain Blue (#54B0B6)
  • Blue Chill (#1293A4)

11. Bonus: Vintage Love

Vintage Love 70 color palette

And now, the bonus round. This mixtape of the ’70s colors is a palette that blends the calm of earthy browns with the audacity of zesty oranges. It’s the wild dance of colors, each telling its tale, evoking nostalgia, and stirring the soul.

Here are the HEX you’re looking for:

  • Shingle Fawn (#774F38)
  • Clay Ash (#B7C7B3)
  • Raw Sienna (#CC6A3C)
  • Granny Smith (#949FA1)

What is a 70s vibrant color palette?

A 70s vibrant color palette typically includes bold and bright shades such as avocado green, mustard yellow, burnt orange, and deep browns, reflecting the lively and energetic spirit of that decade.


What colors were popular in the 70s?

In the 1970s, the design world was inspired by a range of distinct colors, prominently featuring earth tones such as oranges, browns, and greens.

What was the color palette of the 70s?

From mustard yellows and avocado greens to deep browns and harvest golds, the decade embraced colors that evoked a sense of coziness and connection to the earth.

What was the most popular Colour in the 1970s?

Orange stood out as the quintessential hue of the 1970s. It wasn’t just a mere color but symbolized the energy, optimism, and spirit of a decade that saw significant cultural and societal shifts.

What are all the retro colors?

Beyond the 70s palette, retro encompasses oranges, browns, yellows, greens, and purples, but also includes teal, pink, and turquoise.

Wrap Up

These forest color palettes offer more than just colors: they give an entire experience.

Adopting one of these color palettes in design projects or concepts not only adds aesthetic value, but tells stories, ignites feelings, and brings the allure of the forest right to your doorstep.

Remember to find inspiration in the beauty around you and paint your world with the colors of your imagination.

Finding the right example for your forest color palette can be a difficult task, but with the right ideas and a willingness to test, you can surely find what is exactly right for you.

Explore, create, and experiment with your color palette and always remember the magic that colors can bring to our lives.

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